Container gardening is a great concept that will help people learn to garden, even if they have a space constraint in their homes. People who live in apartments and condominiums will certainly find this concept useful. The best thing is that you can have this garden anywhere in your home. The only point you should make sure is to have good ventilation and sunlight around the place you choose. The site should also be comfortable to work in. This article will also give you some nice container gardening ideas.

You should buy the right size of containers to fit the space you choose. Ready-made containers can also be used. There are no hard and fast rules about the size of containers. They should be the right size to accommodate the plants you choose to grow in your garden. The point being stressed here is that the roots of plants must be able to grow. Containers should not be too heavy, because you will want to move them when there is a necessity. Drainage holes should be made along the sides, just above the bottom. To improve drainage, you should put a 1 cm layer of gravel at the bottom of containers.

The main advantage of container gardening is that the usual difficulties associated with gardening in general, such as bad weather, soil-borne diseases and poor soil conditions do not really matter, or can be easily avoided.

Some plants that can be grown in containers are eggplant, onions, beans, etc. You can also grow peppers, tomatoes, lettuce and squash. Those who have tried this type of gardening have even managed to grow cucumbers and pole beans. The only thing is that these plants need a little care and a little more space.

It should be understood that soil is good for this type of garden because it is light and drains well. This synthetic floor is also able to retain moisture and nutrients. Soil contains compounds that include wood chips, vermiculite, sawdust, peat or perlite.

You can get this synthetic floor from your local dealer, or you can make the same     mixture. Superphosphate, horticultural grade vermiculite, limestone, peat and garden fertilizer are mixed in the proportion entitled to synthetic soil mixture. In short, if you make your container garden right, you may not enjoy the experience, but you will grow great plants. How to plant strawberries is another to thing to learn.