Are you planning on taking your loved one on a romantic trip? Do you plan to do it in one of the most romantic places on earth? If the answer to these questions is yes, then here are top Greece honeymoon destinations to choose from.


Santorini, or officially known as Thira is a stunning island that sits on the remains of a volcano that erupted more than 36 centuries ago. It is surrounded by pristine blue waters that would want you to just stay and bath on it until your skin is pruned. It also boasts of its beautiful sunset that you and your sweetheart can watch on top of a beautiful white washed building or on the side of rocky ( but safe) cliffs. Speaking of cliffs, the steep rocky cliffs provide amazing view of rocky peaks meeting the clear blue waters. The island is filled with archeological sites, excellent shops, and wineries. This and more is what you can experience if you choose this top Greece honeymoon destinations.


This mysterious place is once thought to be just a myth. It was first heard in the works of the great poet Homer. But the site, after being discovered, is now a treasured location of Greece. This is where history fanatic couples can hang back for a while. It is considered to be one of the oldest locations with human settlement to be discovered with evidence of occupation from the Neolithic era. You and your honey can experience walking through the tombs and temples that have been salvaged. You can even get the chance to pass through the Lion gates which are considered to be the first decorative structure in Greek History.

The Acropolis

The acropolis is the center of tourism in Athens. The Temple can be seen on top of a Flat-topped rock. It looks down over the city to remind it of its rich history. But don’t just settle on this world famous site; visit all of Athens with the Parthenon, Athena Nike, and the Temple of Zeus among many others.

Temple of Poseidon

Sadly, the Majestic Temple of Poseidon is no longer open to visitors but you can still give offerings for calm waters and safe voyage at sea. The columns are all that is left of the once beautiful and mighty infrastructure but if you stay for a bit longer for the sunset, you will see a beautiful sky stretching over the Agean Sea. It is one of the most amazing overlook that Greek honeymoon destinations have to offer.

Strolling around the roads of many Greek cities can spark the romantic hearts of couples for it not only presents a rich history with its white washed buildings and heavy blocked temples but it also represents a rich culture with its people and their many faceted practices and traditions. Now if this will not jump start your heart, I don’t know what will.

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