While we are all aware there are ways to make money online, here you will find five best ways to make money online. If you want to earn extra money or you are a stay at home parent, these five ideas are targeted at different people with different personalities and could be the right solution for you.
Here is the rundown.

Your Own Website

Creating your own website is much easier than it was a few years ago. If you can create a YouTube page or a Facebook page, it is not hard to build a website. No longer is it necessary to be a web design expert or even know HTML code. Most website builder software is now very easy to use. You can have a website to sell either affiliate products or your own products.

Online Gambling

Professional gamblers can make a good living with online gambling casinos. There are many different types of systems available that practically guarantee a win in games like Roulette. If you think you’re good at poker, you have a good chance of winning with online gambling.


You can even use YouTube to make money. You don’t have to be a professional musician either. Neither do you have to upload videos of your children or pets. YouTube can be used to inform others. You can choose a subject you already know a lot about or something you think others would be interested in. You do not even need to make videos of yourself. PowerPoint can be used to present all of the information. Once you have your own page, it is easy to monetize it with affiliate links, ads or links to products you would like to promote.


eBay has been around for quite some time and during that time it has accumulate an excellent reputation. Some figures suggest there are nearly 20 million people who visit eBay each day. What items can you sell? The options are unlimited. Digital ebooks. Photos. You don’t even have to stock an inventory. Browse eBay to get some ideas and begin making money.

iPhone Apps

iPhones have exploded into popularity along with other ‘smart phones’ but did you know that apps are just as popular? Apple recently announced there are more than 306,000 apps available and more than half of those are paid apps. There is definitely a market for apps and it is not even that hard to create one. Once you have your own app, you have a viable market.