We are always looking to save our pennies, especially in this day and age and this is very possible. You just have to make a little more effort here and there. For example if you are needing to store your clothes somewhere you will obviously need a closet. Instead of spending hundereds of dollars on something that you may not even like you can build your very own wooden portable closet. You may be saying that you do not have the DIY skills to complete this project, but in fact this is not a difficult task to do at all.

This is an affordable way to achieve your dream closet. You may have fun doing it and you will probably learn something new as well. You will have to start by placing four wooden poles on flanges, which should have some weight to them. Now you have to place PVC pipe fitting to the top of the poles. The front two get two way fittings and the others get three way fittings. Now you have to connect all poles together where the ports are situated. You now have a fully assembled storage wardrobe closet where you can hang your clothes.

You may want to think about another affordable to hang your clothes up. This is the closet system. This is especially less expensive if you don’t have that many clothes. You can actually find something on the market where you can just hang the system on the back of the door and it actually looks really professional with a shoe rack, a place for ties and belts as well as a shelf and hanging space. Many people are finding that closet systems are the perfect way to keep their whole house organized and not just the bedroom. For example if you think about the kitchen you can hang shelving off the wall so you are able to create more space and have everything at hand. Nobody wants to be rumaging around in closets trying to find the right equipment whilst there is hot oil on the stove. Being organized is the key to efficiency and this doesn’t take more than a couple of dollars on a closet system like this. They range in price, according to the size and appearance, but this is up to the individual and you really have to plan on what is actually going in to the organizer beforehand.