When looking for the perfect getaway this summer, Fire Island must be on top of your list. It is the ultimate island destination for years and has remained to be the best-loved retreat of local and foreign vacationers.

Fire Island, New York is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Great South Bay at Long Island, New York. It is a destination like no other in the US East Coast, with its natural beauty and well-protected ecosystem. Bask in the sun and wander around their famous parks and wildlife locations.

The best thing about Fire Island is the convenient way you can reach it. While automobile transit is limited on the island, you will find that there are far easier and pleasurable travel options. A short one-hour journey from New York City leads you to the ports of Patchogue, Sayville and Bay Shore in Long Island. From there, you can ride one of the ferries, private boats, water taxis and seaplanes. A ferry ride travels take approximately 25 minutes to take you to your dream holiday getaway.

Whether you are planning on a quick weekend escapade or a full month of fun-filled vacation, Fire Island will offer you that and more. Activities in the island range from water adventures such as fishing, swimming, surfing, clamming, boating and sailing; through to countryside activities like hiking, biking, tennis and camping.

Accommodations and Fire Island real estate are one of the best in the country. The island is the home of prime real estate where vacation homes and properties are greatly sought out by local and international buyers. A weekend in the island will let you taste what it is like living in a vacation home near the white-sand beaches in a beautiful and peaceful community. You will want to buy your very own home on Fire Island sometime soon. However, prime real estate will also cost a fortune. So unless you have the money to spend, it is a good idea to rent one of these beautiful homes to begin with.

Once you decide to go to Fire Island this summer, make a point that you are well-equipped for the weekend or the entire month. To enjoy the island, you will need to have a laid-back attitude in the first place. It is not a place for silks and ties, unless you are attending a wedding on the island. Be sure to don your best pair of swim suit or swimming trunks and prepare a nice cover-up for hanging around town. Explore the different communities, enjoy the activities and bring your family along. Fire Island definitely is the ultimate vacation island in the US.