Going to the gym has its advantages and disadvantages, so does working out at home. Going to the gym is great because you have so many different machines to workout on while most people who stay at home to workout really don’t have the full supply of workout machines like the local gyms do. The down sides to going to the gym are driving there and the time and money it takes away. People can be done with their workout by the time some people get to the place they are working out at. Another bad thing about working out at a gym is that sometimes you do have to wait on people to get through with certain fitness equipment so that you can use it. Oh, and I almost forgot another down side to gyms, the membership fees per month. Some gyms can get quite expensive and it can be hard to spend time and money there every month.

If you asked me what I would prefer I would say that you should still have a gym membership but you can also workout from home. You can buy some cheap fitness equipment to help you workout better from home. Once you have figured out your fitness training arrangement its time to actually start working out. You should go to the gym or workout at your house at least three times a week, for at least an hour each session. If you workout more times than that in a week your sessions can be shorter but the more you put into your workouts the more you will get back from them.  Rather you workout from the gym or from your house it would be a good idea if you could find a workout buddy. Its proven to help your workouts along, because even if you don’t feel like working out you will have a buddy to help push you and it also works the other way around to.