If you want to make better investment decisions in 2012 and 2013, then the popular Barron’s Magazine could be the perfect choice for you if you need investment and stock trading advice.  The magazine was first established nearly one hundred years ago and now is one of the most trusted publications when it comes to analyzing the stock market.  In fact, you will be hard pressed to find any Wall Street trader who has not used this magazine at some point in their career – although it can be read by people who are new to stocks and shares, as the insight within the magazine is simple to digest in a digestible format.

Get Ahead in the Stock Market with a Barron’s Discount

If you want to get a head start on the stock market then you should seriously consider subscribing to this magazine, and should also take advantage of a Barrons Discount – and they are a number on offer at the moment – but what about the actual content and benefits to subscribing?  Read on for more information on the Barron’s Discount and what is included within this superb financial magazine.

Contains Stock Tables and Expert Insight

Without doubt, one of the best aspects to the Barron’s Magazine is the amount of useful investment leads that it contains.  As an investor it won’t make any promises, however, there are many online reviews of Barron’s where customers have stated they their stock portfolio has significantly increased as a result of taking the advice set out within the pages. The most useful section for people wanting to invest their money better, is the Market Week section.  Within this pull out part you will find current investment prices and stock tables as well as indicators on how specific industries are currently performing.

Keep Up to Date with New Companies

In addition to that, there is also the valuable Technology Week section.  This includes in-depth analysis and expert columns on what the up and coming technologies companies are going to be, so you can get a head start on which ones are going to be best to invest in.  Barron’s Magazine actually exercised caution to its readers on the recent Facebook flotation, which now seems to be very valuable advice given what we now know about the over promises that were written up and spoken about on Wall Street.

You will also find another section titled Mutual Funds, which should not need too much explanation.  The Wrap section comes with guest interviews and columns from stock market analysts who offer their own personal view on prices, commodities, shares, stocks, and market conditions.

In terms of other content, readers tend to love the fact that Barron’s Magazine is not packed full of adverts, unlike rival publications.  When the magazine does include advertising, it is typically contextual to the content.  So for example, on the stock tables pull out you will see an advert for online brokerage accounts – and the ads tend to be discreet rather than ugly full page spaces which can be off putting – simply put, this is another reason for signing up for the latest Barron’s Discounts that are on offer.

Subscribe to Print, Online – or Both

In terms of the different subscription models, it’s possible to either subscribe to the pure print version of Barron’s or just the online access. The Barrons.com online portal is updated on a daily basis – but a lot of readers actually sign up to both as this is where the best savings can be made.

Read a Barron’s Magazine Review for More Info

Should you wish to know more, then it’s worth checking out this recent Barron’s Magazine Review that was posted on the Wall Street Subscriptions website.  It goes into a lot more detail and might persuade you that this investment magazine will suit you.