One of the most sought after careers today is computer forensic science. Though it is relatively new, with the continuing rise of technological advances and cyber crime being one of the fastest growing crime rates, not just in our country but also around the world, computer forensics training has become another in demand among college applicants and those who want career change. Getting an online criminal justice degree can be the best move to start your career.

Forensic science is any science providing objective scientific evidence to be used under the purpose of law. Computer forensics is a branch of digital science that concerns the legal evidence found in computers and other digital storage media. Computer forensic analysts, also dubbed as cyber-investigators are in charge of identifying, preserving, recovering, analyzing and presenting these examined digital evidence for criminal investigations and evidence for court trials.

A career in this very challenging field requires the proper online criminal justice degree. There are a number of institutions specializing in this area. If you are interested for a certification, you may try out programs that can provide you with an in-depth training class.

Part of the computer forensics training would be the proficiency of in the use of computer forensic software and computer investigation. Training teaches you Encase Guidance Software, which is highly acknowledged by law enforcement and business groups, is required for the Encase Certified Examiner Program. The examination fee for this training is $200.

Another program known as Computer Forensic External Certification is a special computer forensics training for professional working in the information security and incident response fields. $750 is the cost of the examination needed to be certified. The GCFA-GIAC Certified Forensics Analyst also has particular tasks. The GCFA attends to investigations with networks and hosts, and incident handling scenarios. Qualified Forensics Expert requires class and course costing $2995, and upon completion, certifies you. This program helps prepare you to identify the cause of attack, ability to conduct formal incident investigations and how to approach matters with the proper legal proceedings.

TruSecure ICSA Certifies Security Associate is a kind of security certification that focuses more on the development of security measures and protection of millions of enterprises from hackers although its training also touches on forensics procedures. The Certified Computer Examiner on the other hand has a broader coverage on the technical side and data recovery and handling, but more importantly it emphasizes on the ethics side of computer forensics. Modules and study materials are readily available and $395 is the examination fee.

For those who prefer online criminal justice degree, it is also available and many schools offer such classes. Check out a university closest to you for course outline and schedules. An online criminal justice degree coupled with training in forensics can be a good start for a career.