Astrology horoscopes are a big business. This is made obvious by the fact that there are thousands of websites that offer horoscopes of all kinds to an eager public.  You can get a piece of the pie too with your own horoscopes-related site.  Consider these options.

Advertising-Supported Horoscope Website

If you can write your own horoscopes, or pay someone who does, you can run a free horoscopes site and rely on advertising to earn you money.  For this type of horoscope marketing to work, you must know how to optimize your site for search engines so it will rank well.  Because this is where a lot of money can be made, it is naturally one of the more competitive corners of the astrologer’s market.  So be prepared to do some wrestling to claim the more valuable keywords.  Get a book on search engine optimization and learn to use a keyword research tool like WordTracker or Google AdWords.

Also, you must also know where and how to place ads on your site to get the highest click rates possible.  Astrology horoscope ads often have attractive graphics and text, so put them where visitors can easily see them. (But don’t use sneaky tactics to get people to click your ads.  With Google AdSense, that’s a direct violation of its Terms of Use.)

The real challenge to an ad-supported horoscope site is that you would need to constantly produce fresh content.  Whether it is daily, weekly or monthly horoscopes that you offer, you would need a full-time writer who knows astrology to do it.  Such content is also time-sensitive, so that a 2011 horoscope would be obsolete in 2012, for example.

Some astrology services may license you their horoscopes in exchange for a fee, but then you might end up with the same content as several other horoscope sites that also paid for the same content.

Affiliate Marketing Website

Affiliate marketers earn commissions from merchants that they are affiliated with whenever their visitors buy from those merchants.  Many people are willing to pay for premium or special types of horoscopes, and many horoscopes are reasonably priced to make purchasing attractive.  You can become an affiliate of a merchant that sells astrology-related products if you want to make money this way.

The benefit of horoscope affiliate marketing is there are no upstart costs, and your earnings may be worth more than ad clicks, such as with AdSense.  But the disadvantage is that purchases are rarer; after all, it’s easier to click a link than actually buy anything.  Also, finding a good astrology affiliate merchant might not be easy.

Horoscope Reports Sales

You can make the most money from selling horoscopes directly.  This requires some upfront expenses, as you would need to buy the report sets from a supplier first (making sure you get a royalty-free right to reuse the content for individual horoscopes that you sell). But afterward, you can set the price as you desire and keep all the profit.

When selling horoscopes, know what kinds of reports you want to sell.  Most people think of horoscopes as predictions for a given period, say a month or a year. But there are other types such as birth chart reports and horoscope compatibility reports for lovers.  The latter is especially popular.  Everyone wants to know whom they are compatible with.

Making Money with Niches

Skeptic or not, it’s hard to doubt that astrology horoscopes make money.  Every day, millions of people read their horoscopes in newspapers, websites and magazines.  If you want to target a relatively small niche that doesn’t have a very aggressive competition, look where others aren’t.  Astrology may be one of them.