Nowadays, it’s incredibly easy for anyone to start a blog. If you’ve got internet access and five minutes to spare, congratulations, you can use a free service to set up your very own website with ease. Before you start to publish your every thought pertaining to beauty and makeup, however, it would be wise to understand and abide by the smattering of helpful guidelines described in this article – not only for the sake of maintaining a successful weblog in the long-term, but also in the interest of your safety. Please sit back, listen up and make mental notes as we go along.

First and foremost, be sure to protect your personal information at all times. Don’t slack in this department. Unfortunately, the internet is lousy with weirdos who would love to use your personally identifying details in a number of nefarious ways. Arguably more traumatic and emotionally taxing than something like an identity theft scenario is one where your online stalker’s crazy, obsessive antics are allowed to bleed over into the real world.

In extreme cases, a person like this may wish to do physical harm to you, your boyfriend, your dog, your friends, your loved ones, etc. Don’t encourage creepy lunatics to visit your residence by freely giving out the address! Keep it under wraps, as much as possible. Consider Whois protection if you’ve decided to run a blog on your own domain; it’s pretty cheap, and it will keep your personal information totally private.

Next, remember that the words you send out into cyberspace are not without their effects and consequences. Anytime you, as an authority in your niche, provide others with tutorials or recommendations on the topics of your choosing, you are morally obligated to supply information that’s factually correct and reasonably complete. If you were to write a detailed guide to dyeing your hair purple or waxing your bikini zone at home, for example, there’s a good chance that some random web surfer will read the entry someday and follow your advice – the right thing to do is be thorough and accurate.

Don’t try to guess how long certain chemicals are supposed to sit on a person’s hair, don’t neglect to cover important side-notes and tidbits about the process in your step-by-step instruction manual, and spare a few words to let people know if a particular product is prone to causing irritation or discomfort. Carelessness on your part could result in an unsuspecting reader damaging their hair, going bald, burning their skin with chemicals, and so on and so forth. You don’t need that on your conscience, do you? No, I didn’t think so.

Here’s wishing you heaps of success and personal enjoyment as you journey toward internet stardom with your fashion or makeup blog. Although it’s not the easiest thing in the world to assemble an army of adoring subscribers, it’s definitely not an impossible dream either. Keep at it, keep your chin up and don’t allow the haters to bring you down. More than anything, make sure you’re having fun with it – that’s the key to effortless longevity and great relations with passionate, satisfied readers. Best of luck to you, my friend!