Pit Bikes are small but the size is compensated for its speed and the fact that it is used for thrilling, sometimes dangerous, stunts in the pits and in motocross racing. Though these types of bikes are fun-sized, so to speak, they are not really for kids. There are dangers that come with riding these fun-sized bikes. They are definitely smaller versions of motorcycles. These mini bikes customarily run on four stroke engines with some running on two stroke engines equipped with electric powered motors. It is becoming somewhat common to spot mini bikes ridden even on busy city roads nowadays.

Like go-carts, mini pit bikes were constructed from scraps in the garages for motorcycling enthusiasts. The pit in its name was taken from its history of being ridden through drag racing pits back in the 1950’s. They demonstrated their usefulness coursing through tight pits as they are easily maneuvered. They fit well in the back of pick-ups and they can go at a faster speed than other transportation modes. Racers began bringing home these mini bikes and people in the neighborhood began taking an interest in them. The demand for mini bikes also increased as more people become interested in trying them out.

Some of the first companies to manufacture and supply pit bikes are Fox, Arctic Cat and Rupp. These mini bikes were at its peak of fame during the late 60s and the early 70s. Some famous brands began manufacturing their own mini bikes and owners and enthusiasts were always on the lookout for the newest models and innovations. They became useful for weaving in and out of city traffic but they were also misused with reckless drag racing and with people driving under the influence. This is why the legitimacy of riding these powerful bikes varies from country to country. Nevertheless, they can be quite safe provided riders follow safety precautions just as one would with the bigger versions.

Although the bike ís size has repeatedly been emphasized, they can be powerful with 15 horsepower in a 30 to 50-plus cc frames. This means they can go as fast as 30 to 70 kilometers an hour. Motocross rallies and its varieties are where these mini bikes are often raced. Its size makes it convenient transportation in small neighborhoods and the fact that it can be ridden off-road and on-road makes it much more appealing as it can be ridden through almost any terrain.

Pit Bikes can definitely match their original motorcycle counterparts from its uses to its appearance. Nonetheless, for practicality purposes, a rider with a larger build is probably more suited for the bigger version. There are kids who have become interested in riding and racing mini bikes and some have become successful racers with skills rivaling that of pro-racers. But again, kids should be well-supervised when allowed to ride these bikes. Even fun-sized rides can do extraordinary and powerful things that may not be safe for kids. With any bike, small or big, every rider should pay attention to safety precautions as well as laws governing the use of such transportations.