If you plan on blogging, be aware that it’s not the best way to make money on the internet. At best, blog because you have a passion for writing and not because you want to make money. Otherwise, get a job instead. If you want to create a blog for the purposes of passive income, that is possible but it will require at least a year of steady work. Not only will you have to be fairly consistent on blog posting, you have to write something interesting enough so that when other people read it, they can’t help but go “Wow. I have to tell my friends.” If you think you can make your blog attractive enough to draw natural backlinks, then in time, your blog will get noticed.

In the beginning, it will seem like forever before you receive your first visitor. It’s normally a better idea to not think about what your readers will do because most of them won’t bother commenting. Only if you are talking about a subject that is particularly conversational, will people bother commenting on it. If you have a strong opinion, readers will normally comment for or against your opinion. Eventually, your blog will attract enough readers so that you can start monetizing your blog. But until then, it’s best not to try. Generally, readers don’t like it when the blogger starts making money, so it’s up to you whether you should proceed with monetization or not. At best, you could try a donation button, readers won’t begrudge that. Blogging for money is not the reason why most people blog in the first place, they blog because they want to have a voice or to kill time.

Remember to pace yourself while blogging. If you put your entire life story on a blog, most people aren’t going to take the time to read it. If you’re comfortable with having very little feedback and yet have the power to influence people, then proceed as normal. If you want to have fast results, the best thing you can do is post every day and advertise every chance you get on the internet. Use forums, article directories, friend’s websites, or Facebook. Write good content and in time, people will come. Content is king. However, if you don’t advertise your website, people won’t even know you exist. Keep this in mind and in time, with enough interesting writing and advertising, you’ll be able to make a successful blog.