A business will never be successful if it lacks top-notch customer service. In fact, customers will leave and never return if they don’t feel an issue was handled properly. How can you improve custom relations in your business? Whether it begins by anticipating customer needs or ends with following up on an issue, you can keep your customers happy. The following are a few critical customer relations tips.

Anticipate Customer Needs

You should always try to anticipate a customer’s needs. For example, if a customer has had a problem with a product and has emailed you, it pays to have several remedies in mind before calling. Her email may even state what she wants done. Try to do what you can to go above and beyond the call of duty so your customer will be more focused on how caring you were than the original mistake made.

Be Proactive

Don’t wait for a customer to make the call when you know there is something wrong. For example, let’s say you’re social media analyst comes to you about a customer complaining on Facebook about a product. Take the initiative and contact the customer. This will show that your company cares about her concerns.


Never try to fix a problem without listening to the customer. Not only will you irritate the customer by not letting him finish what he was saying, but you may not even know what the real problem is. For example, the customer may start his complaint about the product being cheaply made, but the real issue is the salesman who sold it to him. Always listen to what the customer has to say.

Make Notes

It helps to make notes, especially when you’re not dealing with the customer face-to-face. This allows you to not only have a record of what’s been done to try to fix the situation, but ensures you’ve got the right details and a firm understanding of the problem.

Repeat for Clarification

When the customer has finished making her complaint, repeat the problem to her just to clarify that you have all the details that are needed and that everything she wants taken care of is written down or engraved into your memory.

Don’t Make Unrealistic Promises

The worst thing you can do when trying to solve a customer service problem is to make unrealistic claims. For example, to tell the customer that the problem will be taken care of first thing tomorrow morning may not be feasible. Instead, telling the customer that you will get back with him within 24 to 48 hours not only gives you time to work on the problem, but also makes the customer happy when you’re able to get back with him sooner than promised.

Follow Up

Last, but not least, always follow up with the customer to make sure the problem was handled in a way that makes her happy. This shows that the company cares about the situation and cares about their customers.

Customer relations doesn’t have to be a difficult job. It doesn’t matter if you plan on starting a retail store or if you want to start ebay online business dealings. There will be customers that need to blow off steam, but once you allow them to do so, you can’t get down to fixing the problem.