Cleaning Supplies

How do cleaning supplies fit into Money Ideas? In fact, why would cleaning supplies even be considered under Money Making Ideas?

Well the truth of the matter is that a lot of people actually don’t know how to clean properly and worse use the wrong type of cleaning supplies, whether that be household cleaning supplies or industrial cleaning supplies, that actually cause damage to the object or surface they are cleaning.

To give a simple example. How does one dust a room? That’s a silly question isn’t it? Well I can assure you, if you asked some of your friends or work colleagues, you would be highly surprised at the different answers you get. The fact is, for best results of dusting a room, you use a soft cotton cloth. You wipe the surface or item and collect the dust in the duster. You then frequently take the duster outside, away from any open windows so that the dust does not come back in and shake all the dust out. This is very important. The dust can contain grainy dirt. If you wipe another surface with your dirty duster and it is a soft surface, you will actually scratch that surface forever! That can become very costly to your furniture. I see some people frantically spraying all sorts of different cleaning supplies and chemicals onto their furniture! No way, promise me, never, never to do that.

What about window cleaning? There must be a million different types of window cleaning supplies. Again, the key here is not to use the most powerful chemical you can find. In fact, the best way to clean a window is to use water and newspaper. Yes, you heard me, water and newspaper and maybe a very small amount of window cleaning substance or soap. If you regularly clean your windows, by this we mean approximately every 3 -6 months, water and newspaper will be more than sufficient.

You simply crunch up some newspaper, dip it in the water and swap the window. You then take some dry newspaper and clean the window with it. Very simple, yet effective. Do ensure you are careful with the window frames as the ink of the newspaper tends to be different these days and can be runny. So you just ensure you are careful around the edges of the frame and not touch them. You keep cleaning the window with the newspaper until the glass is dry. And you will be amazed at how clean it is. If there is some spots remaining, simply swab some more water on there and rub it with the dry newspaper. No need for a squeeze or anything else that leaves horrible streaks on your glass. This by the way also works great for mirrors.

So there you go, another two great tips on how to save money by not wasting it on needless cleaning supplies and having to replace furniture due to damage from cleaning.

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