For over a decade, the internet was the home of the military and academics, designed as a means to share scientific information and ensure that the lines of communication could remain open in the face of a disaster or attack. While the commercial potential was always considered, it was not until the 1990’s that those who had used the internet in their scholastic endeavors were able to open it up to commercial interests. Practically overnight, several new industries were created, most with an eye towards providing a profit for their creators and services for the people at large. International business was no longer the sole domain of well-funded enterprises, and the creation of domain names, email, and websites meant that people that would have otherwise remained at a perpetual distance now had the ability to forge business and social relationships.

Search engines were close on the heels of all of this innovation, making it possible for end users and interested parties to search and make use of what they all had to offer. Top spots on some engines could be purchased, and for a long time, there was no organic formula for increasing the prominence of a website. To meet that need, algorithms and marketing techniques were created to help webmasters bring their sites to the fore. Pay per click marketing could guarantee visibility to the highest keyword bidder, and while that continues to be a valuable tool, it is the organic results that come from a well-crafted and relevant site that bring in the long term value.

But how does a business know what to do to meet the requirements of the search engines to qualify for those top spots on a search engine’s front page? Not everyone; in reality, practically no one is technically savvy enough to keep their website on top of the ever-changing algorithms that bring search engine success. It is time consuming and requires constant vigilance. Additionally, the longevity of a website gives it strength, and that makes for hard competition for the hundreds of websites that might emerge every day relative to a particular keyword or keyword phrase. It is a daunting task, and that’s where Boostability comes in. Boostability has a team of dedicated experts who help ensure the continued relevance and prominence of a client website.

From keyword optimization to content promotions, the experts at Boostability work tirelessly to keep their client’s websites increasing in prominence. Knowing that most people will only look at the first three results on the first page of a search, it is the goal of Boostability to keep their associated sites moving, from the deepest page to the top, in as timely a manner as possible. Those considering a website to promote their business need to start the process with the correct site architecture, including proper keyword placement and relevant content. As the search engines scan the site and recognize the initial value of the site, they will rank the site against other sites based on the same criteria. As the site is updated and improved, the search engines will recognize that evolution and progressively give the site a higher position in the rankings.

Reaching the top of the search engines usually takes about two years with constant effort, and the same effort is required to maintain those top spots, but the benefits can be experienced throughout the entire process as the website gains in prominence and relevance. From beginning to goal, Boostability is there to ensure the process progresses as smoothly as possible. The internet has become a world of its own, reaching across borders and boundaries, and regardless of the purpose of the site, it contributes nothing if it isn’t visible. Boostability is the path to getting that website noticed.