It is now ordinary to see celebrities and popular icons, both women and men as well sporting colored hair in magazines, television, silver screen and internet. It is a fashion more than a trend because coloring of hair has been practiced in early human civilizations. Today’s trend is in the blending of many basic colors to come up with really unique hair color shades.The current craze is all about mixing colors to come up with really distinctive one-of-a- kind hair color shades. Unusual and wide range of hair color shades is now the craze out of mixing many hues and tints.

With the icons you see every day in their colored locks, aren’t you getting excited about getting a new hair shade? One of the very first things that one usually worry about are the possible choices in hair color shades. For those trying out for the first time, it may be advisable to seek professional help to be safe. There are several factors that professionals will look into before they can recommend what suits you best. Doing the hair coloring at home is also an option. You can do this using hair color kits that are commercially available  and which comes with easy-to-follow instructions and guides. It may be good to stick with subtle colors if it is your first time.

Brown, red and blonde are the three most popular hair colors. What do you think is suitable for you? Making the right choice  is critical because that will be your look for quite some time. Consider the color of your complexion. Warm is used to describe dark-skinned people and cool refers to their opposite, the fair –skinned ones.

1. Brown is subtle and has hair color shades that will fit many personalities and skin color. It is ideal for those who are coloring their hair for the first time. If your hair is really brown, use another shade that will heighten it. It is also ideal to use on hair that is dull and damaged..

2. Red is an attention-getter. It calls for vibrancy. Red hair color requires that your hair is bouncy and healthy. It goes with flamboyance and confidence.

3. Blonde is alluring and eye-catching. It goes well with a clear, fair complexion. Sporting blonde hair, however, requires much care.

Treating your tresses with the right hair color shades can spice up your personality. So, indulge in it.