Professionals in the health information field can advance their careers by getting RHIT certification. The Registered Health Information (RHIT) Technician certification is offered by the American Health Information (AHIMA) Management Association. Experts in the field of health information can open many doors for themselves by getting this credential. If you already work in this field, the credential has the capacity to increase your salary. The field of health information includes medical billing and coding jobs.

After getting RHIT certification, your title will change to health information technician and your main duty will be analyzing patient codes and data. Whether you work in a small doctors office or a busy hospital, your services will be highly appreciated and you will be considered an invaluable asset to the institution. Your services will help to reduce operational costs of the institution. Your services will also ensure that patients get adequate care promptly. If you would like to work in a research facility, this credential will increase your chances of getting such employment.

The RHIT credential is given to people who have at least an associates degree in the relevant field, usually in health information management. The associates degree program must be approved by CAHIM, a commission that accredits health information training programs. If you got your degree from a foreign institutions, you will be required to do complete a graduate degree in the relevant field.

After a successful completion of the degree program, you can apply for certification. The same RHIT certification is given to health information experts whether they do medical billing or coding. Members of AHIMA can get this certification at a cost of 300 while non-members will have to pay more. However, these fees are subject to change. The application process involves filling the required application forms outlining your demographic information, experience and educational background. The review of your application will take 4 to 6 weeks. If approved, you will be invited by AHIMA to take an exam.

RHIT certification is awarded to candidates who pass the exam. With this certification, you can look forward to a rewarding career in medical records, medical billing or even medical research. Professionals working as Health information managers earn an annual salary of around 53,000 while whose in the medical records department earn about 35,600 annually. HIM directors earn around 69,000 per year. Whether you are a professional in this field or simply interested in joining the health information profession, getting RHIT certification will help you move forward.