I believe everyone, at some point in their lives, dreamt of becoming a great lawyer in the future especially when we were kids and we were asked what we want to be when we grow up. Surveys show that the top answers for this particular question are: becoming a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, a pilot, a teacher, a flight attendant, and of course, the president of the country. As kids, these are the people whom we look up to and give so much respect to. No wonder, no matter how small we were back then, we’ve already set up our minds to line up our future with the hopes of entering those professions that we desire.

Let us focus on becoming a lawyer someday. Unlike all the other professions mentioned above (except for becoming the president), being a lawyer is basically dedicating your career and your life primarily to your country. This is so because the judicial system differs from country to country. And with some countries, they even differ from state to state. That is why if you plan to become a lawyer, you must be aware that for you to practice your profession, there is no option to leave the country. Unless of course you have so much time and money in your hands that you can finish law schooling in more than one country.

For an applicant to be admitted for law school, these are the basic requirements:

First, you must have a bachelor’s degree. It does not matter if it is not in any way related but it is definitely a plus if you graduated from philosophy courses, political science and the like. Second, you must provide your transcript of records of the degree earned. Of course, your GPA must be high enough that the law school would admit you. Then you must submit a recommendation from a very reputable source and from your previous college dean or any professor of your school. Next, you must also provide an original copy of your birth certificate, as well as a certificate of good moral character and an honourable dismissal if possible. And lastly, you must pass the law school admission test or the LSAT.

Once you are able to accomplish all of these, then you are set to start on your path to law schooling, paying law tuition, graduating, taking the bar exams and upholding the justice system in the country and promoting what the constitution says is right.