Certain materials require specialized types of paint application. Such is the case of aluminum for which powder coating is often used. This technique entails covering the surface with dry paint powder which sticks to the metal because of its electrostatic charge. The result is an even coat with plenty of design options that could withstand the harshest weather conditions. Lots of people are uncertain about the time needed for everything to settle and so they ask can you powder coat aluminumperiod for 2 weeks. The answer will be apparent once the process is fully understood.

Is It Possible to Powder Coat Aluminum for 2 Weeks?

To be clear from the outset, it is indeed possible to do so. Aluminum is abundantly available making it a popular material for product manufacturing. However, its surface can be corroded so providing some sort of protection is a must in many applications. Powder coating does the job well with the added bonus of being aesthetically pleasing with the appropriate design. Appliances are the most common examples along with modern furniture. In many cases, aluminum windows will be powder coated to prolong their lives in the face of constant exposure to the elements. Bicycle frames use the technique as well for sporty styling.

When is it Justified to Powder Coat Aluminum for 2 Weeks?

Proper timing is important in ensuring the quality of the coat. A strict process must be followed in their exact order, starting with the treatment of the metal surface. It must be thoroughly cleaned with all dirt, oil and prior coats completely removed through sanding and washing. Each inch should be inspected for remnants and dust that could affect the grip and evenness of the powder coat. Cleaning methods vary depending largely on the item’s size and design. Some may simply be wiped with a solution while others need a more aggressive approach like abrasive blasting.

How Can You Powder Coat Aluminum for 2 Weeks?

While it is entirely possible, many will wonder, how can you powder coat aluminumperiod for 2 weeks? There are several modes of attack for completing this task. The powder eventually melts and this property can be exploited in the creation of varied hues and patterns to give the product a unique look. An electrostatic gun is often utilized in spraying the powder as it makes the particles positively charged prior to ejection. Compressed air blows them away to the surface of the object and heat causes them to melt into a thin film. The surrounding cooler air will then kick into action, causing the paint to harden. If done well, this can act as a durable barrier from sun and rain so that the surface will remain pristine for a long time. In some cases, such as when placing decorative patterns, the surface itself is heated before applying dry paint. Curing can take as much as two weeks at the right temperature to ensure that the coat will not get chipped off or peel easily and last for many years with proper care.

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