Have you ever considering updating your Garmin maps on your Nuvi GPS?  You might be surprised to learn that it is actually very simple, and in some cases you might even be able to download free Garmin map updates direct from the company themselves.  Some of the most popular Nuvi models are the Garmin Nuvi 255w and Nuvi 255 which are renowned for their accuracy and reliability.  After using your GPS for a year you should receive a pop-up message on the GPS screen when you first turn it on displaying a warning over the need to update your Garmin maps.

Downloading new maps from Garmin is an easy process and involves signing up to their online customer registration portal which is called myGarmin.  Once you have done that and registered your Nuvi GPS to the system, it will automatically be able to tell you what maps are available to you on an upgrade.  So you can either download a map update to over ride the existing data you have, or even purchase a new map if you are travelling to a new country.

So for example, an American customer will have City Navigator NT for North America loaded onto their Nuvi, but if they want to drive in Europe will need to buy City Navigator NT for Europe.

Garmin’s Video Tutorial on Map Updates

For an easy step by step guide to updating maps on your Garmin Nuvi then check out the official video for simple to understand instructions.  For a text-based critique on how to download new maps then please read further down the article for a full explanation. To find the video simply search for Garmin Map Updates on Youtube.com.

Available Garmin Map Update Options

There are three different types of Garmin map update, all of which are explained below with prices.  These prices are accurate at the time we published this guide so please make sure you check with the manufacturer because sometimes the cost can change – but in most cases they have actual become cheaper over the last couple of years.

1.      nuMaps Guarantee – Free

This option lets you download free Garmin map updates but only if you are a new customer and your GPS has been registered within the initial 90 days of it first receiving a satellite signal.

2.     nuMaps Onetime – $49.99

If you don’t qualify for the nuMaps Guarantee then the onetime choice lets you download a one off map software download meaning you have all the latest directions and business addresses.

3.     nuMaps Lifetime – $89.99

For a more cost-effective solution then choose the Lifetime Garmin map updates.  This lets you download new maps every three months and up to four times a year for as long as you own the Garmin Nuvi and have it registered to your myGarmin account.

How to Update Your Garmin Nuvi Maps

Updating the maps on your Nuvi or Zumo GPS is easy and the steps on how to do it are clearly laid out below.

  1. Browse to the myGarmin customer registration website
  2. Connect the GPS to your PC using the Garmin USB Cable which came in the Nuvi box
  3. Follow the laid out steps to create a free myGarmin account
  4. Select the “maps” tab on the home page
  5. Check for the free Garmin map updates available for you

The purchase and install process that follows should really take no longer than 45 minutes over a decent internet connection and luckily the Garmin support for this seems to be very comprehensive.

Why You Should Download Garmin Map Updates

The reasons to download the latest GPS maps for a Nuvi should be self-explanatory, but to put this into context a little better there are a number of standout reasons.

  1. Roads change, new junctions appear, and business move address
  2. New speed and safety camera locations appear without warning
  3. Getting lost in an unfamiliar town can be a frustrating process

For more information about Garmin Map Updates make sure you visit the GPS Bites website which offers independent information on all GPS manufacturers including TomTom, Navigon, and Navman.  Plus of course you should also check out the Garmin official website or check GPS Bites for Garmin Discount Codes.

Author Bio: This article was supplied by the team at GPSBites.com.  For more information on Garmin map updates including details on how to save money using a Garmin Map Update Discount code please visit their Garmin section.