Toddlers love to take pictures probably because the whole process fascinates them. Taking pictures lets the kids enjoy a new hobby which most of the time he or she only see adults do. It’s good to help our kids explore like this and who knows maybe discover his passion for photography. The problem lies in the fact that we can’t just hand the kid our expensive camera and give the poor machine a death sentence. Lucky for us there are available toy cameras today like the Vtech Kidizoom digital camera. This camera is one of the amazing toddler toys which allow your kid to enjoy photography and you’d be surprise how powerful this machine is for a toy camera.

Specs and Features

The toy camera is built to withstand the demands of a toddler. It can take a fair amount of shock from falls and tumbles. The design features an optimal grip for young hands and it’s quite comfortable. It weighs roughly 380 grams and has a dimension of 140 x 93 x 58mm around the widest parts. Yes it’s not that handy but remember, this is a kid’s toy and the designs are appropriate just for that reason.

Aside from having a viewfinder, the camera also has an LCD screen for live view options. They can also review the pictures they have taken and play built in mini games as an added feature. Camera operation is quite simple, the camera turns on and off at the push of a button. Once turned on its automatically ready to shoot with the shutter button placed conveniently on the upper right area of the toy just like that of a standard camera.

The camera can up the size of its image up to 2 megapixels with the given software but its actual sensors are only 0.3 megapixels on a resolution of 640 x 480. Well it’s not a very powerful camera but this is built for kids and it takes decent enough pictures for them to enjoy. It has a built in flash for those darker shots but it’s not that bright and tales time to recharge. It also features a video capture mode which is as expected in the low quality at best.

What it lacks in power though it makes up in memory with its internal storage capacity of 16mb and an optional SD slot for another 2 GB of memory. This may not be a powerful camera but its definitely a fun toy for your kid.