I started my DWI law firm a few years ago. When I first started out, I had a great plan for success – I was going to dominate the internet and get all of my clients from there. Once people started signing up I’d build up my referral list from the great job I was doing. It all worked out for a while, but then business kind of tailed off. We weren’t in any danger of closing, but things just weren’t growing the way I wanted them to. So I came up with some new things to turn around my DWI defense law firm. Here’s what I did.

First things first, I looked at what I was doing on the internet and came up with some ways to make that process much more valuable. For example, there are things we can do to make sure we come across as the DWI attorneys with the best plan to win their case. We can also make sure that at every step of the process the potential client’s questions are being answered and they are getting the feelings we want them to get.

Second, I knew I had to step out of my comfort zone and become not just an internet promoter of my DWI law firm but an overall promoter. It’s not so much about getting in touch with people that need my services at a specific time, but letting everyone know that we are out there and if you need a DWI lawyer at any time you should give us a call first. This included not just new advertising methods, but reaching out to networking sources, reaching out to friends and family, and coming up with new ideas for getting our name out there.

Third, and finally, we worked extra hard on our cases to get our clients the best results possible. There’s nothing better for business than crushing a case for a client. When we get results that no other DWI attorneys could get (or very few could get) that sets us apart from the crowd. What we’ve found is that at the end of the day people just want to get out of trouble when it comes to DWI defense. They feel like they made a mistake and they just want to minimize the damage. The more times we can show specifically that we’ve done that, the better.

In a perfect world, business would always be flush. The phone would always be ringing, people would always be knocking down your door for help. But this isn’t a perfect world. If you want a successful business you’ve got to work at it – you’ve got to beat out all the other people competing for your business. Using these three methods you can do some of that.

C. Small is interested in more than just running a DWI defense law firm, he’s interested in helping others do the same thing. That’s why he writes these articles. If you want to read more, check out the website. There’s tons of helpful information.