Canadian provinces have a variety of pubs and bars that you can visit, depending on what your interests are. If you are looking for pubs in Calgary, you are sure to find some great recreational areas where you can gather with friends and enjoy a hearty pub menu and a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. If you are looking for the best pub in the area, ask some of the locals about where they spend their time. Check with some of the taxi drivers about the hot spots for great food and fun. If you are staying in Calgary, pubs are a great place to grab a quick, satisfying meal that will remind you of the rich culture and heritage that makes pub food the fantastic indulgence that it has become.

Pub foods are classics that will fill you up and leave you feeling content, satisfied and nurtured like you would be at home. Enjoy the careful design and construction of pub meals while you sit back and enjoy entertainment that will make your evening out one to remember. Some of the Calgary pubs offer live music on the weekends and open mic or amateur reading nights for some of the locals to present their own musical or writing creations. When you want an eclectic, light-hearted environment, Calgary pubs are the way to go. The atmosphere in a pub lends itself to bringing everyone together, encouraging you to talk and get to know everyone. It makes a great environment for parties, business bonding events and other gatherings. Check out the options for available Calgary pubs and choose the one that best suits your personality and hosts the type of entertainment that you want to see.

When you plan an evening out to have dinner at a pub, you can relax knowing that you do not have to dress in formal wear and act the part. You can relax, be comfortable and just enjoy yourself. The pub environment fosters a sense of community among the customers. Some of the best pubs in Calgary are noted as such because of the atmosphere and service provided. There are pubs in the city that are known for a warm, inviting fireplace that flickers throughout the winter months, drawing guests to the large chairs around it where they can relax in comfort. Others have a captivating patio area that thrives with energy and excitement throughout the spring and summer months when everyone is anxious to be outside in the warm weather, soaking up the sun. Still others are known for their food, like steamed clams, hearty meat and potato menus and pastries that date back to ancient Ireland.

Find a pub that is known for its mussels, or enjoy a classic fish and chips plate. Many of the traditional pubs still serve chowder in bread bowls as well. When you are looking to try something out of the ordinary, try a Saturday morning pub breakfast. These brunch menus consist of dishes such as eggs benedict and many Irish favorites. Saturday brunch is a great way to get everyone together around the food that keeps them all coming back. When your family is moving in many different directions all week long, this is a good way to reconnect in an environment that helps everyone relax. You can share stories from the week, plan out your next day off or simply eat and then spend the day relaxing at home. The quality time as a family is important, as it forges bonds that will last a lifetime. Teach your children about the importance of family as you gather around a table at one of the popular pubs in Calgary.