There are so many things that you can do to spice your life. You do not have to sit in your desk all year round. You can go out during weekends and have an outdoor adventure with friends. You will love the fact that you can escape your problems even for the weekend and have some fun with the people you care about.

If work is getting to you, you might need to do something about it. There are many activities that you can do that doesn’t involve movies, malls and staying in the city. The great outdoors can be a good way for you to relax. You do not have to quit everything and live in the woods. Just two to three days with the people you are closed to and you are good to go.

Camping is popular to many people who want to feel like spending the night outdoors. They want to look at the stars and at the same time feel like they are part of a community with their friends and family. They laugh at jokes and play campfire songs. They even roast marshmallows and share good stories together. If you think that this is something that you want to do then go ahead and tell your friends about it.

Trekking can be something you can do. Of course you need a guide if you are new to it so that you will not get lost. You need to bring food and water with you in case you get hungry in the middle of your trek. Do not skimp on first aid kits and other materials that you might need on your way to exploring the woods.

Speaking about food when camping, you might want to try MRE (meals ready to eat) meals. It is lightweight and you can store it up to ten years depending on the expiration date. One pack of camping MRE meals is one complete meal that can serve as 1/3 of the daily recommended food allowance. It means that you need three to satisfy one day.

If you want to get your hands on MREs, you can buy military MREs for sale from military personnel. Be selective when buying from Ebay because the quality might not be up to par to what you want.

Camping with your friends can surely satisfy your need to escape your work and stress for a while.