If you have just finished your first fitness bootcamp exercise session you might be tempted to throw something at me when I say what I am about to.  It is always tricky to see the light ahead when you are so utterly drained and aching.  But that is not the bootcamp but the problem with having lives that involve so much sitting and not enough exercise.  Starting out is always tough at first.

At Fitness Bootcamp Power I talk about bootcamp benefits and try to explain that it is the fun and enjoyment elements that really stand out for participants.  Challenges and group motivational atmosphere bring about strange changes in human psychology.  It speeds up bonding and communication and this makes having fun so much easier together.

The benefits of fitness bootcamp session rely on this group arrangement.  At first it is easy to hide in a group.  But that group has to provide anonymity without a focus.  So having people of similar ability and fitness, means that at first no one is going to be way ahead and everybody is just as nervous.  You can sweat together and grow together.  This makes it easier to bond properly as you go along.  A group siege mentality if you like.

The fun starts when you start to communicate and talk which will happen.  This may be just short comments on the exercises or how you are finding it or they are finding it at first.  As soon as you discover that you will not be reprimanded or put down for some talking and banter you will relax and enjoy.  Humans are not solitary creatures by nature.

So you start to have fun together, even if it is physically intensive.  Exercises are varied, unlike a gym.  So there is a good mix of interval training and plyometric exercises, maybe with some calisthenics thrown in for good measure.  You will build up a rapport with your trainer that makes it a really good laugh as you go along.  In group competitions are a great way to have friendly fun.  Enjoying as a group is so much more beneficial and enjoyable.

Of course for many fitness bootcamp attendees this will actually continue outside the group as well.  Many hook up between sessions for a coffee socially or to keep the training going with a run together for instance.  They also function as a support group to help and encourage in difficult times.  Having fun with friends and colleagues is great.  Doing it whilst getting fit and losing weight is even better