There are several times that a good family lawyer must be retained. From the beginning of a family, with a prenuptial agreement or adoption to the tragic end of an intact family with divorce, a family lawyer can meet your needs and help navigate you through the messiness which is inherent with family law. While the idea of a prenuptial agreement is distasteful for most soon to be married couples, there are valid reasons to have one drafted. If either party has been married before and has children from that relationship, it makes solid sense to have a prenuptial agreement in order to divide assets and property in the event of divorce or death. This makes the unwanted and unthinkable manageable and can actually cut down on family tension. Another reason to have a prenuptial agreement is if either or both spouses are owners or co-owners of a business. The prenuptial spells out what would happen to these assets in the event of the marriage ending or death.

In addition, if one spouse to be has significantly more money than the other or will likely inherit a large sum, a prenuptial can divide that property fairly. A good family lawyer can help a couple determine if they need a prenuptial agreement, what should be covered in the agreement and how to ensure that it is prepared legally and would be accepted in a court of law. A properly written agreement can help a couple avoid litigation if they divorce and assist in post mortem issues when one spouse dies. One assignment that a family lawyer loves to receive is that of an adoption petition. When we adopted our daughter, we entered a family law firm and the tension of divorce and arguing couples and attorneys was thick in the air. We entered the office with a tiny infant and the atmosphere changed. Our family lawyer told us that he loved adoptions because it gave him a great amount of satisfaction to build families rather than to fight with another attorney about who gets to keep the toaster.

Adoption laws are also complicated and vary from state to state. We learned this when we adopted our daughter from a different state and needed to ensure that we met all the requirements from both her birth state and our home state. Without the guidance of our family lawyer, we would have been lost in the process and not known how to manage the paperwork and regulations that were flung our direction at every turn. Finally, sometimes relationships just are not meant to last.

There may have been abuse, infidelity, addictions or other irreconcilable differences that make divorce the best option for a family. A family lawyer can both represent both parties and act as a mediator, making the divorce process less contentious and less expensive. By collaborating and mediating through a divorce, couples can have a more positive outlook and be happier with the end results. If the traditional courtroom battle occurs, both parties will have a lawyer, the cost will be several times higher, and the outcome will likely be something that both parties will be upset about since the court system will be making decisions which affect the family for years to come.

No matter the need that you have for a family attorney, getting the best one possible will benefit you and your family for years to come. To ensure that you have the family attorney who best fits your needs, interview several, ask questions, especially about their experience and how they represent clients. Will the attorney represent you in a way that you find to be comfortable? Ask about their courtroom philosophy. This gives you an idea of how they think and what to expect in the event of a hearing.