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Tips for Teen Drivers that can Keep You Safe

Posted by on 17 Feb 2012 | Tagged as: Insurance

Finally reaching the driving age is an exciting time in a teenagers life, and a nerve-racking time for their parents!  It can be expensive insuring teenage drivers.  Here are some tips to keep teens safe on the road and may lead to lower insurance rates!

Focus on the Road

It is absolutely essential to focus on the road at all times while driving.  It seems obvious, yet it is something difficult to do, especially for new teen drivers.  There can be all kinds of distractions; the radio, passengers, phone calls, and even the pure excitement of being out on the road the first couple of months.  No matter where teens are driving (home from dinner, to a friend’s house, etc.), getting caught up in their favorite song that’s playing on the radio is always a possibility. This isn’t to say teens need to ignore their friends or drive in complete silence—just pay attention and focus!  Teenagers need to have the courage, if they are getting distracted, to kindly tell their friends that they need to concentrate on driving to ensure everyone gets to their destination safely, or maybe change the radio station or turn it down.

Avoid Technology while Driving

There are so many technological devices that can cause distractions these days; cell phones, GPS devices, satellite radio, ipods, etc.  Having these devices in the car is absolutely fine.  It’s how they are used while driving that makes the difference.  Don’t text and drive!  Don’t read texts and drive!  Don’t flip through the music library and drive!  Those things can wait, all of them.  Looking down for even a second could be the difference between getting into an accident and arriving safely.  You never know what the people around you are going to do.  It happens that fast.

Recognize Hazardous Situations

Learning to recognize hazardous situations is crucial to a teen driver’s maturity. Teens have little to no experience driving, and chances are they have not driven in all situations.  Snow is an obvious one.  It takes practice and knowledge to be able to drive in the snow, and sometimes that’s not even enough.  Rain can also be hazardous.  Floods can happen in seconds and cars can hydroplane instantly.  Pull over and wait for it to calm down or pass.  Winds, ice and hail are also hazardous situations you want to avoid.

These are just basic tips, time and experience will make all the difference in ones driving ability.

Purchasing Swap Meet Insurance

Posted by on 02 Feb 2012 | Tagged as: Insurance

Before purchasing swap meet insurance you will need to call the vendor of where you will be holding the swap meet and ask if permits, licenses or insurances are needed. Some counties do not require permits or licenses. Usually the type of insurance that will need to be purchased is a liability policy. This type of policy covers injuries to customers or damages to the general property. The materials needed to host a swap meet are, state of board equalization permit, and a vendor permit.

An insurance agent will be needed to determine the extent of your coverage. The type of coverage can range from a few hundred thousand to a million depending on the amount and type of items in your store. Remember that if you are selling food related items the type of insurance premium may be higher and offer a wider amount of liability, since food can easily be tainted.

Liability insurance is specifically for vendors, since it means that the vendors assumes all liability for whatever happens in that space or reservation. This includes accidents from vehicles, displays, their employees or merchandise.

The other type of insurance that is needed for a swap meet is automobile insurance. All vendors will be required to bring a license and proof of insurance for that vehicle before entering. Any vendor that does not bring this may be expelled from the meet and fees are typically not refunded. By signing that agreement you are agreeing that you will assume all liability for any accidents that are caused during the time that you are there. This insurance protects the vendor from being sued by participants. It serves as a cushion so that the vendor does not have to pay out of pocket expenses if an accident occurs during the time that the meet is open.

Choosing The Right Travel Insurance For Over 65 Travelers

Posted by on 29 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Insurance, Travel, Uncategorized

For people who are retired, pursuing activities close to their hearts and doing what they failed to do when they were younger define the manner by which their time will be spent. What if the family you so very much want to spend time with, lives on the other continent? That means traveling and dealing with policies regarding traveling insurance for over 65.

Getting to places, crossing continents in style, business class or economy is a breeze these days. The older travelers, however, are sometimes treated with less concern. The fact is, they are regarded by insurance companies as high risk and demand more from them because of many fringe benefits needed in their coverage. This is rather regrettable when one thinks about what they lost and missed while they were in their productive years and again what they are going to passed up on now that they have both the time and the savings. What options are there regarding this travel insurance for over 65 so they can travel with less hitches?

With this group that is noted to be traveling the most and for the longest, there are other options that can be availed of definitely. What it takes is to simply find the insurance company that can meet the needs of this group. So shopping is the obvious way by which the features, coverage, premiums and such can be compared. The method are varied which can be easy or hard. Shopping to compare will be easily done by using the internet which have sites to help you navigate as you find answers. Seeing the larger picture is easy and fast too.

One thing that must be considered in choosing the right travel insurance for over 65 years old travelers would be emergency and broader medical coverage. Travel assistance is also expected in the coverage in anticipation of the many afflictions and services that may possibly be needed while on board. Delays and cancelled flight arrangements must also be considerate of their needs.

Time is an extravagance that is fast running out on these travelers. Gratification has long been delayed and is justly deserved already. This is why they make the most and the longest trips according to Eurostat, 2008. This explains why they make the most and the longest trips (Eurostat, 2008). This is the reason for their most and longest trips (Eurostat, 2008). They give good business to tourism and must be regarded as such to merit a little more convenience when traveling.

10 Most Exclusive Cemeteries in the World

Posted by on 08 Aug 2011 | Tagged as: Insurance

Have you ever thought about where you want to be buried and next to whom? There are plenty of cemeteries around to chose from, but you might soon realize that your options are limited as you can see below, some of the nicer ones can get pretty pricey.
1 – The Egyptian Pyramids

With their grandeur and opulence, it is hard beat the Egyptian pyramids for the title of the most expensive resting place, as these burial sites can even be seen from outer space, surely that must impress the Gods of the after-life.  While the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo may not be a cemetery in the true sense of the word, they are an obvious testament to the afterlife and of course death itself.

2 – Shirokorechenskoe Cemetery
The Shirokorechenskoe Cemetery is the final resting place for leaders of a myriad of Mafia gangs. This cemetery has graves boasting magnificent polished black marble and other precious rocks that are exquisitely carved by master craftsmen.  This graveyard was only established in the 1990s and can be found in Yekaterinburg, Russia, a city that has become quite famous as a home for Mafia bosses in life, and now in death.

3 – Woodlawn Cemetery

At the Woodlawn cemetery in the Bronx you can secure space for the site of your family mausoleum for as little as $1.5 million, and that is only for the land, then you also have to build the mausoleum itself. This expense could be worth it if you want to be laid to rest amongst people such as the Belmonts and the Woolworths. If you’re lucky, and you’re willing to take a less impressive site, you can secure a site at Woodlawn Cemetery for as little as $300,000.

4 – Forest Lawn Memorial Park

While talking about mausoleum costs, the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale in the Hollywood Hills, will accommodate your family and yourself for as little as $825,000.  This graveyard was created in 1906 as a lawn cemetery and is famous for its painstakingly manicured lawns.  You will also be among notables such as Ricky Nelson, Rod Steiger, Bette Davis and Lucille Ball.  It was the first cemetery in the world to tuck its grave markers into the side of the hill so that they are obscured from the naked eye when viewed from a distance.

5 – Cementerio de la Recoleta

At the Cementerio de la Recoleta in Buenos Aires you can be buried alongside big names such as Eva Peron, if your family has the funds when you’re gone. You will be able to secure your little plot here for about the same cost of an apartment in Manhattan, but in exchange you will rest with the knowledge that you are among the who’s who of vintage Argentinean VIPs.

6 – Santa Barbara Cemetery

If it is a view you are looking for, you won’t find one much better than that from the beautiful Santa Barbara Cemetery in California. The Santa Barbara Cemetery is situated on a cliff overlooking the mighty Pacific Ocean and that view will cost you around $83,000.  However if you feel this is a little steep you can get a cheaper site for around $20,000 which gets you closer to the water but you do sacrifice your view.  Plus, when you compare the price to that which other Californian residents are paying for their ocean views your resting place is really a bargain.

7 – Waverley Cemetery

On the other side of the Pacific Ocean you can be laid to rest at the Waverley Cemetery in Sydney. Your views of the ocean will be equally stunning, but a fraction of the cost compared to a Californian plot. On a wintry day the cemetery resembles the mystery and passion of the Irish moors, but in the summer time the sites are bathed in beautiful sunshine.

8 – Highgate Cemetery

If it’s a resting place among the famous you are looking for, the Highgate Cemetery in London is worth a look.  It is here you will share a site with souls such as Charles Dickens’ parents, Karl Marks, George Eliot and Douglas Adams.

9 – Capuchin Cemetery

There are some things that money can’t buy, such as the priceless decorations in the Capuchin Cemetery in Rome.  This cemetery is actually decorated with the bones of around 4,000 deceased Capuchin monks.  Their skeletons are dressed in religious robes and make up the ceiling, arch and the light fitting details in the adjacent crypt.

10 – Cimitiere du Montparnasse

Being buried at the Cimitiere du Montparnasse in Paris is the choice for those who are looking for tranquillity above all else. The pretty, leafy landscape is the resting place of people such as Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison.

While you may not have considered spending tens of thousands of dollars – or even into the millions of dollars – on your final resting place, your family and loved ones will want the best for you when you die.

Have you ever thought about whether you’ll be able to afford your place of rest? While you won’t have to worry about how much your burial plot will cost you because once you need it, you will no longer have a care in the world, but consider how your family will pay for your funeral and burial site.

Kristy Ramirez writes for Life Insurance Finder where she helps people to compare and select the best life insurance policy to meet their needs at the best possible price.

Where To Find A Cheap Life Insurance Policy For Seniors

Posted by on 17 Jul 2011 | Tagged as: Insurance

If you are age 60 and older you might just know how hard it can be to find a life insurance policy that is in your price range.  So in this article I’m going to cover several ways to find a cheaper policy and save some money.

First off, where you buy your life insurance at makes a big difference.  For example if you are talking to your local insurance agent they will be able to run you a few quotes but the problem with just talking to your local insurance agent is that most of them will only usually work with a hand full of insurance companies at best.

Instead, I suggest looking at online sites such as because these sites will be able to compare several different companies.  In fact the average quote will bring up around at least 10 different insurance companies giving you a true evaluation of what a policy might cost you.

The next thing you should do is consider the type of policy you want to have.  Some policies will cost far more than others.  For example a term life insurance policy tends to be a lot cheaper because you are only paying for the cost of insurance in most cases.  On the other hand if you would get a variable universal life insurance policy you would not only have to pay for the cost of insurance, but also cash value account fees, and variable investment fees.  However in the end though term life tends to be the cheapest.

Finally, the last thing you need to find a low cost life insurance policy is to consider is the amount of coverage you plan to get.  Life insurance is valued on a a per $1000 of coverage.  Knowing this you can determine how much coverage you need.  If you have no debts, or other financial obligation I suggest sticking with $25,000 worth of coverage or less and you will save a bundle.

To find a good elderly life insurance policy checkout and you will be able to run a quote in minutes and even open a live chat to discuss you needs and concerns, so get started today.

Buildings and Contents Insurance

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Buildings and Contents Insurance:

What’s the price of your peace of mind? For some, it is a good roof above their heads and protecting that investment. Most of the important things in your life are inside your place of residence. Ensuring that everything in your dwelling, including the house itself is covered for damages caused by accidents or natural disaster is key to affording yourself some measure of peace.

Building and contents insurance gives you good coverage by covering insurance for your building and its contents and a host of other perks such as coverage for accidental damage to audio, visual  and computer equipment, money and credit cards, outbuilding theft, high risk single article limits, frozen food, child’s university contents, gardens, high risk items, and business equipment. Do some internet research and you can save with online discounts available only to internet customers.

Quotations are a breeze, too. The full cost of rebuilding your home can also be covered, depending on which insurance company you choose. Building and contents insurance typically covers your home, the garage, and outbuildings listed in the deeds. Additions to your property, such as paths, drives, patios, terraces and boundary walls, along with tennis courts, solar panel, wind turbines, ornamental ponds, and swimming pools can also be covered. For some companies, you need only buy buildings insurance and you can get contents insurance up to a certain amount.

You should also note that buildings and contents insurance does not necessarily cover all events and everything in your building. Storm or flood damage to fences, gates and hedges are some of the items not covered. Routine maintenance or wear and tear of the building and its contents are likewise excluded, as well as money stolen from your home unless it was entered by force and violence, accidental damage to equipment like video cameras and hand held computer games (these are covered by extended contents accidental damage or personal possessions).

If your insured building has been left untended for more than 60 consecutive days, insurance companies will not normally cover loss or damage caused by malicious acts, vandalism, theft, water or oil leaks, breakage of glass or bathroom fixtures or frost damage. Coverage ends as soon as you stop living in the home. For a full list of items and events not covered by building and contents insurance, it will be best to look them up with the insurance company and compare information based on what you have gathered.

Age Concern Travel Insurance

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Age Concern Travel Insurance:

Half a century ago, travel was an occupation that very few could engage in. Moving from point A to point B was not as easy as it is now.

Nowadays, the opportunity to travel is readily available to so many. Beyond fares and destinations, one of the most important element of a big getaway is travel insurance. Most of us don’t have time to travel extensively during our earlier years, vacations are pretty hard to come by when you’re busy with work or with family. When the kids are all grown up and have moved out, or when certain funds have matured, we find ourselves having more time and resources to travel. But by then, it becomes harder to get travel insurance. This should not serve as a major obstacle, though.

That month in Greece that you’ve always dreamed of needn’t go down the drain. No need to abandon that vision of riding white elephants in Thailand or walking along the Great Wall of China. An adventure in Patagonia, a safari in South Africa – the world is an amazing place to explore, regardless of what your age is.

A sizeable number of insurance agencies cater specifically for the travel insurance for the elderly such as Age Concern Travel Insurance UK or Travel Insurance for Pensioners. These agencies typically cover extended medical coverage, 24-hour emergency medical assistance, loss of deposit and cancellation charges, money back guarantees, emergency evacuation/repatriation, repatriation of remains, trip cancellation or interruption, accidental death, injury or disablement benefit, overseas funeral expenses, departure delays, damage or theft to personal possessions and money, legal assistance  and a host of other concerns.

Age concern travel insurance plans vary from single trip policies to annual multi-trip policies that give you flexibility when you plan on going extended tours of continents such as Europe, Asia, the Americas, and others. Some agencies cover insurance without upper age limits and pre-existing medical conditions. This coverage frees you to travel extensively to the places worth visiting, without needing to worry about medical emergencies or requirements.

All you need to do is look up the many age concern travel insurance agencies. These companies specialize in travel insurance for the elderly and offer very competitive rates and plans for your travel needs.  They can adjust their plans according to the number of countries that you want to visit. They can also give you discounts or remove additional costs. With just a phone call or an email, you can enjoy the benefits of a worry-free vacation you most certainly deserve. Also, by going onto age concern insurance travel websites such as this one, you will find a host of different insurance companies that are advertised. These are a great to start to get free quotes from as they are already established and good companies, otherwise they would not have to budget to run these expensive advertising campaigns with Google.

To learn more about different types of insurance here on Money Ideas such as female car insurance, female insurance, caravan insurance, temporary car insurance and many more or to find out how to get the best quotes that save you the most money yet provide you with exactly what you need, check out my other great Money Ideas article that provide a variety of information that is both useful and free. At the end of the day, it is our ambition to make sure you get the correct age concern travel insurance or any other insurance you are looking for that is right for you so you can fulfill your dreams no matter how young or old you are.

Best place to find Female Car Insurance

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Best place to find Female Car Insurance:

If you are female and looking for cheap female car insurance then you have come to the right place. Here on Money Ideas we specialise on helping you to save money on a variety of different subjects, including female car insurance. We also present many different money making ideas that may be of interest to you.

If you are looking for your first insurance policy, then there are definitely some tips and tricks you need to know about that are explained here in this post which of course includes where to get a female car insurance quote from many different companies so that you can compare and find the most suitable insurance company for you.

First of all, let’s clear up a common myth. Do female in general have more accidents, meaning are they more accident prone? The answer to that question is no they are not more accident prone but they do statistically have more accidents. So why do insurance companies differentiate between male and female and offer separate insurance policies?

The truth is that even though female drivers have more accidents, they tend to be a lot cheaper. So overall the cost to the insurance companies are actually comparable to male drivers.

So ultimately whether you opt for a female car insurance company that only insures females or both male and female it does not really make that much difference in the prices.

A far better way of finding car female insurance that is cheap and affordable is to look for female car insurance online instant quotes.

The best way of getting these quotes fast and hassle free is by looking for adverts on the net. They are everywhere, even at the top and bottom of this page. By clicking on a bunch of them, you are actually getting to the websites of some of the best companies. Why are they better? Because they spend a fair amount of money on advertising and so already prove to a certain degree that they are established and good producing companies. Otherwise they would not have the budget to do this.

Further, many of these advertised sites actually do quote comparisons for you. This means instead of you having to search for 50 different quotes yourself, they actually do it for you. All you have to do is enter your details such as name, address, car model and number plate and of course the type of car insurance you are looking for, such as 3rd party, fully comp etc.

If you are female, it is of course a very good idea to also look on female car insurance website as well. Just gives you a wider choice.

Once you have found at least 3 -5 cheap female car insurance quote, note down the company phone number so you can contact them. You want to make sure that the company is friendly and helpful and the best way of doing this is by speaking to an agent on the phone. This will give you a good idea of how the company will be treating you should you ever be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident.

Finally, you can play the different insurance companies that you got the quotes from against each other to lower the price further. This should give you the best female car insurance out there for you.

Online Van Insurance Quote

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Online Van Insurance Quote

If you are looking for advice on online van insurance quotes, you have come to the right place.

Here at Money Ideas we are proud to provide free and impartial top advice based on experience on pretty much any subject somewhat related to money making ideas or saving money – loosely speaking. This ranges from insurance, such as commercial insurance or temporary car insurance to cleaning supplies or dusting a room. Which incidentally can save you quite a bit of money in the short and long run.

Anyway, when it comes to online van insurance quotes what you want to do is obviously find the best insurance for you. But what does that actually mean, the best insurance?

Well it comes down to you really. What are you looking for? Just a cheap no frills cover for your vans or cheap cover yet effective and helpful customer service that genuinely informs you of all the options and most importantly go through the exact details of the small print to ensure you actually fully understand what is and what isn’t covered in your van insurance.

I can’t stress this enough and this is really the reason why I would classify this article under money ideas. The worst thing you can do is get some online van insurance quote, think it’s pretty cheap and will do.  You take it out at let’s say £200.00 a month. You think that it will cover any driver. Yet you did not actually check this nor was it very clear in the actual policy. I mean who bothers reading the small print right?

Well wrong. In fact, let’s say you have a foreign driver that is driving your van. He gets into an accident with another vehicle. Let’s say a good middle class car, such as an Audi. The door is damaged and it will cost about £3000 to replace. No problem – that’s why you took out the insurance right?  Well there is a problem, a very big problem. The insurance does not cover a driver with a foreign licence. So now not only did you waste your £200 a month (for how many years?) but on top of that you are now liable to pay the £3000 not mentioning the damage on your van! So the total cost could well exceed £5000! Simply for missing the small print or not fully clarifying the insurance policy. That hurts.

This is actually a real live example that happened to one of my work colleagues. Worse, the driver actually also got in trouble with the police for driving without a valid insurance….enough said, you get the point.

So the moral of the story is, get as many online van insurance quotes as possible, minimum of 3 but 5 or 10 is better, and spend some time researching the company to see if they are genuine, have proper sales rep that are interested in providing you with a long term service rather than a quick sign up and do absolutely go through the small print with them to ensure you fully understand what it covers.  You will obviously need to also decide what you want the insurance policy to cover compared to the relative cost of the insurance.

The easiest and fastest way of obtaining online van insurance quotes is through the paid links right here on Money Ideas or doing a search in Google for online van insurance quote. This will give a pretty good return. Bear in mind though that the insurance companies that advertise on Google tend to be well run, established and trusted businesses. Must be, otherwise how could they afford to advertise on Google? Also Google has to ensure to a degree that companies that advertise with them are legitimate, otherwise it hurts Google in the long run.

Commercial Insurance

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Commercial Insurance

When it comes to commercial insurance you definitely want to make sure you have the right type of insurance. Money Ideas is here to provide you with free information that hopefully is not only useful but allows you to make the right decisions when it comes to choosing from different commercial insurance companies.

First of all, let’s define what we mean by commercial insurance. A commercial insurance is basically insurance for a business. The fact is it is one of the most important investments a business owner can make to ensure the future success of his company against unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances. Depending on the commercial insurance company, commercial insurance can provide valuable protection against theft, property damage and liability. Further it covers such things as employer liability and business interruption.

Any business owner that decides against commercial insurance effectively puts his whole business at risk. Often this includes his own personal money and property he invested into the business as well as other investors’ money, not to mention risking all the jobs of his employees let alone his own.

The good thing is, finding commercial insurance can be as simple as locating a reliable agent who specializes in commercial insurance or looking on the Internet and filing in online application forms for commercial insurance quotes. Once you find a cheap commercial insurance quote, it is best to schedule an interview with an agent. Make sure it is a licensed, knowledgeable agent with whom you feel comfortable. The agent you choose should be able to discuss different types of commercial insurance with you and assist you in selecting the best type for your particular needs.

Depending on your particular business, there may be some types of commercial insurance you don’t need. For example, you may need commercial fleet insurance, but not temporary car insurance. Keep in mind, however, that it is wise to learn about the different types of commercial insurance, even if you don’t need them all. As your business grows and expands, you may discover that your insurance amendments. Having as much preliminary information now will provide you and your agent with the basic information you need to decide whether or not to add to or change your policy later.

However, you go about getting your commercial insurance, please make sure you follow the money ideas super tip of at least getting 3 quotes and playing them against each other. This will ensure you do not waste your hard earned or obtained cash. After all you are in the business to make money not to make other people rich!

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