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Dental Specialties:

31 Aug 2012 | : Education

Understanding the Various Dental Specialties:

If you are considering medical school and would like to specialize in dentistry, below are a few options to consider in selecting your chosen field.  General dentistry can help fill cavities, but if you want to make a difference, consider a specialized practice.

Specializing does mean more schooling, but they make on average 50K more a year, depending on the emphasis.  When preparing for dental school, consider your options and find your passion.  Choose to love what you will be doing for the rest of your life.  There are many options to consider, as well as certifications you can pass.  If you are interested in more than one area or focus, consider what other options there are to certify you to perform surgeries, fill cavities, work with children, and set braces.  There are many paths to consider and general dentistry is just to start!

Types of Dentistry:

Orthodontists: If you made it through Jr. High, it wasn’t without hearing about an orthodontist.  They specialize in correcting mis-aligned teeth or jaw lines.  This includes overbites, under-bites, or too many teeth. This can surgically help correct jaw problems causing difficulty eating or sleep apnea.  Orthodontists are often consulted before spacing becomes a problem in the mouth of a growing young adult.  They are the cause of braces, retainers, and spacers for your mouth.  But when the cosmetic services are done, you have a beautiful smile to show for it.


Endodontists:  An additional 2-3 years of training and leaning, helps them understand disease of tissue in your mouth.  Under each tooth, are nerves and tissue that nourish your teeth and keep them healthy and strong.  When you have root die, you can trust an endodontist to know how to drill and fill a root canal.  The treatments dealing with the nerves, blood vessels, or roots of your teeth will fall under this specialty.

Periodontal Dental:  With additional years of schooling, you will be prepared to diagnose and treat gum and bone diseases.  There are a wide variety of diseases you will learn that occur within the area of the gums and bone.  Some of these include things like gingivitis. This is a common disease, which causes bad breath and decay of your enamel.   There are other areas that you will need to focus, including bone grafting for teeth without needed support.  Guilded tissue regeneration is a surgery that removes gum tissue from the top of the mouth and places it around the teeth.  There are many surgeries required, which makes this one of the more monetary rewarding practices.

Pediatric Dentists: Another one of the most profitable areas of dentistry, because it is so well known.  Especially in Utah, Pediatric Dentist clinics and offices thrive because of necessity.  This requires an additional 2-3 years of schooling, which helps you care for infants teeth up to teens.  You will learn how to care for the teeth even before they start popping through.  Pediatric dentistry is rewarding and fun, so long as you can handle little squirming bodies.


Prosthodontists: Prosthetic dentistry is restoring or maintaining your smile with artificial substitutes. You have heard of these, cosmetic procedures on the rise.  Creating veneers for a whole new smile or just replacing bad teeth.  This is more than just an ordinary crowns and caps, this is the chance to create and construct a beautiful smile.   This is a rewarding and fulfilling career, building a smile from the ground up.  You also have the chance to work with the elderly, building dentures to match their once beautiful healthy smiles.

No Wrong Choice in Dentistry:

There is no wrong way to choose when selecting your dental career.  Find what you love and add it as an emphasis or specialized part of your life.  Take care to consider all of your options, including those listed above.  Other areas you can focus on are: Oral Surgery, General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dental Work, and dental assisting.

Finding what works for you is a matter of leaning about each of the services preformed.  Review with guidance counselors at your school to narrow down what additional training you can do.  You will put in the extra time, but love your job a lot more!  Consider you choices, select, and start your additional training today!

By Lacie Christensen

Maid Service: Definition, History And Employment

28 Aug 2012 | : Indoors

Maid services are typically used by the people who do not have the time or the knowledge to perform cleaning duties. There is a variety of scenarios in which maid services turn out to be a valuable choice to select. But before requesting maid services, an individual must determine whether the gain generated from using such services is actually higher than their cost. Maid services have existed for a very long time. The techniques and tools that they use have evolved over the time, principally thanks to the technological advancements.

When a maid is hired, they are able to provide different services at once. Even though they are often referred to as the people who perform cleaning duties, maids may also help children wake up to go to school or prepare food for their clients. In some cases, a maid can even be assigned to run errands for the house and go to the supermarket. So, maid services can include many small things, although cleaning is the biggest part of the job. From a historical point of view, these services have been offered by women but it is more and more common to see men hold similar positions. There are distinct types of maids: the head house parlour-maid, the house parlour-maid, the specialized maids, and the assisting maids.

As one may know, the head house parlour-maid is the person that supervises the work of all the other maids. They are the highest in the hierarchy and the person the most in contact with the clients. It is not very common to see head house parlour-maids because these individuals tend to be at the service of royal families. The house parlour-maids are simply the individuals that follow the orders and directives given by the head house parlour-maid. The specialized maids include the chambermaids, the kitchen maids, and the maids that take care of the hallways. The chambermaids are responsible for cleaning the bedrooms, while the kitchen maids are those who cook the food. The specialized maids eventually receive support from both cinder and hand maids to perform their daily responsibilities.

For some maids there is the possibility to offer periodic maid service. Period maid service occurs when a maid is employed by a customer to come perform the cleaning duties only one or two times during the week. This alternative is more affordable than having the maid come every day of the week as the customer will have the opportunity to perform some light cleaning duties and leave the bulk of the job that would have accumulated until the maid’s day of service arrives. Not only does this option present advantages for the client but it also helps the maid reduce their costs and paves the way for possibility to make profit if for example they decide to take on jobs in other houses in the neighborhood. A maid service package is designed depending on the duties that a maid is supposed to perform.

As mentioned earlier, the first and most important duty for a maid is to complete the cleaning, but if the client feels that they would need additional services to be performed such as preparing food, they may include them in the maid services package. This will of course result in a higher pay check for the maid. The process of selecting a maid is not very complicated. As it would have been done for a regular job, the client needs to interview several maids before making up their mind. The things that may enter in consideration when choosing the right maid are the sentiments of reliability, responsibility, organization, and integrity. Once the client thinks that they have found the good one, they should go ahead and hire them.

Economical and Dramatic Upgrades for your Kitchen

28 Aug 2012 | : Indoors

Are you a fanatic when it comes to your home décor?  Are you constantly seeking to improve your living space?  If you answered Yes to both of these questions and you don’t have a big budget to make large-scale renovations, there are changes that you can make that will be significant but won’t cost you a lot.  Since the kitchen is always referred to as the hub of the home, a good place to start when it comes to making some low-cost and effective improvements is certainly in this space.

There is one area of the kitchen that is oftentimes overlooked but it is also an area that, if done properly, will greatly enhance your kitchen’s décor.  This area is known as the backsplash.  It is that area of the wall that runs under your cabinets and above your countertops.  When you really think about it, the backsplash is a small area but whatever you do here will have a big effect on the look of your kitchen.  And the fact that it is a small area means that the material costs shouldn’t be high and you, as a homeowner, may be able to install it by yourself.

So what are the different backsplash options that you have?  Well, there is always paint or textured wallpaper.  Both of these must be washable because the backsplash that borders the oven will become greasy and grimy and must be easily cleaned.  One material that has become popular in the backsplash area is metal.  You can purchase metal sheets in tin, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and pewter.  If you buy a pair of tin snips you can cut the sheets to fit any area that you have to cover.  Another huge benefit of metal is that it is also easily cleaned with a damp cloth.  Other choices for the backsplash are mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, and stone.  These three options are more difficult to install on your own but, if you are advanced in DIY projects, you could tackle this type of backsplash.  In the end you want the backsplash to tie in the colors in the rest of the kitchen and have a dramatic effect on the décor in this space.

Another extremely economical but environment-changing upgrade is to install soft close cabinet hardware.  You wouldn’t necessarily think that installing hardware can make a dramatic change to your kitchen, would you?  Well, believe me, it does!  My wife and I installed small soft close adaptors at the edge of each of our kitchen cabinets, and the difference they have made in this space is spectacular.  One thing that you probably never really notice is banging cabinets.  That is, until they don’t bang anymore.  The installation is simple. One screw is all it takes to secure each adaptor and there is only one per cabinet.  We are very happy with this frugal upgrade to our kitchen.

Make a difference in your kitchen with some minor yet highly impactful upgrades in your kitchen.  Consider a new backsplash and soft close hardware for your cabinets.  You won’t have to pay a kitchen contractor and you’ll be proud of your DIY accomplishments!

5 Things You Should Know Before Embarking on a South African Safari

28 Aug 2012 | : Travel

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Then you can’t go wrong with a trip to Africa. Need some helping preparing? Here are five things you should know before embarking on a South African safari:

Bringing money. It is a good idea to use US Dollar travelers checks during your trip. You can also exchange your currency in any of the major cities in South Africa, and make withdrawals from any ATM.  Your best bet is to exchange your money at the airport or at a bank, cashing only as many checks as you’ll need in a day or two. Just be sure to keep your money on you while on your safari. It is a good idea to carry it in a fanny pack or concealed money belt.

Getting around. You should plan on renting a vehicle while in South Africa. The public transport system may prove to be too tedious for travelers on the go, and there are a number of wildlife parks that allow you to drive around in your own vehicle, so that you can plan and experience your own safari, on your own time. It is also worthwhile to note that many safari tours don’t allow children under twelve on the safari vehicles, so renting your own automobile may be the only way you can safari if you are travelling with young children. Talk to a travel agent about the best African safaris for your family situation to ensure no one ends up left out.

Avoiding mosquitoes. In South Africa, mosquitoes are much more than just a nuisance; they are a hazard to your health. There are a number of malaria-free wilderness parks in Africa, where you can sight-see in safety, so your best bet for avoiding mosquitoes is to safari in a malaria-free wilderness park. Regardless, make sure you talk to your doctor about your trip so that he can make sure you have any appropriate medications to carry with you in the event you do have an issue.

Medical insurance. Africa has very modern medical facilities, comparable to those found in the United States. However, if you do happen to have to visit a hospital while on your safari trip, all of your medical care must be paid for at the time of service and your state-side health insurance may not cover you while out of the country. Therefore, it is important that you invest in comprehensive medical insurance for travelers before you embark on your safari. Talk to yout travel agent about this service as well.

What to wear. Contrary to popular belief, South Africa is not swelteringly hot and humid. The weather stays fairly temperate throughout the year – although it is hotter during the summer – and the air is always dry. Seasons in Africa are in reverse of seasons in the Northern hemisphere, but whatever time of year you travel, you should pack clothing in lightweight, breathable fabrics, and keep in mind that long sleeves and pants are preferable to short sleeves and shorts (as you can expect to encounter plenty of insects while on safari).

As you can see, there are some basic steps you can take to properly prepare for your South African safari. Follow these guidelines and you can spend your vacation sight-seeing, rather than worrying about mishaps.

Personalized Pens: Creation And Uncertain Marketing Tool

27 Aug 2012 | : Marketing

Promotional pens are one of the many existing ways to spread brand awareness across an industry or a market. Many studies have demonstrated that brand awareness was a good marketing tool powerful enough to improve sales and thus profits. Promotional pens can be designed in a specific way to attract customers because of the feeling of familiarity that these customers will have when they see the items. Indeed, a company may decide to invest in this type of marketing technique, called low-key marketing, to inform all potential clients that a new brand is emerging and its products are available. If, for example, a newly-established business decides to apply the low-key marketing technique by offering personalized pens to a group of individuals from different fields, there are chances that some of these individuals be interrogated about those pens and so indirectly make the brand of the company known at the same time. However, personalized pens need to be unique to arouse the curiosity of those who have never seen them before.

The first thing to look at when it comes to creating personalized pens is the design of the company’s logo that will appear on the items. The logo must be original enough to be immediately recognized by those who know about the brand. The second thing to do is to elaborate a simple design for the pen. The company should choose in which style it wants the personalized pens to be, such as twist pens, retractable pens, gripper pens and refillable pens. Each one of these styles has its advantages and it is up to the company to choose what features the pens should possess.

The third thing to do is the selection of complementary colors for the pens. Pens are basically used to leave written information in a legible way. A company should then be careful in making its choice so that it do not jeopardize the primary function of the pens. The fourth thing to do is to involve a well-known firm in the manufacturing process of the personalized pens as this will undoubtedly play in favor of the company from a marketing point of view.

The final thing to do is to review the personalized pens that are delivered by the manufacturing company to see if the items have the intended look and, if so, begin to determine how to offer them to the customers of the company. Personalized pens do not always impact positively on the sales and profit of a new company. Indeed, there are many examples of businesses that tried to implement this type of marketing but were unsuccessful in achieving their goals. Brand awareness alone is not sufficient to guarantee the survival of a new firm.

When a new company enters an industry, it usually finds other firms that are already established. In this sort of scenario, the strategy of the new industry entrant is to develop techniques to steal customers from the rivals or to attract the clients that have not been captured yet by the other participants of the market. Such techniques may consist of targeting specific niches of customers or fixing very competitive prices compared to those offered by the competitors.

The finding of a targeted niche appears to be a more realistic solution for a new business as fixing competitive prices might pose financial issues in the short run. Indeed, unlike established firms, newly-founded enterprises usually do not possess a lot of funds and thus rely heavily on short-term financing to run their operating cycle. The pressure that will arise from the low prices might cause the business to close its doors. Personalized pens are a marketing tool on which no company should essentially rely on.

Bed Bug Spray and Other Treatment Options

27 Aug 2012 | : Indoors

Bed bugs are returning at a very aggressive rate. As a result, homeowners are taking whatever measures possible to eliminate them. Prevention is better than treatment when dealing with bed bugs. There are numerous ways that homeowners can prevent bed bugs from entering the home in the first place, such as immediately taking clothes off after returning home from a vacation and laundering the clothes at a high-temperature. If preventative measures fail, homeowners might start notice bites and dark spots found on furniture, all of which are indicators of a bed bug infestation. If bed bugs are discovered, homeowners will need to work hard to eliminate the infestation once and for all.

One method for destroying bed bugs is through bed bug spray, which is a chemical designed to either directly kill the insect or drive them off. Bed bug spray is particularly effective because it can reach cracks and crevices that bed bugs can hide in. Many insecticides are residual insecticides, meaning that they will leave behind a residual that will continue to kill bed bugs as they crawl over it. Homeowners might wish to provide multiple treatments of bed bug sprays, since it can sometimes be difficult to find all the hiding places for bed bugs and the infestation might remain long after the insecticides wear off. In addition to using a commercial bed bug spray product, consumers also can eliminate bed bugs with rubbing alcohol. Be sure to spray both the bed bugs and their eggs. Keep the solution somewhere that is easily accessible so that the bed bugs can be sprayed as soon as they’re spotted.

Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of, so homeowners should consider using as many techniques as possible when trying to exterminate bed bugs. For example, they should take all of their clothes and launder them in a washing machine at a high-temperature, no lower than 120 degrees F. They should also thoroughly vacuum and steam clean the carpets not to only kill bed bugs, but to also remove eggs from the carpet. Areas that need to be vacuumed the most include areas near the mattresses. Bed bugs received their name from how they live in mattresses. Getting rid of the mattress might eliminate some of the bed bugs, but the remaining bed bugs will infest the new mattress. A better approach is to get a mattress encasement to prevent bed bugs from infesting the mattress and to also trap bed bugs in the encasement.

Part of the reason why bed bugs are so hard to eliminate is that there are many places that they can hide. For example, bed bugs can sometimes hide inside electronic devices. Objects that might contain bed bugs should be heated or frozen as long as the object is not damaged in the process. Another place to hunt for bed bugs is in cracks found in plaster. These should be sealed to eliminate potential hiding places. Before objects can be treated, their existence must first be identified.

Bed bugs can be found on mattresses by removing the sheets from the mattress and inspecting for dark spots of bed bug excrement. Dressers and other storage containers should be emptied out to make sure that bed bugs are not hiding in the corners. Homeowners should check under sofa cushions and along the edge of carpets for other bed bug hiding spots. One way to find bed bugs is to use a flashlight, which can startle bed bugs and cause them to scatter. Another approach is to use specially designed flushing agents that can cause bed bugs to scatter, helping to reveal where they are hiding.

SEO Campaign Checklist That Every Website Owner Should Know

26 Aug 2012 | : Business

A search engine optimization campaign needs to be well rounded and very effective in order to provide excellent results for the business owner. This is the main reason why many business owners as well as professional website administrators exert extra efforts in order to help guarantee a well rounded search engine optimization campaign. For those who can afford it, they can always hire professional search engine optimization consultants who can implement a search engine optimization campaign that is customized according to the needs of a particular website. Unfortunately, the best and most reputable search engine optimization professionals are very expensive. If you are a small time website owner, you will definitely not be able to afford it. It’s a good thing that you can follow a search engine optimization campaign check list that can help you setup an effective search engine optimization all on your own. This particular search engine optimization guide is part of the Keyword research training from Cube. If you follow this checklist, you can definitely establish a working campaign for your small website.

Identify your target market – this is a very crucial step that all website owners should get right. Remember that search engine optimization is all about micro marketing. This means only promoting to the people who are actually interested in what you are offering. As such, you really need to identify your target market. For example, if your website promotes a cake delivery business in Dublin, then your target market would be people looking to buy cakes in Dublin.

Pick the right keywords – Now that you established your target market, your next item is to pick the right keywords. According to Keyword research training from Cube, keyword research is all about looking at your target market and guessing the keywords that they will use when they will look for your products or your site’s offerings online. You can take an educated guess or actually conduct market research. You can also use keyword tools that list down the phrases that get used the most and pick the ones that you can actually use.

Use these keywords in your site layout – once you have identified the right keywords to use, your next step is to use these keywords in your site’s layout. The popular keywords should be placed in the page titles and the site navigation links. This way, the site will be crawled properly. Crawling means your site will be indexed by search engines according to the right keywords.

Make these keywords rank in search engines – the final item in the checklist is to get the keywords to rank. According to Keyword research training from Cube, it is quite easy to get a ranking if you are able to identify keywords that are searched a lot but does not have a high competition rating. This way, you will not have to exert a lot of effort to get your site to rank.

By following this checklist, you can definitely establish a working search engine optimization campaign that will provide excellent benefits to your site.

Save Money on Kitchen Upgrades

24 Aug 2012 | : Indoors

You don’t always have to empty your wallet if you want to make valuable changes to your home.  Landscaping is one thing that requires a little bit of elbow grease, but shouldn’t run you a lot of money.  The difference that it makes to the outside of your house can be quite dramatic.  When it comes to the inside of your house, there are some DIY projects that you can decide to do that will have a positive effect on both your home décor and on your bank account.

The kitchen is typically referred to as the focal point of the home.  It makes sense because, even if you don’t spend many hours each day cooking in it, you probably spend a decent amount of time there eating your meals, paying bills, and talking around the table with family and friends.  Just the fact that this is a space that gets a lot of traffic, making changes here is a good place to concentrate your efforts.

One area of your kitchen that will benefit with a little effort on your part is the backsplash area.  The homeowner has a lot of flexibility in this area of the kitchen because there are endless backsplash options.   One of these options which has become very popular lately is metal.  You can buy sheets of stainless steel, copper, pewter, tin, and other metals that can be easily cut with tin snips and affixed with cement.  One great thing about these metal sheets is that you can even cover an existing backsplash which prevents you from having to tear out the old one.  Washable paint and textured wallpaper are other great DIY choices.  It is important that the paint is washable because the backsplash area borders the stove which is an area known for grime and grease.  Another rather novel option is cork which can be applied in a backsplash area which will instantly give you a place to hang pictures and notes.  The best thing about the backsplash is that it is a small area and it is one that a homeowner can complete in an afternoon without any outside help.

Another great enhancement you can make to the kitchen space is to install soft close cabinet hardware.  We always had banging cabinets in our kitchen until we found these small adaptors that are added to the top inside corner of each cabinet.  All it takes is to insert one small screw and you can make a simple adjustment of the hardware so that the cabinet closes at the proper rate to prevent any noise at all.  We were flabbergasted at how cheap they were to buy and how quickly we installed them.  It is hard to explain the significance of this kitchen improvement.  And, once again, we didn’t have to hire anyone to install them!

If you are willing to do some of the work yourself, you can save money and still make big improvements in your kitchen.  You’ll be proud of your accomplishments and you’ll still have plenty of money for that new refrigerator you’ve had your eyes on!

5 Things to Look for in a Home Improvement Contractor

24 Aug 2012 | : Indoors

Many homeowners usually encounter at least one remodel project in their lifetime. While it may seem like a simple task, it can be greatly complicated by hiring the wrong contractor. The problem is many people don’t know what to look for when making a decision. The truth is there’s more to finding a great contractor than looking at price. The following are just five things to look for in a home improvement contractor.

Education and Licenses

One of the first things you want to see is proof of education and licenses. The last thing you want is to hire a contractor that isn’t licensed. Not only can this lead to poor-quality work, but it might also lead to damage to your home. Do your homework and determine the type of education and licenses a contractor would need for your project. For example, if you’re having your bathroom remodeled, make sure the contractor is licensed to work on plumbing.


Education and licenses only go so far. It’s important for a contractor to also have experience. In other words, it’s not a good idea to hire a contractor who is fresh out of school. You want to hire someone that has years and years of experience. The ideal contractor will have at least 15 years of experience.


Another thing you need to ask for is references. You might obtain these references from the contractor directly or you might ask friends for recommendations. For example, if you know someone who recently had a remodel, ask who they used and if they would recommend them. You can also use online companies to determine who the best contractors are in your area. If you get your references from the contractor, make sure they are references you can actually call to talk about the quality of the work that was completed.


A contractor can talk all day about their skills, but if you want to really know how well they work, ask to see a portfolio. A good portfolio will include before and after shots, a list of tasks that were completed on each project, along with how much time and money the project took. This applies to any type of contractor, from driveway pavers to lawn care specialist.


Last, but not least, you want a contractor that is honest. One way you can determine a contractor’s honesty is to ask questions you already know the answer to. For example, if you’re having your bathroom gutted and fully remodeled, you might ask how long the project will take. If the contractor says it will only take a couple days, you know that he is only telling you what you want to hear instead of being honest. A full bathroom remodel normally takes at least one week.

Remodels are stressful enough, but hiring the wrong contractor can turn your remodel into a nightmare. That’s why you need to take the time to look for a contractor that can provide you will the items listed above.

Using Boostability To Increase Sales

24 Aug 2012 | : Business

When people are looking to find a product or service in their area, they are most likely to search the Internet. With mobile devices that have access to the Internet, such as smart phones and laptops, people can easily access the Internet anywhere, and they can search for what they want, and get results in just seconds. People who are searching for a product or service are usually looking for a local provider that they can easily go to the location, or call for an appointment. This is why having dominance on the search engine for local searches is so important, and if you have a small business, Boostability can help you get the dominance that you need.

When someone types a search into a search engine, they are going to get the biggest companies and results that match their keywords. If their keywords have a certain demographic location, then smaller local businesses are going to surface. You want your business to be the first that comes up when someone searches for the many services or products you offer, in your area, so that your business it the one that they go to, or the one that they call. Boostability can help you achieve this. It doesn’t matter if you have a roofing company, a catering service, a dental office, or what type of job you have, you want your brand or company to be at the top of the list when someone in your area is looking for what you offer. The Boostability team is going to work to make sure that your business website is full of the best keywords available for your services at that time.

These keywords aren’t just used in text, they are strategically placed around the pages, in the titles, headings, captions and sub headings. Once everything is set into place, they team will then start to link these keywords with other pages around the Internet. All of these things are going to help the page climb to the top of the engines. When your business webpage is one of the first at the top of the webpages, this is going to be one of the first sites that the consumer sees. These people don’t want to browse through dozens of sites, so the tops sites are going to get the most attention. The more people see your site, the more they are going to visit it, and the more traffic you’re going to have. More traffic means more sales, and the company is going to grow. Boostability is going to take your business webpage to the next level, helping you turn your traffic into income, and helping you have the best local website on the search engines.

If you’re a small business owner and your website isn’t doing well, or if you’re not very knowledgeable about SEO marketing tactics, then using a service like Boostability is going to help you greatly. It’s going to improve your internet marketing capabilities, and help improve traffic flow. There are different packages that you can get to help improve your search engine optimization, and if you’re a small or local business, you want to be sure that your business is the first thing that local people find when they’re searching for any type of service that you offer. If you’re not utilizing all of the internet marketing tools that you can, you’re missing out on a large market of consumers, and you’re not earning as much as you could be. Work with Boostability today to take your site to the next level, and to start generating more traffic.

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