The Emotion Mojo Kayak is one of many brands of kayaks available.  This sit-on-top style is suitable for  adults, teenagers, and older children alike.  A Mojo Kayak can be used in both fresh and salt water; a great benefit for those who like to kayak at various locations.  Moreover,  the price of an Emotion Mojo Fishing Kayak is within reason.

The Emotion Mojo is a great investment for the all-around sport enthusiast. Being in the water can be an exhilarating experience, especially with a Mojo kayak.  Straight line tracking is the norm with this design; however, quick turns are not as easy because of this.  Built for stability and control, winds of up to twenty-five knots are not problematic.

Prior experiences may lead people to believe kayaking on small rivers can be less than desirable.  However, small rivers do not pose a problem when using an Emotion Mojo Kayak.  Speedboats may rush by,  but that is of no concern as the Mojo kayak can easily handle the waves.  Known for reliability, both active movement and fishing can be engaged in regardless of how turbulent the water is.

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Check out the Features of this kayak:

  • UV resistant
  • Made of compounded polythene plastic
  • Paddle ledge and keeper
  • Adjustable foot-braces
  • Additional storage when back seat is folded
  • Bow and stern carrying handles
  • Luggage handles
  • Rear cargo area with bungees
  • Length 12’5″
  • Width 32″
  • Deck Height 15″
  • Weight 55lbs
  • Maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds

Fishing while kayaking can be quite an experience.  It is entirely possible to paddle over fish of all sizes without scaring them away in this kayak. Anything below hull speed is completely silent. This can result in several great catches!

The outstanding glide of the Emotion Mojo Fishing Kayak makes it possible to travel for lengthy periods of time.  It is no secret sitting for extended periods of time can cause back pain, especially in the tail bone area.  While the back rest itself is comfortable, the seat may need extra padding.  The addition of foam cushions goes a long way in alleviating this minor issue.

After reading through this Emotion Mojo Kayak Review, it should be clear that dependability and stability are trademark characteristics of this craft.  Fast turns are not a highly rated aspect of this particular kayak as safety and reliability are the preferred target.