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Natural Tick Control For Yards: Keep Them Off You and Your Pets by Keeping Them Off Your Property

Posted by on 27 May 2012 | Tagged as: Outdoors

As an animal owner, you probably already know a little bit about ticks and what they are. These 8-legged creatures stick themselves onto soft areas of the skin on dogs, cats, birds, lizards, humans and tons of other animals, sucking the blood out of them for nutrients. Since these small creatures can be hard to spot and sometimes even harder to get rid of, tick control can be very difficult. The following article will cover safety measures that you must take when dealing with ticks, as well as a reference towards the most effective product to keep ticks out of your property naturally.

Ticks can do a lot more than just suck your blood – they are known to carry and transmit a wide number of dangerous and deadly diseases to animals and humans alike. Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, relapsing fever, and Colorado tick fever are but a few of the diseases that have been contracted through ticks in America. When a tick bites you, they administer a natural anesthetic that keeps you from feeling anything. This allows many ticks to remain attached for weeks at a time to a human or dog without detection. Female ticks will eventually fall off their host to lay thousands of eggs on the floor, but males continue to draw blood as long as they can, growing up to 5 times in size in some cases.

Pet collars and shampoos are available for ticks, but you will very likely have a new set of ticks on your pets after their next trip outside. Ticks wait in grass and on the sides of trees, plants, fences or any other surface that a host might brush up against for them to attach themselves to. You cant get ticks out of an entire forest by yourself, but you can keep them off your property, the place where you and your pets spend the most time: Mosquito Barrier has been proven by the USDA to keep ticks out of backyard areas. It works so well that it might as well have been named Tick Barrier.

Garlic Research Labs, the makers of this unique product, developed a unique type of garlic that contains extremely high concentrations of insect repelling compounds in its liquid form, and they use only this super garlic (along with a few food-grade preservatives) to make up every bottle of Mosquito Barrier. The product is very easy to use, and spraying your property will keep ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, gnats and other pesky insects away for about a month.

The product doesnt harm bees or butterflies as long as you dont spray them directly, and it is also completely safe for birds, fish, your family and yourself. Visit the Mosquito Barrier website to learn how to use this product to keep insects out of your yard. Every purchase comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee, and USDA tests conducted in Connecticut have proven that it works on both larvae and adult ticks.

St Louis Gutter Cleaning Professionals

Posted by on 18 May 2012 | Tagged as: Outdoors

Most people do not give much thought to the drainage system on or around their home. They assume that if the roof is in good shape that their home and its contents should be well protected. The drainage system consists of much more than just the roof, however. It is also important to consider the rain gutters. All of the water from precipitation gathers on the roof and then flows off. When a good gutter system is in place, this water will flow into the rain gutters. The rain gutters collect the water and then channel the rainwater to another location, usually dispersing it some distance from the actual home. This allows for the water to go into the yard where it will be helpful instead of gathering around the base of the home where it can cause damage. Water that pools around the base of the home can get into the home through window wells or through cracks in the foundation.

For this reason, it is essentially to have a good drainage system on the roof of any home. Even if a good drainage system was originally installed, it may need to be fixed. Many people do not realize that rain gutters can become filled with debris and become clogged. When this happens, it is important to call a St Louis gutter cleaning professional. Most people find that cleaning out the rain gutters is not as easy as they had at first thought. Rain gutters tend to be located high off the ground. It is possible to damage the gutters through the improper placement of a ladder or through excessive body weight leaning against them. It can also be somewhat dangerous to try and clean out the gutters without help. Some people have inadequate ladders or do not know how to use the ladders properly. These situations can lead to significant injuries. The best way to have gutters cleaned is through the use of a professional. The person who calls a St Louis gutter cleaning professional will be able to avoid the hassle of cleaning the gutters. He will be able to rely on the expertise of someone who is used to getting gutters cleaned well and efficiently. The process of calling a St Louis gutter cleaning professional is really not difficult nor expensive.

It actually costs less than most people think. Once a St Louis gutter cleaning professional has been called, he will be able to come to the home quickly. He will look at the gutters and decide what will need to be done. He will have the proper equipment to get the gutters as clean as possible. The good thing is that he will be able to clean the gutters without damaging them, and he will also have the tools necessary to ensure safety. Once he is done, the rain gutters will work well again and there will be no threat of any water getting into the home. It is good to call a St Louis rain gutter professional periodically to have the gutters cleaned because over time they will continue to fill up. The rain gutter professional will be able to make a recommendation as to how often the gutters should be cleaned. He will base this recommendation on the location of the home and the type of foliage that is in the area.

For example, a home with many large trees will likely need to have more frequent gutter cleanings than a home with no foliage at all. The professional will also be able to detect areas on the rain gutters that may have been previously damaged and will be able to fix them.

How To Grow Holy Basil Seeds

Posted by on 01 Mar 2012 | Tagged as: Advice, Outdoors

The benefits of holy basil have come to be appreciated by many. So important is this herb that people have opted to grow it in their own backyards and in green houses so that they can have continuous supply of holy basil seeds. The challenge in this is that growing the seeds is not easy as they can fail to germinate and if they do their plants can fail to mature. For these seeds to grow to full maturity they have to be grow in the best conditions of germination. To start with, holy basil seeds must never be grown in the cold seasons. The best time to grow them is when temperatures are warm, average temperatures of 18-20 ºC are best to grow these seeds.

The site of growing the holy basil seed must be prepared in advance before any planting is done. The soil should be turned and dirt and unwanted particles should be removed so that the soil can be fine. These seeds grow best if the soil is mixed with sharp grit and with compost. However it should be noted that the choice of compost should be sieved so that it can be as fine as the soil. A third of the mixture should comprise of the sharp grit while the rest should be the fine soil and compost. The seeds can then be planted in a shallow hole so that they can be covered mildly by the soil mixture.

Holy basil seeds should preferably be grown in pots first before they are transferred outside. If they are grown indoors they should be kept in warm areas that do not receive less than 18 ºC temperature. Extra care is needed is the seeds are potted as they do not receive natural conditions as those on the outdoors. Regular watering of the potted seeds to should be done, this should be after every couple of days. In order to encourage germination of the seeds, fertilizer should be mixed with water and poured into the pots. The liquid fertilizer should be poured into the pots at least once every two weeks. Caution should however be taken so that the seeds are not drowned by excess watering, fresh watering should only be done is the soil is a bit dry.

As the holy basil seeds germinate and later mature care should be taken as they are removed from their pots. During transfer of the now germinated plants cleanliness must be ensured so that pests are not transferred to a new planting site. These seeds are very sensitive to holy basil wilt and they can die within a short time of being infected by the pest. Potted plants that are found to be infected by holy basil wilt should not be transferred to a new planting site. Instead they should be immediately disposed so as to avoid the spread of pests. On contact with infected plants, hands should be thoroughly washed before uninfected holy basil plants are touched.

If the holy basil seeds mature properly, their plants can stay alive for a long time. This is only if spent flowers are removed from time to time so that only healthy sections of the plants can be preserved. However the holy basil plants can only survive for up to a year before new seeds have to be planted again. In this case, purchased seeds can be planted or those that have been directly harvested from the plants can be used. It is recommended that seeds that have been saved from a holy basil plant be used since they have higher chances of successful germination as compared to seeds that are purchased.

Don’t Buy The Emotion Mojo Kayak Without Reading this Review!

Posted by on 21 Feb 2012 | Tagged as: Outdoors, Uncategorized

The Emotion Mojo Kayak is one of many brands of kayaks available.  This sit-on-top style is suitable for  adults, teenagers, and older children alike.  A Mojo Kayak can be used in both fresh and salt water; a great benefit for those who like to kayak at various locations.  Moreover,  the price of an Emotion Mojo Fishing Kayak is within reason.

The Emotion Mojo is a great investment for the all-around sport enthusiast. Being in the water can be an exhilarating experience, especially with a Mojo kayak.  Straight line tracking is the norm with this design; however, quick turns are not as easy because of this.  Built for stability and control, winds of up to twenty-five knots are not problematic.

Prior experiences may lead people to believe kayaking on small rivers can be less than desirable.  However, small rivers do not pose a problem when using an Emotion Mojo Kayak.  Speedboats may rush by,  but that is of no concern as the Mojo kayak can easily handle the waves.  Known for reliability, both active movement and fishing can be engaged in regardless of how turbulent the water is.

This Kayak is available for the best price with free home delivery on Amazon through this link only.

Check out the Features of this kayak:

  • UV resistant
  • Made of compounded polythene plastic
  • Paddle ledge and keeper
  • Adjustable foot-braces
  • Additional storage when back seat is folded
  • Bow and stern carrying handles
  • Luggage handles
  • Rear cargo area with bungees
  • Length 12’5″
  • Width 32″
  • Deck Height 15″
  • Weight 55lbs
  • Maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds

Fishing while kayaking can be quite an experience.  It is entirely possible to paddle over fish of all sizes without scaring them away in this kayak. Anything below hull speed is completely silent. This can result in several great catches!

The outstanding glide of the Emotion Mojo Fishing Kayak makes it possible to travel for lengthy periods of time.  It is no secret sitting for extended periods of time can cause back pain, especially in the tail bone area.  While the back rest itself is comfortable, the seat may need extra padding.  The addition of foam cushions goes a long way in alleviating this minor issue.

After reading through this Emotion Mojo Kayak Review, it should be clear that dependability and stability are trademark characteristics of this craft.  Fast turns are not a highly rated aspect of this particular kayak as safety and reliability are the preferred target.

Should You Aerate With A Hand Aerator, Or A Machine Aerator?

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If you’re trying to decide how to aerate your lawn, I would recommend that you do it with a core aerator, because a core aerator gives you the best results.  If you’re trying to decide whether or not to use a hand or a gas powered machine aerator, then hopefully this article will give you some good ideas as to which is best.

The advantage of using a hand aerator is that it is not very expensive. Generally, you can buy a good quality hand aerator for $25 or $30.  Also, you don’t have to pay to rent the machine every time that you use your own hand aerator. Owning your own hand aerator can save you money. Another advantage is that it is great for getting spots in your lawn. If you have a spot or two, or even if you want to aerate along the edges of your lawn, you can do it pretty easily with a hand aerator. The only downside to using one of these is that it can take a lot of time and effort for you to make enough holes so your lawn will be completely aerated. In addition, if you have not aerated your lawn in a long time, I recommend that you go over it twice. Going over twice with a hand aerator is much more difficult than going over it twice with a mechanical aerator.

When you aerate lawn, the best way to do it is with a gas powered machine aerator.  This method is quick and easy. Most lawns take less than 30 minutes to aerate using a machine. Even if you have not used a machine before, you can probably figure out how to do it and do a pretty decent job. Also, you may be able to hire someone to do it for about the same cost as renting the machine and doing it yourself. This will save you some time.   For instance, if you find somebody who’s willing to do the aerating for you for $40, you can save yourself the hassle of having to go down to a rental store, find the aerator, rent it, and then bring it back to the store when you’re done. Often, this is a great way to do lawn aeration because the job gets done, and then you send in the payment. You can make sure that you’re satisfied with the work before you send in a check.

Know Where To Buy Dehydrated Food

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Certain dehydrated foods are consumed frequently but without being called as such. These include frequently consumed food items like rice, beans, noodles, spaghetti, potato chips, macaroni, pancake, cake and bread mixes among others. Anyone knows very well where to buy dehydrated food: the local supermarket, the grocery or a food retailer. But if one wants to buy in bulk packages, with longer shelf life and at a lower cost, then it’s time to locate special stores of dehydrated food that carry said food items.

If there are people who are enthusiastic about dehydrated foods, that would be frequent campers and backpackers. Their needs are characteristically short-term and in small volumes which can easily be addressed by stocks in local stores and groceries. The situation becomes only complicated when the need in large quantities. Buying in volume accomplish several things – save money, time, effort and gas; prepare for any eventuality and that will force people to stay in the house; and spend less on fancy packaging and labels. To satisfy these kinds of needs, one must buy from special stores and suppliers of dehydrated food.

If one wants to know where to buy dehydrated food for these purposes, use the internet. There are many possible sources in Australia such as Tinderry Mountains Dried Foods, Back Country from New Zealand, Adventure Foods known for its army rations, Settlers Country Foods known also as Settlers Beef Mince, Marcelle Cameron Meals, Bega Dried Foods and Tropical Harvest. Survival Acres and Mountain House are two of the largest suppliers of sortable foods in America. Survival Acres is a leader because of its five warehouses, four canneries, and more than a century of combined food storage experiences of its principals. On the other hand, Mountain House is known for freeze-drying its own brand of freeze-dried dehydrated product lines. It prides itself for having a track record of manufacturing and selling freeze-dried food for over 30 years as well as having the best tasting meals.

Most of the outlets and suppliers for these dehydrated foods do not usually require minimum order. They also offer shipping arrangements for the added value of convenience. For the other details regarding their products, arrangements, prices, costs of deliveries, use their websites which abound with all the information. The internet can show you where to buy dehydrated food.

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Soil Preparation Is Crucial When You Are Installing New Sod

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Soil preparation is crucial when you’re installing new sod. If you want a new lawn that is going to look great for more than six months, you need to do a good job preparing your soil.  By preparing your soil, this means that you need to start out by taking out the bad soil that is on your lawn. If your soil is good, you should add soil amendments and soil supplements, such as compost, and mushroom peat moss.  In addition, you should take the time to get your soil tested. If it is slightly acidic, you can raise the pH of your soil by adding a little bit of lime or sweet soil to your dirt.  You can also add more soil. It is a good idea to have 4 to 6 inches of extra soil when you are installing a new lawn.

Soil preparation is very important in learning how to install sod. The first thing is to remove the old sod with a sod cutter or spray it with Roundup. Once the old sod is removed, you are ready to prepare your soil. What you want to do is you want to have the new soil delivered, and then spread it with a wheelbarrow and a soil rake. After you get it all spread, you want to rent a Rototiller and till the land until the new soil is mixed with the old. This way you get a very fine and healthy mix of soils that your new lawn will enjoy. After you are done, make sure that you grade all of the soil so it is level. Leveling the soil is a very crucial step. You want it to be as level as possible before you start installing the new sod. Right after you level it, then you also want to go over with a soil roller until you no longer leave footprints when you walk across the dirt. It is also a good idea to go back and re-level it just to make sure that no part in the soil is left out.

As soon as you get all of the soil rolled and even, then you are free to start laying down the sod. It is easy to learn how to install sod. Basically you just want to make sure to lay the sod in straight lines and make sure to get all of the sod touching each other so that there are no gaps. In addition, you want to make sure to get rid of all of the rocks in the lawn before you start laying the sod. As long as you keep your sod went for 3 to 4 weeks, and you use good soil preparation techniques, your lawn will look really good once it comes in.

Getting The Right Lawn Mower Parts Such As The MTD PULLEY-FLAT ME From Blue Moon Parts

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When home owners want to keep the grass of their lawn evenly cut, they make use of an efficient machine that uses revolving blades and is known as a lawn mower. Today there are quite a lot of different types of lawn mower and many brands manufacture a variety of models. As necessary as a lawn mower is its parts like the bearings, bushings, chain saw parts, control cables, grass bag, filters, pulley, spindles, and tires, are also important. So if you need to replace the pulley of your mower for instance and you want to choose a quality product then you should go for a MTD PULLEY-FLAT ME.

MTD is a genuine manufacturer of quality lawn mower, tractor and snowblower parts. Their branded products and accessories are always available in a huge variety so you have enough to choose from. They offer parts and products for all sorts of outdoor power equipment and yard machine, so it simply does not matter what model you might be using. As long as you are using a lawn mower, a tractor, a snowblower or any such machines you will easily find parts for them manufactured by MTD. If you are also in search of the right place to purchase MTD parts, then Blue Moon Parts should be your number one choice.

If you are in search of any kind of mechanical, industrial or automotive parts then Blue Moon Parts it the online parts house where you will find them all. If you are finding it hard to specific mechanical accessories or products then Blue Moon Parts would make it easier for you to find them. No matter what model of a mechanical machine you might be using, you would find its parts there. They have a large selection to offer and will even deliver products right at your doorstep.

Tips for Effective Ohio Pheasant Hunting

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Hunters throughout the nation are becoming more and more enamored with Ohio pheasant hunting. This particular type of upland game hunting requires both skill and strategy, which makes it one of the most exciting hunting disciplines. Ohio pheasant hunting can be enjoyed by hunters of all ages, which makes it a great way to build memories with the ones you love. For many hunters, a fun hunting trip is one that results in several birds. Not many people enjoy trudging through the underbrush with little or no payoff. If you have found that your pheasant hunting trips have not been as successful as you had anticipated, you may want to consider learning from the professionals. Many experts have compiled helpful tips that are designed to increase the kill rate of any pheasant hunter.

Taking the time to implement some of these strategies on your next outing could improve your success rate as a pheasant hunter. Most experts agree that having a well trained bird dog is the easiest way to increase the number of birds killed on your next Ohio pheasant hunting trip. As the pheasant season progresses, many hunters find that the birds remaining in an area become more difficult to flush out. In order to make a clean kill, it is essential for the hunter to startle the pheasant and force it to take flight. The longer a hunting season is, the more desensitized the birds become. Instead of taking flight when they hear a hunter approaching, the pheasants will remain camouflaged in the ground cover. It can be difficult to identify the location of birds in these situations, and having a trained bird dog proves invaluable when the pheasants refuse to fly.

Bird dogs are trained to sniff out pheasants and point hunters toward their location. Using their keen sense of smell, a bird dog will locate any birds that are hiding in the brush. Once the birds have been located, the dog will immediately assume a point position. This means that the dog becomes very still, with his or her muzzle pointed directly at the pheasant. When the hunter has located the pheasant, the bird can be flushed out and killed with relative ease. Many successful hunters agree that including a well trained bird dog on each outing increases the number of birds killed. Another great way to improve your success rate as a pheasant hunter is to invest time in pre-season surveillance. The most successful pheasant hunters spend countless hours observing the birds that reside in an area they plan to hunt. Careful observation allows the hunter to learn the daily routine of the birds in question.

Having knowledge about the activities that pheasants participate in throughout the day can be invaluable when the Ohio pheasant hunting seasons open. A vigilant hunter can identify where the birds will be located at any given time. This means that if the hunter chooses to enter the field at nine o’clock, he can go directly to the area where the birds will be. No time is wasted trying to locate the pheasants in a large area. Many hunters underestimate the power of simple observation, but a few extra hours could make the difference between a successful hunt and a mediocre one. By making an effort to incorporate these strategies for success into your next outing, it is likely that you will increase the number of pheasants you are able to shoot. There is no greater feeling than the one that comes at the end of a memorable day. Becoming familiar with the strategies used by successful hunters in your area will help you become a more effective hunter.

Tactical Assault Vest Options

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Those of you in the military and law enforcement communities already know about tactical assault vests.  These vests come in many different camouflage colors and styles.  Some already have pre-attached pouches on them.  Others are completely blank, allowing the user to place the accessory pouches and equipment as they see fit.  These tactical vests are very useful, and combine the mobility of a backpack with the availability of the gear being right in front of you.

Tactical assault vests come in many different styles and configurations.  Cross Draw vests are a very popular type, and because they are always one configuration, it is easy to train on one and become completely proficient in their use and capabilities.  They also come with all the pouches already attached to the vest.  The drawback to this system is that it is not customizable. Customization can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the user. Because cross draw vests are not customizable, it is easy to train large amounts of people on the same setup.

Plate carrier vests and chest rigs are another type of tactical assault vest.  These types come as a ‘blank canvas’ vest. This means that the vest comes with no attached pouches.  The vest will just have the shell and whatever attachment device on the outside (usually molle webbing).  This will allow for full customization of the vest surface.  Pouches and equipment can be placed exactly where the user is trained for them to be.  This is vital when fine motor skills and muscle memory has been honed to a specific setup.  Split seconds can often be the determining factor between life and death by those who employ tactical assault vests on a regular basis, so the ability to configure the vest to best suit the training and skill set of the operator is vital.

I prefer to use chest rigs because they are lightweight, and aren’t as cumbersome as the plate carriers.  These chest rigs also are a ‘blank canvas,’ and can be customized exactly how I want it.  I can place the needed gear and equipment like flashlights and tactical knives where I can have the best access to them, while saving the most important real estate for mission critical gear.

Tactical assault vests are an important platform for deploying equipment in many different scenarios.  They are so versatile that they can even be used by those who compete in paintball and airsoft competitions.

Click here for more information on tactical nylon gear and other survival related topics.

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