Attention all males. The holidays are your primo opportunity to legitimately fondle the abundance of Christmas lingerie favorites – panties, camisoles, nightgowns and little t’s, while researching the perfect Christmas gift ideas you’re gathering.

You have to get a gift for your sweetheart, wife, your girlfriend, sister, and, yes, even your Mom, and believe it, each one knows the luxurious, indulgent thrill of possessing new lingerie. Half your job is done.

This is the only time of year when you can safely fondle all Christmas intimates and be rewarded like you’re the most delicious and interesting person alive! That’s right, furrow your brow no longer, go shopping and fondle, select, smell, the perfect Holiday gifts.

There is no female in the world who doesn’t adore new lingerie. You will have the privilege of picking out the color, the fabric, the lace, the design, style, whether skimpy or abundant. You know what she likes, and you know what you like. Give this year’s lingerie favorites from your nearest Fantasy store. It’s where men in the know can shop in a completely protected environment.  Fantasy Lingerie sales associates are professional stylists and gift specialists, discreet and enthusiastic. It’s where every customer receives individual attention and pampering. Shopping for lingerie and discovering this year’s favorite Christmas gifts has never been more fun or, easier.

How do I know this to be true? I went shopping the other day. I began to think what do I want from my boyfriend. I don’t need a ring, he gave me one for my birthday. I don’t need furniture, we have more stuff than any moving company would agree to move; I don’t want a fur, my ex husband already did the fur-coat-bribe Christmas gift thing, and I do not like gift certificates. That’s just me, you can ignore me. For some silly reason, I do not like to buy them nor am I overly excited when I receive one.

Since the 1980’s when Victoria Secret starting mailing their sexy, European catalogs with skinny, 14 year old models wearing fabulous, fashionable, colorful, stylish underwear, the retail/catalog/online shopping experience blew up with underwear sales. The first VS stores opened in malls soon after the huge success of the brand, and let’s face it, underwear became acceptable gifts.

I remember my daughter and her friends never went to the mall without a visit to VS and participating in a 3 for 1 panty deal. When my son was a mere child, the family ventured into a lingerie store, probably VS, but I can’t be held accountable for that now. I still don’t know what my husband and son were laughing about as they strolled by the tables laden with undergarments making comments and giggling.  All I know, they both hate to shop but a run through the lingerie section of VS suited them fine. Probably the best shopping father-son memory my son still carries with him.

This holiday season feel free and adventuresome all you hopeless shoppers, take a hint from the women in your lives – think lovely, heavenly desirable gift ideas this Christmas and look favorites that are sure to please: panties, camisoles, nightgowns, bras – be it lacy, silky, sheer, dotted swiss or jersey with a bow or bling – you will not be hit over the head for your thoughtfulness, rather a big kiss will be in store for you.

Happy shopping and keep smiling whoever you are.