A shrimp dish will nearly always be included in a typical restaurant’s specialty menu course and there’s an important reason why. Among all the seafood recipes available out there, it is the wide range of shrimp recipes that totally satisfy the gastronomic demands of many people. May it be the crisp or tender characteristic of the shrimp or the flavorful taste that you can get out of it, nearly all shrimp related dishes are certified winners on the table.

If you are craving a gooda shrimp recipe, looking forward to it in a seafood restaurant near you or planning to prepare and cook one in the kitchen, here are some of the most classic shrimp recipes that will always entice the mouths at any time of the day –

Fried shrimp recipe. This is probably the easiest way to approach cooking shrimps. It may not be the healthiest but it’s definitely delicious and mostly inconvenient. Golden browned fried shrimps are the best quality ones; you can only do so with deep frying. The basic ingredient can go straight from freezer to oil in one easy step.

Shrimp salad recipe. If you’re in for some fresh veggies the a shrimp salad recipe will entice you. There’s an arugula shrimp salad recipe that’s specially commendable for its healthy approach to food and totally flavorful with pinches of pepper, garlic and lemon juice on it. The salad dish comprises of arugula and avocado, garnished with baked, peeled and deveined shrimps and Belgian endive.

Buffalo shrimp recipe. Another popular shrimp recipe, buffalo shrimp recipe is the closest thing you can get for a fried shrimp, with a style. The shrimps are coated with flour mix of creole-style seasoning, onion, pepper, garlic powder and deep fried hot oil or butter. Best to eat with a buffalo sauce.

Other shrimp cooking styles are characterized by broiling, boiling and pan frying the shrimps, aside from deep frying and baking them as mentioned above.