Building up a collection of eco friendly jewelry can seem daunting, especially because so many precious gems and other materials frequently found in jewelry come from conflict-laden areas. However, it is far from impossible to find items that are made from ethically acquired materials, allowing your conscience to rest easy about the origins of your favorite pieces. You can find all sorts of eco conscious items, ranging from casual wear bracelets and rings to engagement and wedding rings.

Conflict free diamonds are one of the biggest eco friendly items in the industry, since diamonds are such a big item in general and many of them, known as blood diamonds, come from war zones and are mined and sold for reasons of war and conflict. By shopping for diamonds that are marketed as conflict free, you can know that your purchase is not supporting blood diamond activity. Conflict free diamonds come from a number of sources some are mined naturally in non-conflicted areas while others are made commercially and synthetically, producing a high quality diamond from controlled conditions and materials. The diamond looks the same as any natural diamond but because its source is controlled, it makes less negative impact on the world. Additionally, conflict free diamonds are important because of their presence in wedding jewelry. Diamonds have traditionally been present in wedding and engagement rings for a very long time. An eco friendly couple does not have to forfeit a diamond adornment for their set of rings when they know that an alternative exists.

Diamonds are not the only eco friendly jewelry material that you need to be conscious of. Nearly any material that is used in making jewelry can be made more eco conscious by the means of acquiring or making it. Some eco jewelry sellers make a point to donate a portion of each sale toward sustainable earth measures, or even planting a tree for each sale made. Being sustainable does not have to stop with jewelry either. Going out of your way to seek out other sustainable clothing items, such as Earth vegan shoes or shirts made from reusable fiber materials, can go a long way toward reducing your footprint on the world.