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Attract More Readers with Magazine Holders

Posted by on 12 Jul 2012 | Tagged as: Shopping

If your business includes making magazines available to customers and clients, you should make sure that you take advantage of the power of presentation. People are more attracted to information when it is presented in a neat and organized fashion. They will feel invited to pick up some reading material when it is organized in a neat and stylish display.

You owe it to yourself and your customers to showcase your printed materials using sturdy and affordable display products. Some offices have magazines and other information pile haphazardly at the receptionist desk or randomly placed on tables next to chairs in the waiting room. It can be hard to tell how many customers are accessing the magazines when they aren’t organized properly or do not appear cared for. If your organization wants people to take the information seriously, it’s a good idea to encourage them to browse by getting some magazine holders.

When you are choosing marketing display products, you’ll want to compare features such as color, style and capacity. Will a cardboard magazine display be sufficient for your needs? Or perhaps you are more interested in a plastic or a wire rack display.

Cardboard is lighter and can be easy to set up, and it is easy to print a customized message on the surface. Plastic displays may be more fitting with the decor of your business, and have an advantage in that they can be transparent, enabling potential readers to see more of the covers. Another option is a wire literature rack, which can be a fixed display or a rotating rack that customers can turn as they browse each magazine title. The interactive nature of a rotating wire magazine rack may be interesting to you because it can stimulate reader interest more than an immobile display.

As you look for magazine holders, you need to bear in mind how much room you have in your business, and what kind of an impression you are trying to make. A small magazine rack may be just what you need in a modestly sized office. On the other hand, a rack that takes up the entire wall of a waiting room may be more appropriate if you have a great deal of literature to display.

In some cases, a single large display may not be appropriate to meet your organization’s needs. For example, you might want to group your magazines by age groups or interests. Magazines appealing to young children could go in one section of a building, while magazines for women, men and teenagers will go in their separate racks.

Once you’ve determined that you need to purchase some affordable display products for your business, you’ll simply need to settle on their appearance and capacity before you make the final purchasing decision.

A Beginner’s Guide to Watch Winders

Posted by on 04 Jul 2012 | Tagged as: Shopping

Even without knowing anything about its purpose, a watch winder looks like something that would have heavy appeal to gadget freaks. It’s not uncommon to see automatic watch winders that handle two or three watches selling upwards of $1000. They look cool, but ultimately they seem to be pricey rotisseries for expensive watches. So how do they work, and what to they do to justify their price tag?

Why People Buy Watch Winders

Most fine watches collected by enthusiasts are self-winding, or automatic. Instead of running on battery power, automatic watches are powered by the motion of the person’s arm throughout the day. A weight inside the watch, which always tries to get back to its lowest point when displaced by arm motion, drives the mainspring to apply constant pressure on the gears and other mechanisms that keep the watch ticking. So when the watch isn’t being worn, it’s still getting the external motion it would need from a human.

For someone who only owns one watch, there’s no need for a winder. But serious watch enthusiasts often own thousands of dollars’ worth of watches, wearing one for a day or two while leaving the others to wind down. Since a watch winder keeps watches from winding down, the owner can swap watches without having to manually wind them and set the time each time.

As a category, watch winders are more expensive than their counterparts in other markets for consumer gadgets, simply because far fewer are manufactured than items like MP3 players or food processors. After all, not many consumers can afford to own a half-dozen watch costing hundreds or thousands of dollars each.


You tend to get what you pay for with automatic watch winders. A bare bones winder simply rotates a watch in one direction, and typically features unremarkable design or build quality. Watch collectors usually watch something more distinguished and robust.

Most of the watch winders purchased are in the $200-$2000 range. More expensive versions naturally offer more features. The first is the number of watches the winder supports. Single-unit models are fine for those who only own one additional watch, but more avid collectors can choose anything from double watch winders all the way to 12-piece versions and beyond.

One of the key features to look for in a winder is a healthy array of rotation options that prevent over-winding the mainspring. While a low-end version might only rotate clockwise, a more expensive version might rotate counterclockwise as well, or swing side-to-side, or let the user adjust the number of turns per day as recommended by the watch’s manufacturer. Many winders feature programmable timers that limit the total amount of winding per day, since most automatic watches only need about 30 minutes of cumulative motion to keep it winding for a whole day.

Perhaps the more conspicuous features that manufacturers compete on are aesthetics, with fancy woodgrain faceplates, chrome dials, LCD clocks, and leather exteriors. Some of the most expensive winders even have heaters to keep watches warm to keep the oil inside them from coagulating, and to make strapping on metal more pleasant. Some features of high-end winder seem to offer marginal utility, but most collectors would agree that buying a stylish watch winder is a good investment. It not only keeps a watch ready to wear, showcases their collection on a shelf or tabletop with class. Unlike watch boxes, which are essentially non-mechanical jewelry display cases, watch winders keep you watches running in a more visually engaging fashion.

A Frank Look At The Vapamore MR-100 Steam Cleaner

Posted by on 03 Jun 2012 | Tagged as: Shopping

Steam cleaning is a concept that millions of homes in North America and Europe have gotten used to. In fact, many people now find it hard to revert to cleaning the home with the old fashioned detergents method. This is understood because steam cleaning is extremely easy compared to these old methods of home cleaning. Steam cleaners use only water to clean. This water is heated to extremely high temperatures to produce very hot steam which can easily break-up dirt. Vapamore is a recognised American company that specialises in the manufacture of steam cleaners. The company has a clean environment philosophy which drives its non-detergent products.

One of these products is the MR-100 Primo here reviewed. The MR-100 is a canister steam cleaner. This means it makes use of a hose system to transmit hot steam from the boiler in the canister to the surfaces being cleaned. It has two big plastic wheels which makes the movement of the unit from one place to the other extremely easy. You can count on the MR-100 for your floor tiles, fabrics, upholstery steaming, widows and kitchen counters among many other things to be cleaned. The following are some good and bad aspects that can be associated with this steam cleaner model.

The Good

One of the most annoying problems and hard to deal with are bed bugs. The MR-100 is designed with bed bugs in mind. At a temperature between 210 and 220 degrees bed bugs will find it hard to continue hiding in your bedding. Not only does this steam cleaner deal with bed bugs it is also designed to kill dust mites, gems, bacteria and viruses. The other positive aspect associated with the MR-100 Primo are the accompanying wide range of accessories and attachments. Accessories and attachments are important because they enable the user to clean a wide variety of surfaces.

For example, to clean tile grout you need a grout attachment the same as a fabric attachment when steam cleaning fabric. Thankfully, this model also has an on-board storage of the accessories preventing them from getting lost or scattered all over the house. Other good things about the MR-100 Primo include the lifetime warranty that comes with the product. The company believes its products are meant to last a lifetime hence the lifetime warranty.

The Bad

There is the bad side to the MR-100 Primo. In many cases, negative things about a steam cleaner come from users who have had a practical experience with the product. The manufacturer hardly lets users known about any negative aspects about their product. As a result, one of the negative things associated with the MR-100 Primo by users are flimsy attachments. People have complained of some of the attachments being weak and not holding firmly.

Some users complain that the canister steam cleaner doesnt have a gauge to show how much water is left in the tank. This is crucial information particularly when you are cleaning the entire house and moving from one room to the other. At $300.00 a unit, the price is relatively high compared to other canister steam cleaners. However, this can be understood in the context of the steam cleaner being very hot and able to do many more things than the cheaper models are able to do.


Overall, this is a model worth to consider when shopping. Vapamore is a good name and the lifetime warranty should make many of us be at ease in case anything goes wrong with our purchase.

Vintage Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

Posted by on 16 Apr 2012 | Tagged as: Shopping

An engagement is a magical time for all of us that is generally experienced only once in a lifetime. Giving the perfect engagement ring can really make the occasion extra special. There are many ring types to select from, but for those that want to give something different from the norm, a vintage or real antique cubic zirconia engagement ring could prove the ideal choice.

You can enjoy great choice when it comes to selecting a vintage ring for your engagement. Whether you want gold, silver or platinum and whether you want classic diamond or a simulant such as cubic zirconia, you will find some incredible rings available. This ring style offers some really intricate designs that impart upon them a unique and sometimes other-worldly appearance.

For example, Edwardian era antique engagement rings hark back to the turn of the 20th century, a time in which platinum became fashionable. Bands were often crafted with filigree detail, a form of decoration on metal-ware created by shaping fine wire into delicate or intricate designs. Its origins can be traced back centuries to the great civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Byzantium.

Whilst Queen Victoria had shunned society, King Edward VII, after whom the period is named, was the leader of a fashionable elite that set a style influenced by the art and fashions of Continental Europe. The Edwardian era was time of elegant clothes and lavish parties before the horrors of the World Wars set in.

You may think that finding an authentic antique engagement ring may be tricky, but online auctions and the Internet in general have brought the world home. You can shop the tiniest Italian countryside village or Antwerp’s mega diamond dealers all from the comfort of your home computer.

If you like to shop closer to home where you can touch and feel the rings and try them on for size and style, then there are other great sources for vintage engagement rings. Flea markets or estate sales are two of good sources for authentic vintage jewellery.

When it comes to choosing the stone, consider cubic zirconia. Engagement rings made from this diamond simulant are designed to look exactly like their big brother and share the same cuts and carat sizing as diamond. In fact it takes an expert to really tell a diamond ring apart from a high quality cubic zirconia engagement ring.

Just like diamond, even vintage cubic zirconia engagement rings can be classified by the famous ‘4Cs’ that are used to grade diamonds. Of course they do not affect the price of a CZ stone as much as they would a diamond, but in order to know what you are buying, they stand for carat, color, clarity and cut.

The choice of rings available in vintage style means that you can get a ring that is perfectly suited to your needs, tastes, and budget when you buy cubic zirconia. Your proposal will be all the more memorable when you opt for a vintage ring and you will be thrilled by the character and quality of these rings.

Wedding Ring Design, Size and Profile Considerations

Posted by on 11 Apr 2012 | Tagged as: Shopping

When buying a wedding ring you should always keep in mind that the ring you buy should compliment your engagement ring. Don’t get too carried away with the endless choice of wedding rings that are available and end up choosing a ring without considering whether is matches you engagement ring.

The easy way to go about this is to first of all consider what metal you engagement rings is made of an opt for a wedding ring made form the same precious metal. If you have an 18ct yellow engagement ring then stick with this for your wedding ring so that it matches. There can be some flexibility with this technique, white gold can be matched with platinum for instance.

The next thing is trying to decide whether you should choose a wedding ring which incorporates precious stones or not. The general rule is to match your wedding ring with the engagement ring. If you engagement rings includes diamonds then use the same for you wedding ring also. A word of warning, your engagement ring should always be the centre of attraction and shouldn’t be overshadowed by your wedding ring.

Practical Considerations

If you are buying a wedding ring, there is one thing that often gets overlooked. This might sound blindingly obvious to most people, but make sure to consider the shape and profile of the wedding ring that you select. When choosing a wedding ring it is easy to get carried away with all the beautiful designs of rings that are available and over-look the more practical side of things.

The main reason you should consider the shape and profile of your wedding ring is comfort. A wedding ring that does not sit neatly next to your engagement ring can be uncomfortable. If your engagement ring has a large arrangement of gemstones, then you may require a curved wedding ring to cater for this. Also if the band of your wedding ring is too wide, it may prove to be uncomfortable also.

The profile of any wedding ring is very important also. Not all wedding rings are the same, some have a rounded profile and some are flat. Typically the most comfortable rings are the ones with a rounded inner surface. These are commonly known as having a ‘court profile’.

Taking the above factors in to consideration will ensure that you won’t go far wrong when choosing your wedding ring.

Experience the Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera

Posted by on 30 Mar 2012 | Tagged as: Shopping

Toddlers love to take pictures probably because the whole process fascinates them. Taking pictures lets the kids enjoy a new hobby which most of the time he or she only see adults do. It’s good to help our kids explore like this and who knows maybe discover his passion for photography. The problem lies in the fact that we can’t just hand the kid our expensive camera and give the poor machine a death sentence. Lucky for us there are available toy cameras today like the Vtech Kidizoom digital camera. This camera is one of the amazing toddler toys which allow your kid to enjoy photography and you’d be surprise how powerful this machine is for a toy camera.

Specs and Features

The toy camera is built to withstand the demands of a toddler. It can take a fair amount of shock from falls and tumbles. The design features an optimal grip for young hands and it’s quite comfortable. It weighs roughly 380 grams and has a dimension of 140 x 93 x 58mm around the widest parts. Yes it’s not that handy but remember, this is a kid’s toy and the designs are appropriate just for that reason.

Aside from having a viewfinder, the camera also has an LCD screen for live view options. They can also review the pictures they have taken and play built in mini games as an added feature. Camera operation is quite simple, the camera turns on and off at the push of a button. Once turned on its automatically ready to shoot with the shutter button placed conveniently on the upper right area of the toy just like that of a standard camera.

The camera can up the size of its image up to 2 megapixels with the given software but its actual sensors are only 0.3 megapixels on a resolution of 640 x 480. Well it’s not a very powerful camera but this is built for kids and it takes decent enough pictures for them to enjoy. It has a built in flash for those darker shots but it’s not that bright and tales time to recharge. It also features a video capture mode which is as expected in the low quality at best.

What it lacks in power though it makes up in memory with its internal storage capacity of 16mb and an optional SD slot for another 2 GB of memory. This may not be a powerful camera but its definitely a fun toy for your kid.

Increase Brand Awareness With Folding Marquees

Posted by on 21 Mar 2012 | Tagged as: Shopping

Marquees, or the more common folding marquees, are used around the world. These advertising devices are frequently used at various outdoor events and other places in which a company may need to show off their branding or to advertise. Several marquee suppliers will let the companies place images related to their business directly onto the marquee allowing for optimum advertising.

Typically, a basic marquee consists of four poles, four different wall panels, the roof and numerous other small easy to assemble components. Located just below the roof is a valance on all sides. The full wall and half sides let observers see exactly what kind of products, services or special deals are being offered. Other marquee styles come without the half walls and simply have a wall missing to allow customers to enter the tent.

How a business makes use of their company graphics and images can make a big difference in the number of buyers it attracts. Given that the basic folding marquees have several surfaces available, a smart business owner can take the opportunity to be very creative. Certainly, the business logo should be prominently displayed along with other bright graphics that help catch a potential customer’s eye. This type of advertising goes a long way toward helping the public associate a business with its brand and thereby increasing brand awareness.

Knowing exactly where the marquee will be located is very important as well when choosing how to design the graphics. If the marquee is not going to be readily visible to passersby, then spending a lot of money on print advertising is a waste. Marquees that will be in rainy locations will require water proof materials while those in arid, hot locations will need sun protection. The strong fabrics the marquees are made of are able to withstand anything the elements throw at it, this paired with the robust steel or aluminum frames creates a robust but easily portable branding solution for your next promotional event or fair.

Many types of organizations find that advertising their events with marquees to be quite beneficial. Just as in advertising a corporation, many non-profit groups use the same principles to create brand awareness for their cause. During outdoor events, it is not uncommon to see non-profits and corporations advertising right beside each other. The portability and branding potential of marquees is what makes them a leading item in promotional advertising signs.

How to buy carpet padding

Posted by on 15 Mar 2012 | Tagged as: Advice, Shopping

Choosing right carpet padding is absolutely important for the life of carpet, to provide better comfort and for heat and sound insulation. But just picking any carpet padding would do no good for your carpet as well as serve you in any form.  So it necessary to consider few factors while choosing the padding for your carpets.

Finding the right retailer is critical while buying carpet padding. An old stock carpet underlay would do no good for you. Also it needs to be stored in right place as well. Any contact with the moisture would spoil the padding. So the retail with good credibility is the prime consideration that you should be making.

Even though the how much does carpet padding cost is the main question that you need to ask, there are other factors to consider to as well.  The cost should not be top most criteria even though it should direct the purchase.

If you are looking for the cheap carpet padding then check the carpet pad remnants will come handy than going for a second call retail shops. The remnants though will have lesser options, one can expect quality products. But, cheap carpet padding will normally prove to be a false saving.

If you are want the carpet padding for your home, main areas of your home like living room, bedroom, it is necessary to choose a quality material with right thickness. You would need good, comfortable carpets for home compared to any other commercial building.

In case you expect high traffic on the carpet, you need better padding that sustain the heavy traffic as well as protect them from wear and tear. Some simple foam padding normally is not suited for high traffic. It will lose the air that should provide the cushioning effect.

Carpet padding will also act as insulators to sound and heat.  It would really help during winter to keep your house warm and to keep your house calm from outside disturbances. With better quality padding you can expect better insulation and sound proofing.

What other extra requirements you need to keep your house great. Moisture resistance, bug proof padding etc are some of the options for you to choose from.

It’s not just about choosing right carpet padding only, but its installation is also important of for the life of the carpet. Hire an installer quoting average cost for carpet installation, as cheap installation would prove expensive in long run.

Guidelines For Buying a Used Car

Posted by on 14 Mar 2012 | Tagged as: Advice, Shopping

The one thing most people can agree on is that the used car buying process is often not a very enjoyable event. There are so many choices when it comes to buying a used car it can often be overwhelming. If you are getting ready to start shopping for a used car the following tips should help you complete your transaction a little more smoothly.

If you have ever taken a look at all the cars available at a site like you can get overwhelmed with all of the listings. It can be a very big waste of time trying to look down lists of cars such as this and all the inventory on local dealer sites. This is why you should research good dependable cars ahead of time and decide on the type of car or truck you will be buying to cut down on your research time when it comes to comparing cars.

Deciding on whether or not to purchase from an individual seller or from a car dealership is the next thing to consider. Many people are hesitant to buy from someone selling a car themselves because the process can be confusing. This is why many people choose to buy from a dealer and pay a little extra for peace of mind. If you do buy from an individual you will want to make sure you follow the next piece of advice.

Test driving each car you are interested in is the next important step in the buying process. Thoroughly test drive each car you are thinking of buying and drive it in heavy traffic and at cruising speeds on the highway. You also want to inspect the outside for any body damage from accidents or hail.

One of the best things you can do when buying a used car is have it inspected by an independent mechanic. This will add a little extra cost to the buying process; however, it may just save you a lot of money in the long run. Even if you are buying from a car dealer that has had the car through their own shop it is still a good idea to have it looked at. This step can provide a great peace of mind for a small price.

Following this little bit of advice can greatly increase your car shopping efficiency. Just remember to pick you car out ahead of time before you start shopping, complete a thorough test drive, and have the car inspected by an independent mechanic. Used car shopping does not have to be a taxing process.

These tips were provided by Gregg Smith Ford. Our dealership is one of the oldest Clinton MO car dealerships in the area.

Maxi Dresses For Tall And Big Women

Posted by on 13 Mar 2012 | Tagged as: Beauty & Fashion, Shopping

Different women have different body structures. You should consider yourself lucky if your body structure is shaped like an hourglass. The fact that you can use almost any style of clothing and still look good in them is enough to be thankful for.But what if you are a little bit too tall?Although there are many tall women out there who have the height of a supermodel, there are also a lot of tall women who are slim built. And for this reason, it is really difficult to find a dress that will make them look stylish and elegant.

If you are tall and large, it will be good for you to wear skimpy clothes. Otherwise, it will look like you have outgrown them. In addition, it is not recommended to have dresses custom-made for you, especially if you do not have a lot of money to hire a talented seamstress. Even with these restrictions for you to catch on, do not fret over the situation. If you really want to look elegant despite your body structure, the maxi dress is the ideal choice for you. Here are some of the reasons why maxi dress is ideal for women who are big and tall.

Maxi dresses have the ability to make you look thinner than you really are. Maxi dresses are fashion items characterized by a long, free-flowing skirt. It usually reaches down to the ankle. Although the skirt is loose, the corset top is not. This creates the fine illusion based on the wearer. On the other hand, you can also use maxi dresses with slits. You can create the illusion of being skinny. Showing your feet in the middle of the pile fabric neutralizes the hard look of the maxi dress.

For women who are big and tall, the main problem lies in the lower body. Unflattering parts of the lower body may include big hips, sagging pants and a bulging belly. Although some of the clothes for the big and tall are not so much designed to hide those parts of the body, these don’t show with the maxi dresses. Maxi dresses and skirts simply hide all the unflattering parts of the body, thereby improving the appearance of the carrier. On the other hand, it also improves the upper body, including the cleavage and waist. Plus size maternity dresses are also another good option, so are plus size formal dresses.

When you accessorize your dress, make sure you do not overdo it. Do not be flashy so you do not need to use accessories or else, it will look highly exaggerated. Just wear a simple bracelet and a pair of flats with your dress to complete the look. The ease of beauty with maxi dresses is great.

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