Amarige for women by Givenchy has always been a perfume I smelt on upbeat and cheerful people, and when I finally sat down to analyze it a little better, I could see why. It’s an intense and dense fragrance, with traditional notes structured in a sparkling way.  It was crated in 1991 by Dominique Ropion (Amor Amor by Cacharel, Euphoria by Calvin Klein, Pure Poison by Christian Dior, Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani and many others).

The top notes are slightly fruity, but very short and end up being covered by the florals in the middle phase, where an intense tuberose dominates. It is similar to the one in Caroline Herrera perfume, but here it feels fresher and younger, probably because it is softened by other florals like jasmine and ylang ylang, which prevent it from becoming too dense.

In this same phase, the range of the florals in the bouquet gradually widens, including mimosa, gardenia and violets (the same accord can be found in Bvlgari Blv perfume). In the base however, tuberose is again dominant, supported by sweet amber and vanilla, both bringing a sweet note.

Although the fragrance is well structured around tuberose, it won’t feel too old not mature. The florals are quite “explosive” and fresh, giving back a transparent style. It will be great for a summer daily use. Tuberose will also be good for romantic moments. The age range ideally starts at 25 and goes up to 55-60.

Amarige originated many special editions, but perhaps the one that is the least similar to the original is Amarige Mariage. The almost completely floral style of the first Amarige is now transformed into a more traditional one, with fruits, and a woody final.

In the opening there are notes of mandarin, bergamot and orange, mixed with spices like cinnamon. In the middle phase, the florals are more traditional, with jasmine and magnolia, and also cinnamon becomes more intense and tingles the nose.

In the base notes, the intensity is much lower, and the feeling is of a mix of sandalwood, magnolia and patchouli in a way that reminds of Dune by Christian Dior, but in a softer version.

Compared to the original Amarige for women, this Mariage version feels less traditional and has a more discreet style. It will suit well an office environment, and won’t be completely out of place in during the winter. On the other side, it will be too traditional for a romantic and a night use, for which I would recommend the original Amarige or Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westwood.