Just a note to tell you about an idea that many fishermen and boat lovers are using to fulfill their dream of a life out on the water. If you have ever contemplated buying a boat, you might have been turned off by the price! Boats are expensive toys and if you don’t have the money or resources, are limited to those who are well-to-do, however there is a way that can greatly reduce the cost of getting out onto the water. You can save a lot of up-front cash, by focusing your attention on pontoon boats for sale rather than fully-fledged watercraft.

Pontoon boats are flat bottomed boats, that rest a-top of cylindrical floats, for buoyancy. Due to the simplicity of their design, they are generally thousands of dollars cheaper to make than regular boats, making them a much cheaper way of getting your hands on a viable water vessel. Pontoons come in a wide variety of different types, from pleasure cruises, sports vessels, fishing vessels and even houseboats, for virtual all regular consumer oriented boat type on the market, you will find an equivalent pontoon boat for a fraction of the price. This makes pontoon boats a great way to enjoy your dream of spending time on the water in the summer months.

There is one general flaw however, that you should be aware of when considering a pontoon. Due to generally having a flat bottom structure, pontoon boats suffer from what is known as the pontoon-effect, meaning they are prone to capsize when a large sideways force is applied, due to a strong wind for instance. While some advanced pontoons feature a large central float with extra ballast for stability, the majority of pontoons can be considered “fair weather craft” that should not be taken out in rough weather.

The upside of this however is that due to their flat bottoms, pontoons can be easily sailed in shallow water without running aground and causing damage to the vessel. Many standard pontoons are also a versatile vessel, and can accommodate you on fishing trips as easily as they can accommodate your family and friends on lazy sunday river cruises. If you are good with tools and have some spare time on your hands, building your own pontoon can also be a rewarding experience. Because of their simple design, pontoons are much easier to construct that equivalent vessels, but you might want to head out to your local retail store and look for hunter outdoor ceiling fans for those stinking hot summers trapped in a hot metal shed. When all is said and done, pontoons are well worth a look if you are into boats and on a tight budget.