Steam cleaning is a concept that millions of homes in North America and Europe have gotten used to. In fact, many people now find it hard to revert to cleaning the home with the old fashioned detergents method. This is understood because steam cleaning is extremely easy compared to these old methods of home cleaning. Steam cleaners use only water to clean. This water is heated to extremely high temperatures to produce very hot steam which can easily break-up dirt. Vapamore is a recognised American company that specialises in the manufacture of steam cleaners. The company has a clean environment philosophy which drives its non-detergent products.

One of these products is the MR-100 Primo here reviewed. The MR-100 is a canister steam cleaner. This means it makes use of a hose system to transmit hot steam from the boiler in the canister to the surfaces being cleaned. It has two big plastic wheels which makes the movement of the unit from one place to the other extremely easy. You can count on the MR-100 for your floor tiles, fabrics, upholstery steaming, widows and kitchen counters among many other things to be cleaned. The following are some good and bad aspects that can be associated with this steam cleaner model.

The Good

One of the most annoying problems and hard to deal with are bed bugs. The MR-100 is designed with bed bugs in mind. At a temperature between 210 and 220 degrees bed bugs will find it hard to continue hiding in your bedding. Not only does this steam cleaner deal with bed bugs it is also designed to kill dust mites, gems, bacteria and viruses. The other positive aspect associated with the MR-100 Primo are the accompanying wide range of accessories and attachments. Accessories and attachments are important because they enable the user to clean a wide variety of surfaces.

For example, to clean tile grout you need a grout attachment the same as a fabric attachment when steam cleaning fabric. Thankfully, this model also has an on-board storage of the accessories preventing them from getting lost or scattered all over the house. Other good things about the MR-100 Primo include the lifetime warranty that comes with the product. The company believes its products are meant to last a lifetime hence the lifetime warranty.

The Bad

There is the bad side to the MR-100 Primo. In many cases, negative things about a steam cleaner come from users who have had a practical experience with the product. The manufacturer hardly lets users known about any negative aspects about their product. As a result, one of the negative things associated with the MR-100 Primo by users are flimsy attachments. People have complained of some of the attachments being weak and not holding firmly.

Some users complain that the canister steam cleaner doesnt have a gauge to show how much water is left in the tank. This is crucial information particularly when you are cleaning the entire house and moving from one room to the other. At $300.00 a unit, the price is relatively high compared to other canister steam cleaners. However, this can be understood in the context of the steam cleaner being very hot and able to do many more things than the cheaper models are able to do.


Overall, this is a model worth to consider when shopping. Vapamore is a good name and the lifetime warranty should make many of us be at ease in case anything goes wrong with our purchase.