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A Guide to Malicious Software Removal

Posted by on 07 Feb 2012 | Tagged as: Technology

Computers can be severely damaged by malware, spyware and viruses. Sometimes, the damage is so bad that the hard drive has to be replaced. However, there are several steps you can take to prevent malware from infecting your computer. A computer that is already infected will have to be cleaned by a malware removal program to get the system running again.

A vital first step is to install anti-virus software on your computer and update it often. You will find user ratings of anti-virus software on software review sites. The creators of malware, spyware and viruses continually seek holes in anti-virus software. For this reason, make sure that you opt for software that is updated often and downloaded automatically.

Secondly, it is recommended that you install another anti-malware product. This product should also have high user ratings and come from a reliable provider who updates the product on a regular basis. Using two products to scan your computer increases the likelihood of finding threats and eradicating them.

You are now ready to use the anti-virus products. They are fairly easy to use. All you have to do is follow the prompts on the screen. If the product identifies a threat, it removes it immediately. Immediate virus removal is advantageous, as viruses tend to slow down computer speed.

In extreme cases, malware damage prevents the operating system from loading. When this happens, take a note of error messages. Next, use another computer to search the Internet for the type of malware associated with the messages. With any luck, you’ll come upon a website that gives instructions on how to eradicate the malware. If you can’t remedy the problem, you may need to seek help from an expert. You can try calling the help desk of the manufacturer of your computer. Or you can contact a computer repair company.

As a final point, make sure you always download the latest patches for your operating system. Creators of malicious software are always searching for gaps in operating systems. Any gaps in the system are then exploited to gain access to computers. It’s just as well that Microsoft continually develops security patches. The patches are developed to fix issues and ensure the security of Microsoft’s operating systems.

Most of the time, however, malware doesn’t cause too much damage. It can slow down your computer, initiate pop-ups, and send you to SPAM sites. But, occasionally, these malware programs can seriously harm a computer. Malicious code is also used by people who run scams to access passwords and login data. This can result in identity theft. For optimal protection, download a trustworthy malware removal program.

Finding The Perfect GPS System

Posted by on 13 Jan 2012 | Tagged as: Technology

The GPS is a modern technology that uses satellites to find a position anywhere on the earth. It can figure out where you are, where you want to go and where your car is at any time. You can buy them at the local store or online. In fact, many cars now have them included.

They are becoming smaller and smaller, more reliable and accurate. She now works as a digital map for travelers to be aware of your exact location. Moreover, it offers the best routes and even the location of schools.

With this system in your car, the probability of being lost is low. This is also a way to avoid trouble. If you are not sure that the GPS from the start, there are factors to consider. When buying a GPS-system, you need to consider how often you use it. That depends on you if you are going to use it often. If so, then you must do so in order to reach the road, or at least convenient GPS-system model. The fact is – the most expensive is not always easy to use. Some cheaper models, it turned out to be easy to use, they are not the highest quality, so you may end up buying a new one in a year or so.

There are four types, or types of GPS systems to choose from. They are car navigation systems, portable outdoor units, the Marine Corps and the PDA / GPS-hybrid. The most recognized of the four types of car navigation systems. It gives the user the exact location of where you are on the road. No longer need a map.

There are models with screens that show maps and directions. This is mainly placed on the dashboard, and even on pedestals near the dash. For cars with plenty of space and cannot keep the GPS, the smallest garmin GPS watch is the best option. The Suunto X10 GPS is also another good option.

The moment you decide that you will buy one of these units, you must determine the priority function. It is better to get one with lots of features. Good people who give directions after you enter the address or choose a location on the map.

Buying a system that can detect the voice instructions is a good idea. Its GPS-system must have real-time wireless network to evaluate the information and, thus, giving a visual representation. Few models produce visual maps of the locations that are not at all helpful when you’re on the road alone. Visual presentation of information about the process when you’re on the right track, and when you’re on the right turns.

If you think about your budget, the price of GPS units depends on the features it has. The most advanced features, of course, more expensive it becomes.

Benefits of Renewable Energy Right In The Nick Of Time

Posted by on 08 Jan 2012 | Tagged as: Technology

It is really ‘hard to teach old dogs new tricks’ particularly where the comfort zone is in jeopardy. This is why it is hard to push use of renewable energy coming from sources like wind, sun, earth’s heat (geothermal), tide and waves. The past occurrences of energy crisis and the gory experiences pertaining climate change make man realize the many benefits of renewable energy. It is also human nature to transcend adversities when his very existence and comforts are threatened.

It is of course relevant to triumph over fears to access the significant benefits of renewable energy. It may not come as easy because of disastrous events associated with nuclear power plants (NPP). This fear though has not prevented the spread of many nuclear power plants (NPP) around the world. Only hydroelectric power plants have gained universal acceptance because it is backed by a long history of good experience.

If the governments of nations around the world would comply with terms of the agreements they entered into by virtue of the Agenda 21, then people will have no other recourse but live with it. This happened when178 member countries of the United Nations entered into an agreement called Agenda 21 which is a comprehensive action plan developed in Rio de Janeiro last June 1992. Specifically, this is an agreement that calls for the implementation of sustainable programs under the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and the Statement of principles for the Sustainable Development of Forests. Sustainable Development (SD) fosters advocacy towards the consumption of renewable resources technologies and processes.

The benefits of renewable energy cannot be better nor come at such a good time,to wit:

1. Renewable energy sources are infinite. It can effectively replace conventional sources, the fossil fuels, without the danger of depletion.

2. The energy generated is generally pollution-free. This is, in fact, one of the most critical benefits which renewable energy brings.

3. The energy itself is free.Expenses are accrued with the construction of structures to house the facilities intended for the distribution od generated power.

4. With the business opportunities and jobs that it can create, the prospect of having a boosted economy is undeniable.

5. A lower power rate may also be reasonably expected once the technologies are paid up.

There are priceless benefits of renewable energy that lead to a quality environment that humans and the other biotic components in the biosphere take pleasure in.  A clean environment will always be priceless.

Fax Using Your Email Account

Posted by on 22 Nov 2011 | Tagged as: Technology, Uncategorized

Did you know that now you don’t need a machine to fax? That’s right, thanks to the development of online faxing, we can send and receive e-mails straight from our email accounts – all at a fraction of the price of traditional fax methods.

This new way of faxing is possible in great part thanks to email fax services.  These are companies that let you send fax from any address you have, so you can fax from Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo! Mail with total ease.  At the same time, they provide you with a free Internet fax number that will allow you to receive fax in your inbox, no matter if the faxes come from other computers or from fax machines. This digital solution frees you from the use of paper, letting you print only those documents that need to be printed.

Among the companies that offer these types of services we have RingCentral Fax, OneSuite, PamFax, Rapidfax, eFax, Nextiva, among others. The majority of these companies allow you to get started in just a matter of minutes thanks to 30-day free trials which let you enjoy the power of a fax plan for a full month. This free trial can prove to be your best tool to choose the right service for your company and it comes with the fax number included.

Using email fax services has a lot of benefits; one of them is that you’ll reduce your expenses.  To start, you won’t need a fax machine, supplies and a dedicated fax line.  Since all is managed digitally you only need a computer and an Internet connection.  As a matter of fact you can even use only your smartphone, since fax services have started offering free apps for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices.fax services are paid through a monthly fee; in average they cost around $10 a month, but you can find services that charge as low as $5 a month.  Basic plans allow you to send/receive 300 pages of fax per month.

Another big benefit is that you’ll save time. The ability to use fax from a phone already frees us to do other things, but services also include cool features such as fax broadcasting and fax scheduling, which cut the time fax used to take considerably. Broadcasting will allow you to send a single fax to multiple recipients at the same time, while scheduling let you set your faxes to be sent later during the week or day.

If you are still using a fax machine, take the time to test a fax service through a free trial and be witness of its power.

Tips On Getting Cheap Laptops

Posted by on 29 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Technology, Uncategorized

With the development of computer technology, there are many cheap laptops available out there for consideration for wireless needs. Two ways to get laptops at cheap prices is to buy a used or refurbished model. Cheap laptops can be a big deal for some people who need a laptop, but do not want to pay high prices for certain models of high-tech sport. There are several things to consider when looking for cheap laptops that will keep you from buying something that will not serve you well.

Refurbished means that the computer was used for 1 day to 3 months, and then it was returned to the shop for some reason. The warehouse or the manufacturer cannot resell it as new so they offer it as a refurbished model. If necessary, it will be repaired to factory specifications. This is a great way to find cheap laptops under 200, since there is usually also accompanied by a warranty. The computer used on the other hand, is offered “as is” and was not repaired in the specification, unless the seller indicates that he has.

If you are looking for cheap laptops first assess why you need a laptop. It is the student who needs a word processor? So you may not be necessary to search for cheap laptops that have a lot of memory. You can find cheap laptops with more memory, if that is what you are looking for, but you will pay more. Most laptops of any price usually have at least 128 MB of memory to run programs on the market. You can actually find some pretty nice laptops under 400 that have all the features you need, with a dual core processor and an ample amount of ram.

Early models of laptops are often more difficult to upgrade than newer models. When you search, you can find the new computers at a lower price. It is important to spend some time on research in computer magazines, online and professional opinions on the laptop you’re interested in making sure that the parts are compatible.

Laptops are usually about twice the cost of desktop models with the same characteristics, you pay for convenience is able to take your computer anywhere you are. To determine whether the price offered is fair for low-cost laptops, you can check online and see how many of their sales on other sites and distributors. Remember that new laptop, which is below the line features may not be as good as some of the cheap laptops refurbished at the beginning of the line and the same price.

An Example of a Data Recovery Procedure for a Western Digital WD1600JS Drive

Posted by on 28 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Technology

The purpose of this brief article is to give an overview of the procedures involved in a typical Western Digital data recovery case.

In this instance the defective drive was a Western Digital WD1600JS drive (160GB, 3.5″ S-ATA drive) made in January 2006. The client was in London and reported that there was no access to the drive and that it was clicking. All in all a fairly standard hdd recovery for us (

When the drive arrived in the lab the initial inspection showed no signs of damage to the external casing and the printed circuit board (PCB) looked to be in good condition (no evidence of burnt or stressed looking components).

The next step was to attempt to clone the drive. The drive did spin-up and in BIOS identified itself as “WDC ROM Model-Hawke” and with the drive capacity shown as 7GB.

These are classic symptoms of damaged firmware. Firmware is a small amount of code that is stored on the hard drive itself (partly on the data platters inside the drive and partly on the PCB). It is used to get the drive up and running and to present itself to your PC or Mac as a recognised storage volume. Some firmware is specific to the individual hard drive itself as it is built up over the operational lifetime of the drive.

One of the key differentiators between the “cheap and cheerful” data recovery companies and those that take the matter rather more seriously is the investment to acquire the specialist tools needed to work on hard drive firmware and the knowledge and experience to use such tools without endangering the client data.

In this case further investigation showed that the drive firmware had indeed become corrupted, specifically a firmware module referred to as the translator table had been damaged (this is essentially a map to the data area of the drive, without it no access to user data will be possible). The necessary repairs to the firmware were carried out and on subsequent power-up we were able to access the data area of the drive.

At this point the original defect drive was cloned and all subsequent analysis and data extraction work was carried out on that clone.

Once the clone had been completed it was scanned and the user data extracted.

Finally the pulled data was verified. Unfortunately we can’t simply assume that because a file has been pulled it is intact. There is only one way to tell if a file has been extracted intact and that is to open it. Therefore the verification stage of the recovery involved large scale sampling of the data to confirm the quality of the recovery. Sample screen shots were produced (contact sheets for photographs and first page preview thumbnails for documents) and forwarded to the client along with a full file listing of all data recovered. This analysis report also invited the client to request extra screen shots showing any files that were particularly critical to them. This verification stage is a time consuming but essential part of data retrieval.

The client decided to purchase an external hard drive from us on which to have the recovered data returned to him and opted not to have the recovered data encrypted as it was not sensitive (we don’t charge anything extra for encryption it just makes accessing the recovered data a little simpler if it is not encrypted and so many people opt not to encrypt).

The total turn around time in this instance from us receiving the defective drive in the lab to us dispatching by courier the recovered data back to the client was 48 hours.

We also of course kept our copy of both the clone and the extracted data for 10 days after shipment just in case there were any problems.

We believe that the way in which this recovery job was carried out (and all the others that we carry out every day) demonstrates why we are among the most successful data recovery services.

Reasons To Choose InMotion Web Hosting

Posted by on 27 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Technology

In Motion web hosting has been providing quality, dependable, customer-focused services since 2001. Either Unix or Linux based hosting networks are available, and hosting plans include a VPS plan as well as shared server or dedicated server options. Customers using this company’s services enjoy good bandwidths and speeds and generous storage space.


To ensure that all customers’ requirements will be met there is a variety of affordable packages, all featuring high speed, reliable network services. A customer choosing the cheapest of the In Motion hosting plans, the launch package, has up to six domains and two websites under a single account. The same package also allows unlimited bandwidth and disk storage, and one or two MySQL databases.

Online entrepreneurs often choose the In Motion Power web hosting package; at $7.95 a month this plan provides for up to 50 MySQL databases. The Business Class plan, at $5.95 monthly, has been designed for customers who want robust business functionality.

There is a variety of software options and self-installing scripts and a choice of two website building applications. In Motion web hosting makes audio and video streaming easy, and five blog platforms, including b2evolution and WordPress, are supported.

Customer service

In Motion Web Hosting Services has received awards for superior customer service. Customer support by email, phone or live chat is available 24/7.

Service reliability

In Motion is renowned for the dependability of its web hosting services and guarantees 99.9% reliability. Industry awards and numerous customer testimonials endorse the high quality of the company’s performance.


Package prices range from $5.95 to $13.95 per month. For customers who require hosting for periods less than 6 months, a pro-package can be installed for around $40.
Web developers who choose hosting packages by In Motion are impressed by the range of valuable features and the highly reliable network service supported by a money-back guarantee.

Is Going Green The Only Solution For Our Environmental Crisis?

Posted by on 15 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Outdoors, Technology

The primary culprit that is causing the current ecological crisis is man. So who’s to be blamed, the uninformed malaise of the masses or the insistent pursuit of profits at all costs by the huge businesses? At the end of the day, Joe Soap is liable for much irresponsible and destructive use of our natural resources. But what can men and women do when they are helpless? It is still possible for human individuals by their actions to reverse several of the global ecological instability resulting from global warming.

By adopting some of the green movement’s ideas, much progress can be made. The usage of solar panel to convert the suns energy into electricity is an example of this ideas. There are do it yourself solar panels that you can install at home or you can also research for the best 12 volt solar panels out there amongst the solar panel manufacturers. There is no plausible solution for our environmental problems other than adopting a green lifestyle. The situation, as a whole, will not become reversed, but the main part of the crisis can be avoided or at least diminished to a certain extent. To keep it from growing worse, individuals can begin using products and procedures that are eco-friendly. Several pre-requisites exist that have to be satisfied before we can have a less polluted, more sustainable planet.

The list includes utilization of green waste, not consuming meat, purchasing locally grown food and tossing the old “use it, throw it away” mentality. Majority of us don’t have any excuse, since it all rests on the person choosing the option of doing those things. Wiser and less wasteful consumption of power and water are necessary if the ecological balance is to be restored. The most important factor causing the environmental fix we’re in is the great amounts of carbon dioxide that have been spewed into the atmosphere. The situation is worsened by the current proliferation of mechanized means of production, in factories and on farms, all dependent on fuel or electricity and adding to the carbon emissions problem.

Individuals taking to the streets over high food costs and shortages in supply, atmospheric condition extremes not experienced for many decades, water being spoken of as the next oil and many recent natural calamities are all triggered by global warming. The environmental crisis has escalated to the extent where only decisive, heavy measures can be beneficial. One of the most important things for today is to convince individuals to do green living. To make a great impact on the world overall, a start needs to be made, and that is with simple things. The media has an important role to play in making the masses aware of the importance of taking on green lifestyles, even if only in tiny measures.

As this could be the last method that can be used, it is up to each individual to take some responsibility by living wisely. Sp as to keep the ecological crisis from ruining everything, it is time to bring back the lost moral sense concerning the planet. The very survival of the earth certainly depends on people accepting responsibility for their individual roles in the overall effort to resolve the crisis. Unless there is a radical divergence from the present ways of man, there is no hope for the next generation.

The New Entertech ET19K Karaoke Machine

Posted by on 22 Sep 2011 | Tagged as: Technology

Home karaoke is more exciting than ever and it’s thanks to current products like the Entertech ET19K. This is a perfect party machine that works well for large groups or if you want to simply sing a few songs by yourself. It requires a bigger budget but if you can get over the high initial purchase price, you’ll find great value in this conduct. In fact, it will probably end up saving you money in the long run if you are a huge karaoke fan. You’ll get lots of use from its various features and hours of singing fun without having to take a break in the action.

Entertech specializes in karaoke machines that aren’t actually machines at all. Their line of products follows the microphone-based design that is becoming increasingly popular these days. You get a microphone in addition to a base that connects to your stereo or television set. There is no bulky machine that interferes with the decor of your home entertainment room, and everything ties into your current set up nicely. Some people prefer the traditional box karaoke machine, but this microphone design is definitely a nice alternative, especially when you get one of the wireless models.

The Entertech ET19K stands out from other products in the line because quite simply, it’s the best one. You get two wireless microphones and a complete song package that comes with over 2000 songs. That basically gives you everything you’re going to need for the first few months of your karaoke career without having to upgrade at all. Keep in mind, not all of the songs are going to be winners but some of them will definitely be your favorites. You can also buy further song chips anytime you like for $50 each. This will give you access to hundreds more popular tunes that will be forever part of your Entertech ET19K karaoke system. You aren’t limited to English either because some of the most popular song chips happen to be in Spanish, Tagalog, and Hindi.

Everything is user-friendly and you have access to all of the features with the touch of a few buttons. There are controls on the microphones themselves in addition to a separate remote control that effectively turns you into a karaoke DJ. While it can be intimidating to see the number of buttons situated all over the microphone and the main system, you’ll get used to everything within a few hours. After that, the fun really begins because you can effectively go from song to song without a break in the action. Better yet, there are seven separate games programmed into the system that are incredibly fun to play. The wireless microphones also lend themselves to theme parties and contests if you want to set up your own version of American Idol. And at the end of the day when the party has died down and your guests have gone home, you can plug-in a simple set of wireless headphones to enjoy a private song session.

Overall, it really doesn’t get easier than this if you are looking for a karaoke machine. If you have roughly $400 to spend, this is a no-brainer where you can feel confident about your purchase. Enter tech has produced a winner and its machines like these that will ensure that the hobby of karaoke thrives well into the future.

Going beyond Fiction – Tiny Video Cameras

Posted by on 20 Sep 2011 | Tagged as: Technology

Today A large amount of evil things occur that stay unseen because they happen behind the thin veil of privacy. That is not necessarily a disagreeable thing, as privacy is always something that folks have valued. It is a totally different thing to see your place robbed of each valuable thing you own, or vandalized by God knows who just hours after a brief trip to the grocers! It gets worse when you have no technique of identifying who the law breakers were and you start to live in fear of another break-in.

Fortunately, tiny video surveillance cameras can now be used as a safety system for general use as it is widely available. Little CCTV cameras made their debut in Hollywood spy flicks, where they changed into a notable gizmo. It was initially used to snoop on an individual without that person spotting the hero ; it broadcast a video feed to a server which viewed and recorded the information. While this was a technical impossibility during the times of its conceptualization, tiny CCTV cameras are now an extremely common thing. They come only 2nd to wireless cameras in their capability to efficiently study your home.

Due to their tiny size, they can simply be installed anywhere without being noted. Earlier models of little CCTV surveillance cameras sadly had thin fragile wires which might be pulled off simply by desperate burglars, making them practically worthless if reached.

By planning little CCTV cameras that ran on lithium ion batteries, the chance of sabotage has been significantly reduced and the trustworthiness of the widgets trebled. Since more recent cameras lack wires, alternative ways of broadcasting information are used instead, the commonest being the utilisation of Wi-fi signals to broadcast recordings through a safe network into your home. For tiny video surveillance cameras to function at ideal potency, placement is everything ; areas where frequent activity is seen must always have video security cameras. Due to its capability to be placed or mounted on any surface, areas like the conceitedness or the headboard of a bed are glorious places to mount tiny video cameras as they frequently give a broader view of a room, or are the commonest places where property are concealed. Using tiny CCTV surveillance cameras will permit you to understand what happens in your house, and if the worst comes, arrests and inquiries will be made simpler due to recorded proof.

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