Everyone has heard the hype surrounding antioxidants. There are those that are claiming that through introducing these antioxidants into the body on a regular basis that they can cut down on the amount of stress that is built up in their bodies. They also claim that the antioxidants are what is used to make sure that the free radicals that each person breathes in and basically gets in their body no matter what they do, are not allowed to continue on their rampage and destroy the body. This information is making most people want to run out and make sure that they are getting the antioxidants that are needed for their bodies to thrive. However, the problem occurs when people start talking about whether they should use antioxidant supplements or if they should be getting these antioxidants from food?

The problem with getting the antioxidants from food is the fact that not everyone eats that well. And when people do not eat a balanced diet that has various type of vegetables, fruits and nuts in them, then they are not getting the antioxidants that they need. There are also those that state that by eating the food to get their antioxidants instead of taking it in a supplement form that the person may not be getting the amount that they need in order to reap the benefits. After all, not many people sit around and snack on fruit all day in order to get the number of antioxidants that they need to get.

However, on the flip side those that are arguing against the use of antioxidant supplements state that many of these pills do not just include the antioxidants that the person would get naturally from food. They have other things such as herbs and whatnot added to them. Thus, the person is really taking more than what they bargained for. And for many people this is a huge problem. Though, the antioxidant supplement does have one thing going for it and that is the fact that the person is getting the amount of antioxidants that they are going to need in order to ensure that they are raping the benefits.

So which is better? The debate is still up in the air, as physicians seem to be split on just, which is the best way for a person to get the antioxidants that they need. Thus, the person really has to look at their eating habits and base their decision on this, and this alone.