Which career should you choose? If you are an ambitious woman looking for a rewarding and challenging career, there are many you can consider. This article looks at the latest trends in high paying occupations and suggests 5 careers that are attracting ambitious women:

Top 5 Careers for Ambitious Women

1. Lawyer – Ambitious women looking to make their mark in a male dominated occupation should look to law and legal services. This is a high powered and intensive job which requires good organization and communication skills.

2. Doctor – Doctors have predominantly been seen as a male occupation in the past but this is changing rapidly. The latest Government statistics state that 40% of doctors are female and this figure has been rising steadily for the past decade. It is predicted that within 8 years the majority of doctors will be female. The reason for this is unknown but it may be to do with women and their natural instinct to care for the well being of others.

3. Physical Therapist – A physical therapy career offers an opportunity for women to mix travel and helping people to rehabilitate injuries. Similar to becoming a lawyer or doctor, it has high educational requirements but licensed physical therapists have the advantage of being able to work in a less intense environment and more sociable hours of work. The role of a PT involves assessing, recommending and implementing therapy programs to help people suffering from injuries and mobility impairments restore the proper movement of their body.

4. Forex Trader – According Alexander Elder, the author of popular Forex book, “Come Into My Trading Room”, women are increasingly gravitating towards trading currency markets. Elder noted an increase in women attending Forex seminars and believes that they are more likely to possess the required skills – good judgment, patience and logical thinking.

5. Business Owner – Many would argue that there is nothing more rewarding or exciting than starting a successful business from scratch. Truly ambitious women, may want to start their own business and turn it into a roaring success. Examples of successful business women have been grabbing the headlines lately include Kimora Lee Simmons (Clothing label owner), Michelle Mone (Lingerie company owner) and J.K Rowling (Popular author of Harry Potter books and franchise).

There are many exciting careers for ambitious women and they need not be afraid of venturing into male dominated occupations. The business environment is continually changing and women will be playing a major role in this paradigm shift.