Riding through the high, adventurous and literally breath taking realms of Bhutan, is once in a lifetime experience whose immaculate thrill cannot be defined but only be felt. Nature inspires one to look into one’s self and find ones inner peace; hence it is advised to travel Bhutan for its unique experience. The tourism industry in Bhutan is well established. They have unfolded to show their beautiful assets in a very lucrative way that will surely tempt a connoisseur of nature to yield in to Bhutan tour.

Cultural trends in Bhutan

The rich cultural heritage of Bhutan which has transcended from centuries has manifested itself in the form of artworks and temples across the country. The traditions that have been handed over from generations provide a great insight for the tourists to not only learn about their culture but also give them a chance to indulge in the various customs which gives them a unique experience within itself. Apart from the cultural side of this mountainous country, the steep mountains provide you with an unforgettable experience when it comes to trekking on those sloppy hills.

Awesome landscaping of the Bhutan

To the east of Himalayas lies this country, with a treasure trove of beautiful and awesome natural galleries. Bhutan tour provides you with an excellent experience of freshness and amazing spirit of happiness. These feelings help you to rediscover yourself here. To cruise through the country various packages regarding various outsets of the country have been designed. These packages enable the tourists to cherish in that aspect of Bhutan which lies in their sphere of interest. The categorization of these tours is based on the following aspects:

Cultural Tour Package – The cultural tour provides you with packages round the year which enables you to visit various cultural itineraries at appropriate times. Glimpses of Bhutan Tour (All year round) is for 4 days, Bhutan Peaceful Dragon Tour is scheduled for a period of 7 days. Bhutan Mystic Tour is a hiking and cultural tour is for 9 days, the Bhutan spiritual beauty tour is a cultural tour for 14 days, Bhutan spiritual Beauty tour for 14 days are the most famous cultural packages to travel Bhutan.

Festival Tour Package – The Bhutan festival tour packages are surely a splendor to eye; this will surely persuade any festive lover Bhutan tour. The Thimphu festival lasts for 7 days, Jambay Lhakhang Drup festival is for 12 days. These festivals are sure enough to impress any tourists with celebrations on large scale.

Adventure Sports - Bhutan is a favorite spot for people who want to go on an adventure with amazing thrills. The popular adventure sports that are famous among the tourists in Bhutan are mainly cycling and trekking, the latter being more famous. There are wide number of trekking spots some of which contain difficult trek paths and the others, easy trek paths which are safe and also thrilling. Both professionals and beginners can have a lot of adventurous fun here among these mountains.