If you have someone special in your life and you want to give him or her something special, you can choose an emerald ring as a gift, especially if your favorite color is green. An emerald ring is sometimes used as an engagement or wedding ring. If you want something different for your engagement day, you can use the emerald ring. I’m sure it will attract more attention if you wear a diamond ring. However, you can always give an emerald ring as a gift to your lover while waiting for that special moment.

The best quality emeralds come from Colombia. Other countries that have good quality emeralds are Brazil, America and Russia. There are also synthetic emeralds. They are grown in the laboratory in order to create certain features that are similar to that of natural emeralds.

Most people do not realize that an emerald is expensive. Emerald rings can be as expensive as diamond rings. Before buying an emerald ring, there are several things you should consider, like the quality and material used on the ring. Art deco emerald rings andĀ ColombianĀ emerald rings are also another good idea.

Emeralds will go perfectly with white metal, white gold, platinum, titanium, silver and even stainless steel. But if you want a ring that really shines, you can use yellow gold for the ring material. It’s just a matter of taste.

After selecting the material of the ring, you need to decide which configuration will be used. You can use the stone on your emerald ring. You can use another stone to enhance the beauty of the emerald. Diamonds are often chosen as the other stone used in combination with an emerald. When choosing a configuration, you must remember that a distinctive emerald is indeed fragile. Therefore, you should choose a configuration that will protect your vulnerable gem.

Color is one of the most important factors in determining the quality of an emerald. A good quality emerald has a dark green color. These emeralds cost much more than a light colored emerald. The color should be uniform. Other factors to consider are clarity (inclusions), cut (polish and symmetry) and size classes.

There are a variety of models of emerald rings and materials to go with them. But if you want to be more original, you can buy an emerald and ask the jeweler to make a ring out of it. Make sure you go to the famous jeweler to do this job for you.