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The History Of Gil Hibben Knives

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If you do a search online for “knives” you most likely will see the name Gil Hibben in the top search results. This is because Gil Hibben is legendary in the world of cutlery. Hibbens popularity skyrocketed with the movie “Rambo” starring Sylvester Stallone as a military mercenary. The so called “Rambo Knife” was instantly an icon and became an extremely popular item after the movies release in 2008. This led the way to many more movie opportunities which include “hibbens fantasy knives” in over 37 movies and TV shows to date.

Gil Hibben Histroy

Hibben was born in 1935 in Wyoming and at age 15 created his own Bowie knife out of scrap metal since he could not afford to purchase one. In 1956 he began working for Boeing Aircraft as a machinist after being discharged from the Navy.He then started building knives in his spare time and sold a handmade Bowin knife for $45.

In 1964 Hibben moved to Utah and became a fulltime knife-maker using 440c stainless steel knives to which he was the first knife-maker to use it. Hibben would go on to design the first line of Browning knives which would include a folding hunting knife and three fixed blade knives.

In 1968 Hibben created the first line of Browning hunting knives.

Gil Hibben would create a “Kenpo Knife” after his passion for martial arts with which he held a black belt. Hibben is an avid martial artist studying Akido, Judo and American Kenpo.

Gil would move around for several years before landing permanently in Kentucky where he currently resides.

Movie Knives

Hibben was contacted personally by Sylvester Stallone to create a knife for his movie “Rambo III” which would be a more modern style of a Bowie knife. He would later create the knife for the sequel called “Rambo”. It was his installment of “fantasy” style knives that started to gain Hibben huge recognition.

Teaming up with United Cutlery (which is based out of Taiwan) would see hibben’s “Rambo Knife” be mass produced with factory versions all over the world.

Hibben’s Rambo Knives spawned a feature film bonanza that saw his knives show up in movies like Mortal Kombat, The Perfect Weapon, Star Trek Nemesis and Stallone’s newest film series “The Expendables.”

Hibben has received the knickname “Klingon Armorer” thanks to his science fiction backing from the Star Trek franchise with which he worked. He is currently the president of the Knifemakers guild’ which he has held for over 5 years.

Hibben Cutlery

Today Gil is responsible for designing everything from throwing knives to swords and machete’s. While many are “fantasy style” items, they are all made with the same integrity and materials that have always comprised the Gil Hibben name.

Current Popular Cutlery

Hibben Knives are extremely popular and the legend continues to create quality works of art. Here are a few of his knives:

  • Alaskan Throwing Knife
  • Assault Tactical Knife
  • Recon Bowie
  • Pro Throwing Axe
  • Gil Hibben Claw
  • Hibben IV Machete

This article was written by Clayton, the primary writer and owner of a cutlery ecommerce store that specializes in in name brand knives from brands like SOG, Hibben, Cold Steel, Boker and many others. We specialize in all styles of knives that include military/tactical, throwing, pocket, fixed blade and swords. To find out more about cutlery brands, styles and prices you can check us out here.

Is It Time to Remodel Your Bathroom

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Does your bathroom stress you out? Do you feel like your bathroom is always dirty, no matter how much you clean and scrub it? Does your bathroom feel too cramped and outdated?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s probably time to remodel your bathroom. Fortunately, nowadays you can affordably customize and remodel your bathroom to fit your taste and lifestyle. Fixtures, wallpapers, flooring, and other bathroom items can all be replaced, and they are offered in a variety of designs and colors so you can choose the style that best matches your taste.

Bathroom remodeling ideas

Here are some ideas to consider as you begin making plans to remodel your bathroom:

  • Add some light. Remodelers can add a window, or they can install extra lighting fixtures. Hanging more wall mirrors can also increase the amount of light in your room.
  • Update old fixtures. You’d be surprised by how much simply replacing an old bathtub or vanity can bring new life to your room.
  • Give yourself more space. If the bathroom is on an exterior wall of your home, it can probably be expanded to give you more room.
  • Change the flooring and paint. Upgrading to tile flooring or changing the room’s paint can help make your room much more stylish and inviting.

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, the only limit is your own imagination. If you’re stuck for ideas, your remodeling contractors can help you choose what will work best and fit within your price range.

How it will work

Once you’ve decided to take the leap and improve your life by remodeling your bathroom, you will want to begin researching local bathroom remodeling contractors. Before making a final decision, we strongly recommend reading online reviews and checking the company’s record with the Better Business Bureau. The last thing you want is a remodeler who isn’t trustworthy or reliable.

Once you’ve selected a company, you’ll usually go through the following process:

  1. Before you meet with your contractors, you’ll want to make a preliminary list of what you’re looking for in your new bathroom. Are there certain fixtures you’re looking to replace? Do you want a larger bathroom? Are there certain colors and styles you’re aiming for? That should all go on the list.
  2. Next, you’ll have your first meeting with the contractors. You’ll share your wish list with them, and you’ll also tell them what kind of budget you’re working with. You’ll also want to provide some photos of the current layout of your bathroom.
  3. The contractors will take all the information you’ve given them and begin designing your new bathroom. They will use pricing charts and sophisticated computer imaging technologies to help give you an idea of how your bathroom will look and what kinds of materials will be used.
  4. You’ll meet with them again, go over the blueprints, and make your final selection of the material and layout.
  5. Contractors will begin construction. During construction, they will minimize disruption to your daily life.
  6. Construction is finished. The construction crew will be sure to clean up after themselves, and a final inspection will make sure that everything meets safety specifications.
  7. You can enjoy your newly remodeled bathroom.

If you’re worried about how long the construction will last, don’t be. Small bathroom remodeling projects can take as little as a day, while larger remodels that renovate the entire bathroom almost never last more than a week. In short, you can have the bathroom you’ve always wanted in less time and at a lower cost than you may have imagined.

Whether you want to redo your entire bathroom or simply update a few of your fixtures, your bathroom remodeling professionals can take care of it for you.

By Tim Crain. Tim writes professionally about a variety of home improvement topics, and he especially enjoys writing for Shreveport plumbers that do bathroom remodeling

Tips On How To Have A Successful Dinner Party

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It does not matter how many people you invite, whether they are acquaintances, friends or family members (or a mix of all three), there are a few things that you can do that will make everyone want to do it again.

First important rule: be ready! All the food is cooked, a trip or two to the kitchen will be sufficient to insure a good progress of the evening, the house is sparkling, the bathroom has fresh towels and little soaps, and you have a spot where guests can put their coats… Even if you spent an enormous amount of time to get everything ready, it’s crucial to look ready, cool and relaxed when your guests arrive.

Only the hosts should greet guests at the door. Introduce people to each other as they arrive and ensure that everyone has someone with whom they can start a conversation.

Bubbles and tidbits

Champagne is a great easy pre-dinner drink… Serve a half full flute to each guest. You only have to have one kind on hand. Or you can turn champagne or another white sparkling wine into a festive punch. All you need to add is a few ounces of Cointreau and ginger ale, served in a pretty punch bowl decorated with thin frosted lime and orange slices.

To keep your guest happy before dinner, serve a few tidbits. Now we are talking about small amounts of food, the idea is not to stuff them before dinner. You can find countless appetizers recipes, for example this recipe for bruschetta might be just the only inspiration you need.

Making a toast!

You have to make the first toast, after all you invited all these people! Wish them a warm welcome. If you have only a few guests acknowledge each one with a word, a smile, a wink. A joke (in good taste) to make everyone laugh will help them feel relaxed, but keep it short. And pleaaaase do not hit your glass with a sharp object to get their attention!

Break the ice!

Here is a little game to help you warm things up before dinner.

Have a little booklet (a few sheets of pretty paper tied by a ribbon) for each guest. In the book have the name of each guest and a list of sentences to describe each person. This can be as much fun for people who know each other as for people who don’t, all you have to do is write the description to fit the level of familiarity.

When a guest associates a description with a person, he/she must go to him/her and get the book signed.

When one of the guest has all the signature required he/she can ask anyone of his/her choice to tell a story. Be ready with a good story because chances are you will be selected for the task.

If you want to be remembered fondly, prepare a little food gift to give each guest when they leave. This could be a couple of cookies you made, chocolate truffles, candied fruit or something similar, small but special.

What music for the evening?

Once more it’s all about being prepared. Take advantage of today’s technology. A few days before the party ask your guests to email you their favorite song or music. Make a playlist of these and let your guests enjoy it during the evening. It might also start a few interesting conversations.

Have a wonderful time at your next party, I am sure it will be a great success!

What We Secure

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It seems like everybody is paranoid about losing things, or being robbed, these days; and with more and more being on the line when a wallet lost, or information is stolen, why wouldn’t people be? With companies offering everything from identity theft protection to alarms, and every form of security in-between, it’s easy to get caught up in the worry and care of the chance of being ripped off or losing something of value. It’s interesting what we secure and save, but why do we often do so?


We secure our cars and homes with locks and alarms, our phones with digital tracking, even our computers with anti-virus software, but often we don’t secure ourselves from the possibility of our own mistakes.  How often do we fail to back up our vital documents? Leave valuable items out where they could easily be knocked over or destroyed by accident? Or even just leave the water running?  It’s interesting we lock up our valuables, but don’t protect ourselves from our own nature.


There are countless tales of valuable documents being spilled on, jewelry being lost while fishing or hunting, or cell phones left in public places. Maybe the first precautions we should take when securing our valuable items is remembering every day just how valuable they are. Maybe if more care and thought were put into protecting what we consider dear, or necessary, every day, the world would have far fewer “lost treasures.”


Sentimental Valuables


While some things are of value due to their rare nature, or great demand, most people value their items by the sentimental value they have. A broach, though originally a cheap piece of costume jewelry, may take on new meaning when handed down from a mother to a daughter.  While rare first issues of popular comics, or diamond rings, require the necessity of being locked in wall safes, it’s worth pondering why sentimental valuables which cannot be replaced don’t require the same attention.


While it would be silly to lock up the mood rings your parents gave each other while dating, it’s a wonder we can be so careless with items such as those, while putting such value on others. Does a diamond broach really have more value than the costume jewelry piece your mother gave you, when the emotions involved in them are compared? While that question is certainly subjective, it also gives food for thought.


Truly Valuable Valuables


It’s important for us to remember to be safe when we’re out and about, but it’s also important to remember to take the time to take care of ourselves and that which is on our person as we go. It’s not worth worrying about every little thing, but as we go throughout the day it’s worth noting where we set our phones, where we place our car keys, and countless other small things we value. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of losing all your contacts in your phone, or trying to find your keys when an appointment is looming. It’s funny how when we lose our keys, or misplace a phone, we can easily become as panicked as a person missing a diamond ring, or a priceless artifact.


In the end, whether we are using state-of-the-art wall safes to secure crown jewels, or just placing our mood rings in a small box on the night stand, what we value we try and keep safe. Remember that the next time you’re reading your journal next to a glass of water, or running between appointments while using your phone, because securing what we hold valuable is a simple matter indeed.


-Ryan Huff

The Importance Of Central Air Conditioning Maintenance

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There are few appliances that are more devastating to lose than an air conditioning unit in the heat of summer. Losing an air conditioner can not only lead to significant misery but can also lead to potential health problems.

Surviving the Heat

Those who are suffering through a heat wave should try to drink as much fluids as possible. The human body will perspire and will lose many fluids. The best way to replace these fluids is to drink water, though any fluid that does not have a diuretic will help. Additionally, people should try to find a public place that has air conditioning, such as a store or a library. Even a few hours out of the heat can help people cope better when they are forced back into the heat. The more serious health issues that result from excessive heat usually come in two days, so people who feel they can cope with the heat have not yet experienced the worst symptoms.

For those who have basements, consider spending time in the basement to cope with the heat. Keeping the blinds closed can help keep the home cooler by preventing the sun from warming up the home. Homeowners should also avoid actions that can increase the home temperature, such as turning on the oven or stove. Homeowners should call an air conditioning repairman to get the air conditioning up and running as soon as possible. Once the air conditioning has been repaired, it is important that homeowners engage in the necessary central air conditioning maintenance procedures to ensure that the air conditioner does not break down again.

Maintaining an Air Conditioner

Air conditioners should only be used when it is hot outside. Using the air conditioner excessively will place strain on the motor, and some air conditioners will eventually fail. Also, not cleaning the air filters will put strain on the air conditioner and increase the risk that it will fail. Homeowners should regularly clean their air conditioner, including the evaporator coils, to keep the air conditioner functioning properly. Additionally, homeowners should consider hiring a company that specializes in central air conditioning maintenance to make sure that the air conditioning unit continues to function properly. This will prevent homeowners from having an unpleasant surprise when they fire up the air conditioner in the summer.

Finding a Maintenance Company

The Internet is useful for finding the best central air conditioning maintenance companies because the user can check reviews of the company to get a sense of how the other customers feel. Users can also quickly head over to the Better Business Bureau to determine if the air conditioning company has any complaints and whether the company responded to these complaints. The company should have a NATE certification, which indicates that the company is committed to continuing education and is familiar with the latest central air conditioning maintenance techniques.

Choose Based On Experience and References

While it might be tempting to choose the central air conditioning maintenance company that has the lowest price, this company will not necessarily have enough experience to do a good job. For this reason, it is important to instead choose an air conditioning company that has a lot of experience and can also provide adequate references.

Hire an Air Conditioning Maintenance Company Sooner Rather Than Later

It is better to hire an air conditioning maintenance company than to hire an emergency air conditioning repair company. When the air conditioning unit fails, the owner will be in a position of desperation and will have to quickly find a company. However, with air conditioning maintenance, the owner is in a position where he or she can be picky on choosing the best company.

Maid Service: Definition, History And Employment

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Maid services are typically used by the people who do not have the time or the knowledge to perform cleaning duties. There is a variety of scenarios in which maid services turn out to be a valuable choice to select. But before requesting maid services, an individual must determine whether the gain generated from using such services is actually higher than their cost. Maid services have existed for a very long time. The techniques and tools that they use have evolved over the time, principally thanks to the technological advancements.

When a maid is hired, they are able to provide different services at once. Even though they are often referred to as the people who perform cleaning duties, maids may also help children wake up to go to school or prepare food for their clients. In some cases, a maid can even be assigned to run errands for the house and go to the supermarket. So, maid services can include many small things, although cleaning is the biggest part of the job. From a historical point of view, these services have been offered by women but it is more and more common to see men hold similar positions. There are distinct types of maids: the head house parlour-maid, the house parlour-maid, the specialized maids, and the assisting maids.

As one may know, the head house parlour-maid is the person that supervises the work of all the other maids. They are the highest in the hierarchy and the person the most in contact with the clients. It is not very common to see head house parlour-maids because these individuals tend to be at the service of royal families. The house parlour-maids are simply the individuals that follow the orders and directives given by the head house parlour-maid. The specialized maids include the chambermaids, the kitchen maids, and the maids that take care of the hallways. The chambermaids are responsible for cleaning the bedrooms, while the kitchen maids are those who cook the food. The specialized maids eventually receive support from both cinder and hand maids to perform their daily responsibilities.

For some maids there is the possibility to offer periodic maid service. Period maid service occurs when a maid is employed by a customer to come perform the cleaning duties only one or two times during the week. This alternative is more affordable than having the maid come every day of the week as the customer will have the opportunity to perform some light cleaning duties and leave the bulk of the job that would have accumulated until the maid’s day of service arrives. Not only does this option present advantages for the client but it also helps the maid reduce their costs and paves the way for possibility to make profit if for example they decide to take on jobs in other houses in the neighborhood. A maid service package is designed depending on the duties that a maid is supposed to perform.

As mentioned earlier, the first and most important duty for a maid is to complete the cleaning, but if the client feels that they would need additional services to be performed such as preparing food, they may include them in the maid services package. This will of course result in a higher pay check for the maid. The process of selecting a maid is not very complicated. As it would have been done for a regular job, the client needs to interview several maids before making up their mind. The things that may enter in consideration when choosing the right maid are the sentiments of reliability, responsibility, organization, and integrity. Once the client thinks that they have found the good one, they should go ahead and hire them.

Economical and Dramatic Upgrades for your Kitchen

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Are you a fanatic when it comes to your home décor?  Are you constantly seeking to improve your living space?  If you answered Yes to both of these questions and you don’t have a big budget to make large-scale renovations, there are changes that you can make that will be significant but won’t cost you a lot.  Since the kitchen is always referred to as the hub of the home, a good place to start when it comes to making some low-cost and effective improvements is certainly in this space.

There is one area of the kitchen that is oftentimes overlooked but it is also an area that, if done properly, will greatly enhance your kitchen’s décor.  This area is known as the backsplash.  It is that area of the wall that runs under your cabinets and above your countertops.  When you really think about it, the backsplash is a small area but whatever you do here will have a big effect on the look of your kitchen.  And the fact that it is a small area means that the material costs shouldn’t be high and you, as a homeowner, may be able to install it by yourself.

So what are the different backsplash options that you have?  Well, there is always paint or textured wallpaper.  Both of these must be washable because the backsplash that borders the oven will become greasy and grimy and must be easily cleaned.  One material that has become popular in the backsplash area is metal.  You can purchase metal sheets in tin, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and pewter.  If you buy a pair of tin snips you can cut the sheets to fit any area that you have to cover.  Another huge benefit of metal is that it is also easily cleaned with a damp cloth.  Other choices for the backsplash are mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, and stone.  These three options are more difficult to install on your own but, if you are advanced in DIY projects, you could tackle this type of backsplash.  In the end you want the backsplash to tie in the colors in the rest of the kitchen and have a dramatic effect on the décor in this space.

Another extremely economical but environment-changing upgrade is to install soft close cabinet hardware.  You wouldn’t necessarily think that installing hardware can make a dramatic change to your kitchen, would you?  Well, believe me, it does!  My wife and I installed small soft close adaptors at the edge of each of our kitchen cabinets, and the difference they have made in this space is spectacular.  One thing that you probably never really notice is banging cabinets.  That is, until they don’t bang anymore.  The installation is simple. One screw is all it takes to secure each adaptor and there is only one per cabinet.  We are very happy with this frugal upgrade to our kitchen.

Make a difference in your kitchen with some minor yet highly impactful upgrades in your kitchen.  Consider a new backsplash and soft close hardware for your cabinets.  You won’t have to pay a kitchen contractor and you’ll be proud of your DIY accomplishments!

Bed Bug Spray and Other Treatment Options

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Bed bugs are returning at a very aggressive rate. As a result, homeowners are taking whatever measures possible to eliminate them. Prevention is better than treatment when dealing with bed bugs. There are numerous ways that homeowners can prevent bed bugs from entering the home in the first place, such as immediately taking clothes off after returning home from a vacation and laundering the clothes at a high-temperature. If preventative measures fail, homeowners might start notice bites and dark spots found on furniture, all of which are indicators of a bed bug infestation. If bed bugs are discovered, homeowners will need to work hard to eliminate the infestation once and for all.

One method for destroying bed bugs is through bed bug spray, which is a chemical designed to either directly kill the insect or drive them off. Bed bug spray is particularly effective because it can reach cracks and crevices that bed bugs can hide in. Many insecticides are residual insecticides, meaning that they will leave behind a residual that will continue to kill bed bugs as they crawl over it. Homeowners might wish to provide multiple treatments of bed bug sprays, since it can sometimes be difficult to find all the hiding places for bed bugs and the infestation might remain long after the insecticides wear off. In addition to using a commercial bed bug spray product, consumers also can eliminate bed bugs with rubbing alcohol. Be sure to spray both the bed bugs and their eggs. Keep the solution somewhere that is easily accessible so that the bed bugs can be sprayed as soon as they’re spotted.

Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of, so homeowners should consider using as many techniques as possible when trying to exterminate bed bugs. For example, they should take all of their clothes and launder them in a washing machine at a high-temperature, no lower than 120 degrees F. They should also thoroughly vacuum and steam clean the carpets not to only kill bed bugs, but to also remove eggs from the carpet. Areas that need to be vacuumed the most include areas near the mattresses. Bed bugs received their name from how they live in mattresses. Getting rid of the mattress might eliminate some of the bed bugs, but the remaining bed bugs will infest the new mattress. A better approach is to get a mattress encasement to prevent bed bugs from infesting the mattress and to also trap bed bugs in the encasement.

Part of the reason why bed bugs are so hard to eliminate is that there are many places that they can hide. For example, bed bugs can sometimes hide inside electronic devices. Objects that might contain bed bugs should be heated or frozen as long as the object is not damaged in the process. Another place to hunt for bed bugs is in cracks found in plaster. These should be sealed to eliminate potential hiding places. Before objects can be treated, their existence must first be identified.

Bed bugs can be found on mattresses by removing the sheets from the mattress and inspecting for dark spots of bed bug excrement. Dressers and other storage containers should be emptied out to make sure that bed bugs are not hiding in the corners. Homeowners should check under sofa cushions and along the edge of carpets for other bed bug hiding spots. One way to find bed bugs is to use a flashlight, which can startle bed bugs and cause them to scatter. Another approach is to use specially designed flushing agents that can cause bed bugs to scatter, helping to reveal where they are hiding.

Save Money on Kitchen Upgrades

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You don’t always have to empty your wallet if you want to make valuable changes to your home.  Landscaping is one thing that requires a little bit of elbow grease, but shouldn’t run you a lot of money.  The difference that it makes to the outside of your house can be quite dramatic.  When it comes to the inside of your house, there are some DIY projects that you can decide to do that will have a positive effect on both your home décor and on your bank account.

The kitchen is typically referred to as the focal point of the home.  It makes sense because, even if you don’t spend many hours each day cooking in it, you probably spend a decent amount of time there eating your meals, paying bills, and talking around the table with family and friends.  Just the fact that this is a space that gets a lot of traffic, making changes here is a good place to concentrate your efforts.

One area of your kitchen that will benefit with a little effort on your part is the backsplash area.  The homeowner has a lot of flexibility in this area of the kitchen because there are endless backsplash options.   One of these options which has become very popular lately is metal.  You can buy sheets of stainless steel, copper, pewter, tin, and other metals that can be easily cut with tin snips and affixed with cement.  One great thing about these metal sheets is that you can even cover an existing backsplash which prevents you from having to tear out the old one.  Washable paint and textured wallpaper are other great DIY choices.  It is important that the paint is washable because the backsplash area borders the stove which is an area known for grime and grease.  Another rather novel option is cork which can be applied in a backsplash area which will instantly give you a place to hang pictures and notes.  The best thing about the backsplash is that it is a small area and it is one that a homeowner can complete in an afternoon without any outside help.

Another great enhancement you can make to the kitchen space is to install soft close cabinet hardware.  We always had banging cabinets in our kitchen until we found these small adaptors that are added to the top inside corner of each cabinet.  All it takes is to insert one small screw and you can make a simple adjustment of the hardware so that the cabinet closes at the proper rate to prevent any noise at all.  We were flabbergasted at how cheap they were to buy and how quickly we installed them.  It is hard to explain the significance of this kitchen improvement.  And, once again, we didn’t have to hire anyone to install them!

If you are willing to do some of the work yourself, you can save money and still make big improvements in your kitchen.  You’ll be proud of your accomplishments and you’ll still have plenty of money for that new refrigerator you’ve had your eyes on!

5 Things to Look for in a Home Improvement Contractor

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Many homeowners usually encounter at least one remodel project in their lifetime. While it may seem like a simple task, it can be greatly complicated by hiring the wrong contractor. The problem is many people don’t know what to look for when making a decision. The truth is there’s more to finding a great contractor than looking at price. The following are just five things to look for in a home improvement contractor.

Education and Licenses

One of the first things you want to see is proof of education and licenses. The last thing you want is to hire a contractor that isn’t licensed. Not only can this lead to poor-quality work, but it might also lead to damage to your home. Do your homework and determine the type of education and licenses a contractor would need for your project. For example, if you’re having your bathroom remodeled, make sure the contractor is licensed to work on plumbing.


Education and licenses only go so far. It’s important for a contractor to also have experience. In other words, it’s not a good idea to hire a contractor who is fresh out of school. You want to hire someone that has years and years of experience. The ideal contractor will have at least 15 years of experience.


Another thing you need to ask for is references. You might obtain these references from the contractor directly or you might ask friends for recommendations. For example, if you know someone who recently had a remodel, ask who they used and if they would recommend them. You can also use online companies to determine who the best contractors are in your area. If you get your references from the contractor, make sure they are references you can actually call to talk about the quality of the work that was completed.


A contractor can talk all day about their skills, but if you want to really know how well they work, ask to see a portfolio. A good portfolio will include before and after shots, a list of tasks that were completed on each project, along with how much time and money the project took. This applies to any type of contractor, from driveway pavers to lawn care specialist.


Last, but not least, you want a contractor that is honest. One way you can determine a contractor’s honesty is to ask questions you already know the answer to. For example, if you’re having your bathroom gutted and fully remodeled, you might ask how long the project will take. If the contractor says it will only take a couple days, you know that he is only telling you what you want to hear instead of being honest. A full bathroom remodel normally takes at least one week.

Remodels are stressful enough, but hiring the wrong contractor can turn your remodel into a nightmare. That’s why you need to take the time to look for a contractor that can provide you will the items listed above.

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