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Splints For TMJ

Posted by on 26 Jun 2012 | Tagged as: Health

Have you ever experienced a painful sensation whenever you try to open and close your mouth? The pain site is usually in the jaw joint area that is located near the front of the ear. Sometimes the pain will just go away after a short period of time but there are also times that the pain is so intense leading to long-term symptoms.

How do you define TMJ? The term TMJ is also referred to as temporomandibular joint. It is the area in which the mandible (lower jaw) and the maxilla (upper jaw) meet. To facilitate movements in the mouth, this particular joint has a disc sandwiched between the sliding ball and socket. TMJ is very important because if we don’t have it, we can hardly open or close our mouths. Thus, it is also vital for talking, yawning, and most especially, chewing. Temporomandibular joints consist of tendons, bones, and muscles that are attached or surrounding it. You can actually locate TMJ by just putting a finger in front of the ear canal.

There are some cases wherein a person may experience a discomfort in the temporomandibular joint or also known as TMJ disorder. This disorder is characterized by the pain felt in the jaw joint. Because of the pain, a person may have a hard time in opening or closing the mouth. The problem could be the joint itself or sometimes, it is due to the inflammation of the muscles that are surrounding it. But do not be too alarmed if you are experiencing TMJ disorders because there are simple treatments for it.

There is no known cause for the occurrence of TMJ but some health experts believe that it may be associated with stress or teeth grinding. It may also be due to the dislocation of the disc that is located between the ball and socket of the jaw joint. As for the treatment, a TMJ splint can be of great help.

The occlusal splint is usually made of plastic that can either be soft or hard. It is a removable occlusal appliance that can cover the upper or bottom teeth. There are indeed several types of occlusal splints depending on the case. The repositioning splint is considered as the most intrusive form of splint treatment because it can actually cause long-lasting changes on the way you bite. This kind of splint is for making the jaw do forward or backward movements. The flat plane splint or stabilization splint is for reducing the incidence of grinding of the tooth as well as for the relaxation of inflamed jaw muscles. This type of splint is covering all the upper teeth. The type of splint that prevents the occurrence of grinding and clenching of tooth is none other than the Modified Hawley splint. But this should only be worn at night.

Acne Treatment Using Aloe Vera

Posted by on 17 Jun 2012 | Tagged as: Advice, Health

Aloe vera is considered to be one of the most commonly used “wonder plants”. This is because of the various health benefits this plant can offer. All parts of the plant can be utilized to treat a variety of ailments and diseases.

The Uses of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a popular ingredient used in countless natural remedies for minor skin abrasions and burns. It can also effectively alleviate inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema skin yeast infection or psoriasis. It is also used as a natural treatment for hemorrhoids and herpes. Aloe vera consumed orally can help relieve health problems, such as constipation, diabetes, stomach ulcers and gastrointestinal tract infections. Aloe vera has also been proven to melt down kidney stones and ease urinary tract infection.

Acne Treatment

Aloe vera utilized in its pure form is an excellent acne natural cure. The inner sap of aloe vera stalk can be applied directly onto the affected areas. Continuous and regular use of aloe vera sap can also help improve the texture of damaged skin. It can also help lighten up skin pigmentation and help greatly reduce the appearance of acne scars. Not only that it cures acne, but it likewise moisturizes the affected areas and promotes new cells regeneration. It also enhances the skin tone, thus making your skin a lot more healthy and youthful looking. For people who have not yet experienced acne breakouts, applying aloe vera directly on their face can help them prevent the occurrence of acne.

There are many ways to make use of aloe vera for acne treatment. One best way of utilizing aloe vera as acne treatment is by using aloe vera in its pure form. Simply gather fresh aloe vera stalks. Cut open the stalk and extract the gel-like sap. Apply the sap directly onto the affected areas of your skin. Let it stay there for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off thoroughly with warm water.

If in the event the aloe vera plant is not available, you may purchase an over the counter aloe vera gel that is formulated with 99% aloe vera. Rub on a sufficient amount of aloe vera gel directly on the affected areas and leave it there as a face mask for 20 minutes.

You may also ingest aloe vera orally. Collect enough number of fresh aloe vera leaves. Thoroughly clean the leaves and place them in a food processor. Blend the leaves until fine. Drink the resulting fluid. You may have it diluted with water or take it in concentrated form. You may also add it to your favorite juice drink. Taking aloe vera extract internally does not just help minimize and prevent acne breakouts but will also cleanse your digestive system. It likewise help cure any other health-related problems.

Find the Right Wheatgrass Juicer: Read Reviews and Be Healthy

Posted by on 09 Jun 2012 | Tagged as: Health

Many people believe that consuming organic juices and products is a path to a healthier body. Unfortunately, although this may be true, organic products aren’t that cheap.  A 16 ounce of wheatgrass juice alone can cost about $20.00. If an individual consumes about 8 ounces of this juice every day, this means that he has to spend $10 per day to benefit from the nutrients found in this grass.

If you intend to join the roster of people who depend on organic juices and meals to promote their health, you might want to consider other alternatives to save your pocket. For one, you may just opt for organic supplements in the form of tablets or capsules.  Although you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the fresh taste of wheatgrass, you would still be able to enjoy its health benefits.

Now, if you wish to fortify your health through this grass while enjoying its taste, then buying your own juicer is a good alternative. However, to do it right, it is important to find the best wheatgrass juicer.

There are different kinds of juicers in the market. There are centrifugal juicing machines, citrus juice extractors, manual fruit and vegetable juicers and of course- wheatgrass juicing machines.  A centrifugal juice machine is not recommended for use with wheatgrasses.  The speed and motion of this juicer can easily destroy the nutrients inherent with the grass.

On the other hand, citrus juicer is specially made to extract the juice out of oranges and lemons. It works by pressing the citrus against the machine. It is offered in electrical or manual types. Suffice to say, the best juicer for wheatgrass is a wheatgrass juicing machine. So, why is it important to keep this in mind?

Wheatgrass juicers can be anywhere $50 to $300.  At first glance, it does seem expensive for a juicing machine. This is the reason why some people settle for other kinds of juicers.  However, if you try to compute the amount of money that you can save out of not buying wheatgrass juice, you would find out that buying the right juicer is actually cheaper.

Moreover, you don’t have to buy the most expensive machine to get the best. But, still, it is important to be cautious and choose your machine well. To obtain the juicer that would really suit your needs, budget and lifestyle, try reading wheatgrass juicer reviews.  

It is very unlikely for reviews to mislead you. First of all, they are posted by actual users based on their personal experiences. Thus, you can obtain first- hand information on the model or brand that you have in your list.  Naturally, to verify the accuracy of the comments, you can simply compare what the others are saying about a particular unit of wheatgrass juicer.  Through such comments and feedbacks, you will be able to come up with a list of features that you should look for when buying a juicer for wheatgrass.

Dieting to Reduce Eczema Symptoms

Posted by on 03 Jun 2012 | Tagged as: Health

It is well known that a poor diet can greatly contribute to the development eczema flare ups. Therefore, to be able to get rid of this upsetting, unsightly and often painful inflammatory skin condition, it is recommended that you improve your day to day diet. But what type of dietary improvements should you make when you are dieting specifically to reduce the symptoms of eczema?

It is highly recommended that you try to determine the foods that tend to trigger your eczema flare ups. Identify the foods that you think you might be allergic to as well as the foods that are commonly known to cause skin inflammation. Minimize or preferably eliminate these food items from your diet plan. In this way, you are rest assured that you have lower risk of developing eczema flare ups. Below are some food items that you have to steer away from in order to treat eczema flare ups.


Refined sugar is said to be a contributing factor for eczema flare ups. Too much consumption of which can make it difficult for the body to maintain proper sugar level. Refined sugar can also contribute to yeast overgrowth in the body, thus making your body’s immune system a lot weaker. People having weaker immune system are said to be at higher risk of various infections and skin inflammations like eczema flare ups.


Dairy products can exacerbate eczema flare ups and avoiding them would help alleviate your skin inflammatory condition. This particular food group includes animal milk, cheeses, ice cream, yogurt and butter. Also avoid foods that contain dairy products like cakes, cookies, pies and crackers.


Some people tend to be allergic to eggs.  Eggs eaten during flare ups can certainly make eczema rashes even worse. If you are currently having eczema, it is highly recommended that you avoid eating eggs no matter how they are prepared. Also avoid those food items which include eggs in their list of ingredients.


Legumes as well are considered potent allergens. This certain food item includes peanuts and soybeans. Avoid consumption of legumes while you follow the eczema diet, especially when you have any active flare ups as this may aggravate the inflammation.


Wheat and wheat products tend to cause allergic histamine reactions to some people. Avoiding foods containing wheat can definitely help alleviate eczema flare ups. Wheat can be found in most breads and pasta. Some processed foods like certain varieties of sauces, sausages and hotdogs can also contain wheat.


Shellfish must also be avoided when you have eczema. Shellfish like lobster, crabs and shrimps may to cause allergic reactions for some people. This allergy can be developed in adulthood and it can trigger eczema outbreaks and may cause the lips to swell up also.

Simple But Effective Home Remedies for Acne

Posted by on 18 May 2012 | Tagged as: Advice, Health

From the age of puberty countless people are plagued by acne disorder regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. Nobody is immune to developing this condition and in fact it is not uncommon for a sufferer to struggle for years, trying to combat this unsightly condition. When it comes to the treatment of this skin condition, home remedies for acne should never be overlooked. They have the ability of eliminating the causes of acne, which right until today conventional medications or surgery treatments have not been able to accomplish for one single reason: they were designed to eliminate only the symptoms of acne, but they can do absolutely nothing to bring back the healthy equilibrium that your body needs.

We all know that acne is caused by hormonal imbalances and the condition first starts manifesting during puberty while the bodys growth hormones start to surge. This is a normal, healthy part of growing up and this can never be prevented. But you can make a huge difference to the quality of your skin by using home remedies for acne. The main objective of the best home remedies for acne is to re-balance your hormones. Once this objective is accomplished, it is guaranteed that you will never suffer from severe or long term acne outbreaks. But what should you use or how can you balance your hormone levels out naturally?

It is easy to understand, but it is not always easy to implement. You must understand that your skin is essentially the largest organ of your body and it has many vital functions. In order for your skin to function perfectly, you must provide all the necessary and important nutrients for it. Good nutrition is not only important for your skin, but also for every single organ, which work together and are connected to each other. Acne and diet also have a close connection to each other. If your body does not get what it needs to produce the correct levels of hormones, it will inevitably manifest in various disorders, for example the development of acne.Therefore, please eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, drink at least 8 glasses of water, try to eat wholegrain foods whenever you can and preferably take a good nutritional supplement.

I’m sure you have also heard that exercise can help in regulating the bodys hormone levels and it is a scientifically proven fact that generally people who exercise are healthier and also have better skin. If you really want to give your body some assistance in producing the correct amounts of hormones, you need to seriously consider exercising regularly. It doesnt necessarily have to be wrestling for 45 minutes 7 days a week, but jogging, swimming or yoga would be considered good choices, especially if you do these exercises at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Consuming natural food items, which have natural anti-biotic or anti-bacterial properties will further enhance your skins recovery processes. These include natural ingredients, such as garlic, onion, chamomile, aloe vera or fresh ginger root.

Understanding the Eat Stop Eat Diet Program

Posted by on 15 Apr 2012 | Tagged as: Health

We all know about the various weight loss programs available on the market and online. These weight loss programs use different weight loss strategies. Some of them prove to be effective while others turn out to be scams to get your money. That is why it pays to visit websites like where you can find reviews of some of the most popular weight loss programs today. From these reviews, you will get an overview of how a particular weight loss program works, its benefits and drawbacks which will help you determine whether the diet program is suitable for you.

In order to lose weight effectively, you will need an effective weight loss program to guide you. In the list of effective weight loss programs, the Eat-Stop-Eat program by Brad Pilon is one of the most popular and continuing to gain popularity among many. If you take a look at eat stop eat reviews, you will find many good reviews from those who have actually tried this program. It is not your regular diet plan as it involves flexible fasting for 24 hours that you will have to do once or twice a week. When you hear about fasting, you will probably be skeptical at first because many diet programs out there recommend against it. We have been taught that fasting is unhealthy. But in his research, it even shows that this way of losing weight can even improve your metabolism and people who followed this program increased their natural fat burning hormones.

As mentioned earlier, this program revolves around the idea of flexible fasting, which means that you don’t have to follow a strict timetable as to when you will go fasting. Fasting helps cleanse your body and will also effectively put you on a low-calorie diet. You don’t have to do calorie counting and other complicated weight loss strategies. The good thing about this program is that it is easy to follow. The entire program is easy to understand that you can even begin applying what you have learned from the book immediately. This program will discourage compulsive eating while providing great results. This is not your typical diet program but it is not like the fad diets as well. It has health benefits and proves to be effective in shedding off those extra pounds.

The question now is, is this program right for you? The beauty of the program is its simplicity. It is a program that is easy to understand and follow. Fasting may seem difficult at first but it is also something you can get used to after some time. But though it is a simple weight loss program that anyone can follow, the method used may not be suitable for those with medical conditions like Diabetes.

Six Simple Steps To Help Improve Your Health And Prolong Your Life

Posted by on 03 Apr 2012 | Tagged as: Health

The simple fact when dealing with the average person’s lifestyle is that their nutrition must change if they are to be as healthy and as vibrant as they should be. However, not everyone knows how to change their nutrition. This is when some tips on the subject can come in handy, and can help you to change your lifestyle effectively.

Simple Steps That Will Help Improve Your Health

The first step in this process is to take stock of what you eat. Now, your natural inclination may be to leave out those late-night snacks and those occasional donuts. But don’t do yourself a disservice here; make sure that you’re completely honest in your dietary evaluation. You need to take stock of everything you eat so that you know exactly how to proceed with making changes.

The idea behind the second step to this process is to create the perfect balance. In fact, that’s basically what proper nutrition is: A balance. For instance, if you’re eliminating something from your diet, like the simple sugars found in sodas and junk food, you would do well to replace these carbs with more complex carbs like those found in vegetables and whole wheat products. You want balance here; you don’t want to cut things out without replacing them with healthier alternatives.

Step three is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle by ensuring that you’re eating the proper amount of food. A lot of people who make dietary changes assume that starvation is the best approach to losing weight and finding good nutrition. Nothing could be further from the truth. You still need to eat well to live well. You should just be eating less of the junk, and more of the healthy stuff. Also, you can try new fruits to allow variation in your diet. The african mango diet is a good starting point that you can try, but be sure to read African mango plus reviews before jumping on the bandwagon.

Per the third step of the process, you don’t want to starve yourself. However, in the fourth step, you do want to cut back on your overall food intake. You want to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, and you want to cut back on your calorie consumption. You should make this up with an increased intake of vitamins and minerals via supplements.

Planning out your meals every day, or even a week in advance, is a crucial step in this overall process. When you’re hungry and just looking to eat on a whim, this is when you’re most likely to shovel junk into your mouth. When you have a plan, however, you can shop for meals specifically and you can even prepare some items in advance to ensure that you’re fixing quicker, healthier meals.

The final step in this nutrition process is to try to eat at home more frequently. In fact, the idea here is to eventually eliminate eating out altogether, unless you’re eating out at a healthy location. Ordering in pizza and going through the drive-thru should be a thing of the past. You need to use the fifth step in meal planning to ensure you can hold true to the sixth step.

The tips you have just read are not hard to follow. All it takes is some will power and some knowledge to make proper and permanent changes. If you can follow these tips, you can begin to receive proper nutrition in your diet.

Great Fat Myths of our Time

Posted by on 05 Mar 2012 | Tagged as: Health

How often have you heard someone say: Being fat is in my genes. My grandma was fat, my mum is fat and I’m fat. Eating breakfast won’t make a blind bit of difference.

Indeed they would have a point, because obesity and being overweight does appear to run in families. But then you have to ask yourself another question. How active is this family? What kind of a diet do they eat? Do they eat enough fruits and vegetables? Is it all down to genetics or is something else playing a role?

It’s true that some people are genetically predisposed to be larger than others, but actual body weight has more to do with environmental factors, such as what and how much you eat and how much or little exercise you take, than the genetic pool on which you are drawing.

Researchers have recently managed to per­suade a group of lean and overweight men to take part in a seven-month experiment where daily food intake and energy expenditure were accu­rately measured. During part of the stay they were intention­ally overfed by 50 per cent of their required calories. The scientists watched and measured with abated breath. Would the natural skinniest miraculously and spontaneously burn off the excess calories into thin air and thus not gain weight?

No, they didn’t. In spite of claiming that they could eat as much as they wished, the lean men put on as much as the fat ones (over 8 kilos in forty-two days). So next time you look enviously at that slim girl tucking into a cream cake, remember – she is compensating for it elsewhere in her diet or is doing loads of exercise to burn it off.

How about an excuse like this? It’s my metabolism; I burn fewer calories than slim people, that is why I put on weight.

Well, then you must be able to defy the laws of physics. Unless you are one of the minuscule number of people born with a metabolic disease such as Prader Willi syndrome, in which children have insatiable appetites and grow to the most enormous sizes, then the larger you are the higher your metabolic rate. It’s a tricky one to grasp, this, and people carrying excess weight will argue until they drop that they are the exception. They are almost certainly not. Studies have shown that the heavier you are, the more calories it takes to keep you alive. And if you stop and think about it, you’ll see it must be true. The more there is of you, the more calories are needed to fuel all the cells, and the more calories you need to move your greater weight around. Just as a big Jaguar guzzles far more petrol than a Mini, a 16-stone woman has been shown to burn up around 1,900 calories a day before she has even got out of bed, whereas a 9-stone woman burns up about 1,350.

Learning to Eat Healthy

Posted by on 15 Feb 2012 | Tagged as: Health

One of the best things that you can do for your health starting right now is to adjust to a healthy diet. Many of us subsist on a diet high in processed foods, starches, sugars, saturated fats, artificial sweeteners, and other chemicals. As these products have become more and more predominant in the food world, so has our health as a society gradually declined. Many of us have a great deal of difficulty transitioning to a healthy eating plan, particularly after a lifetime on commercial processed food, but there is an easier way.

The first thing that needs to change when you make the decision to eat healthy is how you look at healthy food and healthy eating. Most of us grew up with the idea that eating healthy meant salads at every meal and rice cakes for dinner. This left many of us with the misconception that healthy food is dry and bland, and that eating healthy is akin to living in a windowless room with nothing but a pile of cardboard to keep us company. Let that idea go.

Healthy food can be just as succulent and flavorful as unhealthy food. Sure, you won’t be eating two pound hamburgers piled high with bacon, cheese, and mayonnaise, but there are plenty of healthy choices that can be just as tasty while at the same time containing only a fraction of the calories. Consider for a moment a sandwich containing grilled chicken, creamy garlic sauce, fresh tomatoes, baby spinach, and havarti cheese. I’m willing to bet that your mouth is already watering at the thought. This is what healthy food can be.

The best thing you can do when taking on a healthy way of eating is to learn to cook for yourself. When you do your own cooking at home, you know everything that goes into your food, so you don’t have to worry about checking ingredient lists for hidden sugars, chemicals, or other additives. If you are trying to lose weight, it will also help you because you will be much better able to count your calories, as well as avoid all those hidden sugars and fats added to processed foods to make them taste good. There is also something special about sitting down to a home-cooked meal that you prepared yourself, something that no restaurant or fast food restaurant can replace. You can enjoy good food in good health; all you have to do is give it a chance.

Why Pregnant Women Should Get Maternity Body Pillows

Posted by on 14 Feb 2012 | Tagged as: Health

Pregnancy is an important and wonderful time for every woman; however, it can also be extremely stressing not just because as an expectant mom you know that you require ample rest in order to properly nurture the growing baby inside your womb, but acquiring that critical sleep becomes increasingly difficult as the state of pregnancy goes on.

One excellent solution to this is to buy yourself a pregnancy body or husband pillow. These are basically full-body cushions which are specially intended to support the entire body while you slumber, easing pressure off of your back as well as helping to maintain your feet raised in order to prevent swelling. Unlike the ordinary pillows that you have in your house, maternity body pillows do not fall off a bed or budge or whatever as you sleep at night. These pillows are pretty large and are made especially to follow the contour of your body with its end portion secured properly between your knees and hips.

These days, you can find an array of pregnancy body pillows available in the market that can suit your budget. Maternity wedge pillows are actually the cheapest, which you can purchase for as low as $20. These pillows go under the midsection, taking the baby’s weight while you sleep sideways. There are also the C-shaped maternity body pillows that either curl around your front or back. Yet another variant is the giant U-shaped maternity body pillow that goes across both the back and the front. These are actually the most costly variant; however, they are also the softest and most comfortable. You can find maternity body pillows filled with memory foam as well, which easily molds itself into your particular body shape for optimum support as well as comfort.

Majority of expectant mothers who sleep at night with the help of a maternity body pillow observed that the pressure on their lower back is considerably reduced and so is the excessive swelling of their feet. After the delivery of the baby, you can make use of the body pillow for support while you nurse your little angel. As a matter of fact, these specially designed pillows can even serve as a safe and flexible playpen for your child as they reach their toddler years!

Certainly, getting yourself a maternity body pillow is an excellent choice. However, just be warned though that once you become accustomed to sleeping using these special pillows, you will have a tough time trying to sleep without it!

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