Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Then you can’t go wrong with a trip to Africa. Need some helping preparing? Here are five things you should know before embarking on a South African safari:

Bringing money. It is a good idea to use US Dollar travelers checks during your trip. You can also exchange your currency in any of the major cities in South Africa, and make withdrawals from any ATM. ¬†Your best bet is to exchange your money at the airport or at a bank, cashing only as many checks as you’ll need in a day or two. Just be sure to keep your money on you while on your safari. It is a good idea to carry it in a fanny pack or concealed money belt.

Getting around. You should plan on renting a vehicle while in South Africa. The public transport system may prove to be too tedious for travelers on the go, and there are a number of wildlife parks that allow you to drive around in your own vehicle, so that you can plan and experience your own safari, on your own time. It is also worthwhile to note that many safari tours don’t allow children under twelve on the safari vehicles, so renting your own automobile may be the only way you can safari if you are travelling with young children. Talk to a travel agent about the best African safaris for your family situation to ensure no one ends up left out.

Avoiding mosquitoes. In South Africa, mosquitoes are much more than just a nuisance; they are a hazard to your health. There are a number of malaria-free wilderness parks in Africa, where you can sight-see in safety, so your best bet for avoiding mosquitoes is to safari in a malaria-free wilderness park. Regardless, make sure you talk to your doctor about your trip so that he can make sure you have any appropriate medications to carry with you in the event you do have an issue.

Medical insurance. Africa has very modern medical facilities, comparable to those found in the United States. However, if you do happen to have to visit a hospital while on your safari trip, all of your medical care must be paid for at the time of service and your state-side health insurance may not cover you while out of the country. Therefore, it is important that you invest in comprehensive medical insurance for travelers before you embark on your safari. Talk to yout travel agent about this service as well.

What to wear. Contrary to popular belief, South Africa is not swelteringly hot and humid. The weather stays fairly temperate throughout the year – although it is hotter during the summer – and the air is always dry. Seasons in Africa are in reverse of seasons in the Northern hemisphere, but whatever time of year you travel, you should pack clothing in lightweight, breathable fabrics, and keep in mind that long sleeves and pants are preferable to short sleeves and shorts (as you can expect to encounter plenty of insects while on safari).

As you can see, there are some basic steps you can take to properly prepare for your South African safari. Follow these guidelines and you can spend your vacation sight-seeing, rather than worrying about mishaps.