Buildings and Contents Insurance:

What’s the price of your peace of mind? For some, it is a good roof above their heads and protecting that investment. Most of the important things in your life are inside your place of residence. Ensuring that everything in your dwelling, including the house itself is covered for damages caused by accidents or natural disaster is key to affording yourself some measure of peace.

Building and contents insurance gives you good coverage by covering insurance for your building and its contents and a host of other perks such as coverage for accidental damage to audio, visual  and computer equipment, money and credit cards, outbuilding theft, high risk single article limits, frozen food, child’s university contents, gardens, high risk items, and business equipment. Do some internet research and you can save with online discounts available only to internet customers.

Quotations are a breeze, too. The full cost of rebuilding your home can also be covered, depending on which insurance company you choose. Building and contents insurance typically covers your home, the garage, and outbuildings listed in the deeds. Additions to your property, such as paths, drives, patios, terraces and boundary walls, along with tennis courts, solar panel, wind turbines, ornamental ponds, and swimming pools can also be covered. For some companies, you need only buy buildings insurance and you can get contents insurance up to a certain amount.

You should also note that buildings and contents insurance does not necessarily cover all events and everything in your building. Storm or flood damage to fences, gates and hedges are some of the items not covered. Routine maintenance or wear and tear of the building and its contents are likewise excluded, as well as money stolen from your home unless it was entered by force and violence, accidental damage to equipment like video cameras and hand held computer games (these are covered by extended contents accidental damage or personal possessions).

If your insured building has been left untended for more than 60 consecutive days, insurance companies will not normally cover loss or damage caused by malicious acts, vandalism, theft, water or oil leaks, breakage of glass or bathroom fixtures or frost damage. Coverage ends as soon as you stop living in the home. For a full list of items and events not covered by building and contents insurance, it will be best to look them up with the insurance company and compare information based on what you have gathered.