Creativity is a best seller nowadays. Schools have started adding many creative activities to their curriculum’s and there are loads of websites that are full of creative activities for kids to do. One of them you can find here discusses the importance of children doing art that is not copycat arts and crafts but, is art and crafts that the children do on their own. It is not creative when children are told to copy a model of  teachers project and then there are 25 of the same project strung across the classroom. Children do need to create at their own level and not to copy somebody else idea, that is not creativity. There are however, many other activities that allow children to be creative beside art.

For example: There is a big industry of lego out there that many kids spend hours playing with. They may be playing with their lego on a lego table or they may just be using the floor. If they follow the instructions that come with the lego than it may be defeating the purpose of creativity somewhat similar to the art. However, if they choose not to copy the instructions then there is great room for lots of creativity. What happens however, is that many kids get so used to copying the instructions exactly that they don’t even know how to be creative with the lego which kind of defeats the purpose. Many of the lego instructions are so complicated that they can’t even be followed without an adults intervention which kind of defeats the purpose of creative kids play in the first place.

Another creative activity for kids is simply imaginative play. Kids can spend hours playing with their dolls, trucks, blocks and many other pretend play types of toys. The truth is that some of the best type of imaginative play is without any toys whatsoever. If you think back to your own childhood you may remember playing with your friends for hours outside. How many of us had the plethora of pretend play toys that are available to kids today. We were much happier playing cops and robbers and tap tap treeo than the kids today who are glued to their TV sets and their computers. It is a great pity that computers and other very non imaginative and creative activities have taken the place of the really simple and creative activities of yesteryear