As bananas are the key ingredient for preparing a banana cake, similarly cocoa or chocolate is the main ingredient for chocolate cake. Whether you need to prepare a classic chocolate cake or a molten lava cake, chocolate is an essential part of it. Chocolate is loved by many people around the world. Read the following article to get an idea about history of chocolate.

Its origin started in 250-900 A.D as Mayan civilization of Central America and Mexico were the early people to grow it. The chocolate formed in those days were remarkably different from the one that is available today. A cacao tree was grown the backyards of most of the Mayans, its seeds were harvested, fermented, then roasted and grounded. It was combined with hot chili spices and water that made a ground paste. This became a frothy unsweetened beverage that was regularly enjoyed by the people of that time. After Mayan come Aztec, who reserved this drink for people of high social class like priests, royalty etc. Chocolate was an essential part of Aztec society, and it even became a form of currency. The meaning of word chocolate is bitter drink that originally comes from Aztec word “xocoatl.”

Spanish started shipping chocolate after 1521 when they conquered Mexico. They added some other ingredients like sugar, cinnamon and other spices to it and kept it a secret for about 300 years. This drink was only enjoyed by the wealthy people, but it became popular when Spanish royalty started marrying European people. It was mass produced in 18th and 19th century, and then middle class was able to afford it. In England, Chocolate houses became as popular as coffee houses by the end of 18th century.
The process of making chocolate is a laborious affair as the cacao tree is delicate and the pods need to be picked by hand. The pulp covered seeds are extracted one by one by opening the pods. They are extremely bitter so, they are required to be fermented like wine grapes, for many days to reduce the bitterness of cacao seeds. Then they are dried. After this process, these seeds are sold to the corporate buyers, and in the factories, the seeds are roasted to release their aroma and taste. The seeds are then cracked open, and then grounded into thick chocolate liquor. Cocoa solids and cocoa butter are manipulated to prepare different variety of delicious chocolates.