Ants ?r? th? most common ?nd annoying insects found ?n homes. Th??? insects invade ??ur home, pilfer ??ur food, ?nd set-u? shelters inside ??ur house. “how to get rid of ants” ??u ask? In order t? rid ??ur house ?f th??? critters, ?t ?? important t? understand th??r behavior ?? ??u ??n implement appropriate control measures.


Ants live ?n colonies underground wh?r? th?? eat, sleep, ?nd mate. Th?? have rooms f?r food storage, nurseries ?nd mating. In th? colony resides th? egg-laying female known ?? th? queen ant. Sh? ?? accompanied b? ??m? short-lived males ?nd sterile females known ?? th? workers. Th??? ?r? th? ants ??u w?ll find trailing along th?t drop ?f juice ?n th? counter ?nd crawling ?ut ?f th? cereal box ?n th? pantry.

Ev?r? wonder wh? ?t ???m? like th?? always know wh?r? th? food ??? It’? b???u?? th?? do! Ants leave ? chemical message ?n th? food th?? find leaving ? trail ?n th??r way b??k t? th? nest, allowing ?th?r ants t? track ?nd find th? same food.

Ants ?l?? have ? large variety ?f foods th?t appeal t? th?m: greasy materials, starches, wood, ?nd ?ll types ?f plant ?nd animal materials. Ants have ? particular affinity t? th? same kinds ?f foods w? like, making th?m ? ??rt??ul?rl? annoying pest ?n ?ur homes.


Th? control measures taken against ants w?ll depend primarily ?n th? type ?f ants ??u ?r? dealing w?th, ??th?r (1) ants w?th nests inside ??ur home ?r (2) ants outside ?f ??ur home th?t come into ??ur home.

(1) F?r ants nested w?th?n ??ur home, th? most effective way t? eliminate th?m ?? t? attack th? nest directly. Finding ? nest, h?w?v?r, ??n b? tricky. Often time nests m?? b? w?th?n walls ?r roof rafters. Th? best places t? look ?r? locations wh?r? wood has b??n wet ?nd weathered. Rotting timbers ?t th? foundation, porches, window sills, leaky plumbing, ?nd rafters under ? leaky roof spot ?r? ?ll good places t? start. Y?u m?? ?l?? b? ?bl? t? follow ants t? th??r colony. Once th? colony has b??n located, ?n insecticide spray ?r dust w?ll u?u?ll? eradicate th? colony. Y?u m?? need t? inject insecticide inside th? nest walls t? ensure th? queen ant has b??n killed.

(2) T? keep ants outside ?f ??ur home fr?m coming ?n, preventative measures ?h?uld b? taken t? keeps ants ?ut ?f ??ur house. Two simple steps ??n eliminate many entrance-ways f?r ants. First, seal cracks ?nd crevices into ??ur home. Second, u?? detergent t? scrub off ?n? trails ants m?? have left ?n entryways ?nd th?n spray insecticide t? prevent ants fr?m r?-entering.


Ridding ??ur house ?f ants ??n b? ?n arduous task. If ??u know wh?r? th??’r? coming fr?m ?nd how th?? behave, ?t ?? ? lot easier t? keep th??? pesky bugs ?ut ?f ??ur house. Get th? ants ?ut ?f YOUR house, ?nd take control ?f ??ur ant situation today.