Throwing a great barbecue meal is a treat for the entire family that also gives you a chance to show off your skills. Any great barbecue master knows that it’s much more than turning on your grill and throwing on a bunch of uncooked food. It involves technique and a lot of strategy in order to get the best experience possible. You have to be at the top of your game so that you give all of your guests a real authentic experience. And when everything goes right, you will know it by the smile on their faces. People can help but to have a great time when they are sitting in front of plates of deliciously grilled food. It’s the type of thing that brings people together and creates new memories for everyone to share.

Great barbecue starts long before the grill is ever turned on. You have to begin with the planning phase which you should definitely put a lot of effort into. You have to think about everybody who will be sitting down at the dinner table so that you can accommodate what they like. People have never been pickier when it comes to eating habits so you might find yourself having to accommodate different types of things. For example, you might have a vegetarian who is unable to eat needs. You could also have people following gluten-free diets or some folks who are just downright picky. You have to think about these people in order to give everyone a little bit of something that they will truly enjoy.

One problem that people run into when cooking for large groups of people is the debate over whether or not to use frozen food. After all, if you have to serve 20 people, it would be a lot easier to use a bag full of frozen burgers. It’s up to you, but you have to decide if you really want to give your guests an authentic experience. It’s always preferable to go with fresh ingredients without having to use anything frozen or relying on generic barbecue sauce. With time and proper planning, there’s nothing stopping you from using only the best cuts of meat that have never seen a freezer at all.

When you are coming up with your menu, don’t be afraid to try new dishes as well. Of course you will always have traditional favorites like steaks and chicken wings, but there’s always room for something special as well. Any great gas or charcoal grill will offer direct cooking options, but you can also explore slow cooking if you have enough time. Obviously if you only have one grill, this will limit your possibilities but that’s nothing a second barbecue can’t solve. In fact, it’s not uncommon for some people to have one barbecue for direct cooking and a second one in order to cook larger roasts or entire racks of ribs. There are also some tremendous gas grills on the market that are large enough that you can do both at the same time. When you think about all of these factors, and also consider serving a wide array of side dishes to complement your main cuts of meat, you simply can’t go wrong. Barbecue is a chance to go over the top so that each and every one of your guests is stuffed with perfectly grilled food.